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Best Content Marketing Tools- Free & Paid December 2023 

Content Marketing is one of the most important marketing techniques involved in the arsenal of a successful digital marketer or a firm. According to studies, more than 88% of B2B marketers use this as a part of their digital marketing strategy. But for starters, the idea of content marketing and the process involved can be very vague. 

Some of you might be having questions on getting started on content marketing and how it can be done efficiently. Our answer is the content marketing tools we have listed. These tools can help you with different processes and they serve different purposes. While some tools help you in creating catchy content for your website and social media platforms, some help you find the right and highly impactful content. 

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0.00 price/mo

  • Powerful form builder
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Popup tools

Starts from

$79.00 price/mo

  • Analyze topics and find influencers
  • Content Research
  • Get content insights
  • 30 days free trial

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$11.66 price/mo

  • Free spelling and grammar Correction tool
  • Get corrections from Grammarly on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other favorite sites
  • Best Plagiarism Checker

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$19.99 price/mo

  • Best Content editor for clear and bold writing
  • Use it anywhere, no internet connection required
  • Publish conetnts directly to Wordpress and other web
  • Export to Microsoft Word or other editors

Starts from

$12.95 price/mo

  • Establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors and fonts across multiple Brand Kits
  • One-click design Magic Resize
  • 420,000+ free templates with new designs daily
  • 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics free-to-use

Starts from

$170.00 price/mo

  • Content Optimization Software for SEO
  • 20 report credits
  • 1 user seat
  • Google Docs + WordPress integrations

Starts from

$10.00 price/mo

  • Online Video Creator for Content and Marketing
  • 3000+ Handcrafted Templates
  • 300/month Premium photos and videos
  • Make Videos in Any Language

Top Content Marketing Tools & Softwares

Buyer Persona Creation Tool:

Even before you get started with your content marketing techniques, you must be aware of the audience you have to target. The following tool is our top recommendation for generating buyer persona. 

HubSpot Make My Persona:

One of the most basic things you have to do before getting started is knowing your buyer persona or target audience persona. It can be done very easily with the help of the HubSpot Make My Persona tool.  This tool lets you create a buyer persona that can be used by your entire marketing team to market your content and to sell your product and services.

No matter how good your marketing strategy is, you need to target the right audience. If you fail to do it, all your effort will go in vain, if it is directed towards the wrong audience. Therefore, if you are just getting started with content marketing and if your marketing strategies are still in the development stage, you should give HubSpot’s Make my Persona a go.

All-in-one Tools for Content Marketing:

If you are someone who likes to have everything under one roof, rather than using multiple tools for different tasks, you need comprehensive content marketing tools.


BuzzSumo is an advanced content marketing tool for experts and beginners who want to know what is trending in their respective industries. If you want to know what your competitors are writing about, you just need one tool, and it is BuzzSumo. Staying true to its name, BuzzSumo gets the buzzing topics at your feet and you can take these topics and write about them. By doing this, you can expect to make the most of the trending topics and get more visitors to your website.

This tool can also help you in finding the influencers to market your content for you, which otherwise is a daunting and time-consuming task when done manually. It can also help you analyze what type of content works best for a given topic. You can also get different metrics such as social shared, backlinks, and more. It is one of the best content marketing tools we have used.


Grammarly is an immensely popular tool that can help you correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in your content. No matter how well your content marketing strategy is, if your content has spelling and grammar errors, the audience will really engage with your content, neither will they find your website up to the standards. This can make them not trust your content as it will not appear to be written by a professional or an expert.

While the free version of Grammarly can help you correct basic errors such as spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, the premium version of Grammarly can be your best writing partner. With the help of Grammarly, you can create the content of high standards and impress both the audience and search engines.

Hemingway Editor

Most of us have come across the phrase ‘Content is the King’ more than once in our journey as digital marketers. And rightfully, content is one of the key aspects that can decide the ranking of your website. Hemingway Editor is a tool that can act as your writing coach every step of your way. The use of passive voice can dent the rating of your website and its content in a bad way. 

Hemingway focuses mainly on helping you in the reduction of passive voices and suggests you the most optimal version of those particular sentences. It also lets you know about the sentences that are too hard to read, hence improving the quality index of your content.

Idea Generation Tools

We are all no strangers to running out of ideas and going completely blank when looking for a new idea or topic for our next blog posting. These following tools are the best for you if you often run out of ideas about what to post next.


Quora needs no introduction now. Such is the popularity of Quora now. It has become one of the best places for discussion where people give a visit to clear whatever doubts they have in their minds. And the people who are wise enough or knowledgeable enough to answer give their answers to such queries.
If you think how that can be of any use to you, what if we say Quora can be your best tool to get ideas for your next blog post? Yes, all you have to do is see the queries related to your niche by different users and there you have your next blog idea. You can write on the questions and queries that a real person would have and expect more traffic to your website.

Question DB

For those who finding post topic ideas is extremely hard, Question DB can be your lifesaver. It is the tool you need when you run out of ideas for your next post for your website. This tool can help you quickly come up with several ideas from which you can choose your next blog post.

All you have to do is type in the topic you are thinking of and Question DB returns with the questions that the public is asking the search engines. You can sort the results by different attributes, which by default is sorted by popularity.

Graphic content creation Tools

If you want to make your posts more attractive and engaging, you will need to use graphic content like images and videos as a part of your content. And the following tools can help you create those videos and images without breaking a sweat.


Let's agree on the fact that images capture one’s attention faster than text content does. And if you are not really a person that can come up with graphical ideas for your content, Canva is the tool you need. It helps you create graphical posts for your website, social media handles in no time and what we like the most about Canva is the templates that are on offer.

You can just click on the templates that suit your need the most and then make the required changes and you are good to go. And if you pay for the premium version, you can use the best-in-class elements to make your posters and banners look very professional.


IF you are already using videos as a part of your content marketing strategy, you would already be aware of the effectiveness of videos as a mode of marketing. For those who have not yet thought about including videos in your content marketing campaigns, now is the best time. And you do not have to be a certified video editor or creator to do that.

InVideo is the solution for those who want to do video marketing for their websites and social media networks. This easy tool lets you edit and create amazing videos in no time.

Content Optimization Tools

When you have put a lot of time in creating engaging content, you must make sure that it is well optimized. The following tools can help you optimize your content and rank higher in SERP.


Optimizing your content is one of the most important tasks you must-do if you want to make your content SEO-friendly. But most of us struggle to do it manually and out of the tools out there, most of them are useless. Coming to your aid is Clearscope.

 It is a content optimizing tool that suggests you the keywords you need to use in your content to make it SEO-friendly and rank higher in the search engine result page.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is one of the best free content marketing tools in the market. It allows A/B testing. This means you can test different versions of your web page and see which version gets more traffic and SEO-friendly.  With this, you can improve conversions and make marginally better business and can expect better sales.

But what makes this tool very special over other A/B testing tools is the fact that this works natively with Google Analytics. You can make the most of Google Analytics features and also optimize your website’s content under one solution.

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