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Best Free Password Managers April 2024 


A very strong and unguessable password is a must if you want to safeguard your online privacy. But for most of us, creating strong passwords and then remembering that password becomes a tough task. The reason for this is, there are lots of apps and websites that are password-protected, and using different passwords for different platforms is always preferred by many. 


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  • Free Password Manager Plan forever
  • Includes 30 days of Premium plan
  • Unlimited encrypted password and data storage.
  • Automatic form-filling and autologin.

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  • Store unlimited passwords and notes
  • Free Password software
  • Access from computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Generate strong passwords

But that is not the case if you use a password manager. Let us brief you on why exactly one must use a password manager tool.


Why should I use a password manager?


You might have already got an idea of how password managers can be helpful. But just storing your passwords is not the only task a password manager can perform. With the help of a password manager, you can get help in creating a very strong password too. Because at times thinking of a strong password gets much difficult than remembering it.

As online security is getting more priority, the need for a strong password is also getting much importance. Hence, most of the websites and apps now ask for a strong password. Along with helping you create strong passwords, a password manager can help you in multiple ways.

But since you are looking for a free password manager, the options that you will be getting with it will be very limited. And if you go for a completely free password manager, it will not only be having very few features but also will not be very secure.

Hence, we highly recommend you to choose a password management brand that offers premium service. When compared to free tools, the companies having a premium range of products always score higher in terms of reliability. And as your needs grow, you can upgrade to a premium plan anytime without any hassles.

Some of the factors that you must consider before choosing a free password management tool, to ensure the highest security are given below. 


Security features:


This is one such factor that must be given the highest priority. Any tool that compromises on the security must never even be an option. Because when you use a password manager, you are handing over the most important information in someone else’s hand. And if this data is stored without the use of proper encryption, it will end up being misused and will grant access to your multiple accounts and devices. 

The reason we recommend free offerings of premium brands is that these brands despite limiting some of the features, offer advanced encryptions. And a brand that makes its money with the premium plans, doesn’t have to steal your data to fill their pockets. Choosing completely free tools always makes your private information vulnerable and prone to data theft.


Ease of use:


While you cannot expect top of the line features with a free version of a password manager, you must look for something very easy to use. A free tool always comes with added junk and ads. In this case, we are not only concerned about the interface of the tool you use, but also the ads that come loaded. 

It is obvious that no one likes to be greeted with non-skippable ads every time they open an app. These types of ads only worsen the user experience. That is why we suggest you go for the established brands instead of completely free tools, whose income is sourced from the ads loaded in their free apps or from the data that they sell.


Customer Support:


In every factor, you will realize the need of choosing a reliable brand for a free password manager. Most of the time, fraudulent companies just introduce their free products in the market. But nowhere you will find any contact information that you can use to contact the customer support team in the time of emergencies. We highly recommend you stay away from such ‘fully free’ password managers as there will be no person answerable or taking responsibility for the data loss or any other data theft. 


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