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Best Competitor Analysis Tools ( Free & Paid) of June 2024 

When you get started with online marketing, starting everything from scratch can be time-consuming and might end up leaving you clueless. But that will not be the case if you spy on your competitor and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. As the importance of competitor analysis became more prominent, the number of tools out in the market also increased. And now, every tool you can think of claims itself to be the best at it.
But when you take a step back and look at things clearly, you will realize that different marketing channels work differently. And hence, the competition you have will also differ. Therefore, you must choose the tools that are specialized to do competitor analysis of the platform you have included in your marketing strategy. 
Hence, we have listed a few tools that are best for their particular niche and we have tried to cover a wide range of areas such as competitor analysis for SEO, PPC, social media, and more.

Starts from

$33.00 price/mo

  • Competitor Analysis tool for SEO & PPC
  • Unlimited access to all the SpyFu data
  • Unlimited search results & data exports
  • Unlimited domain overview PDF's

Starts from

$18.60 price/mo

  • SEO Software for 360° SEO Analysis of your Website
  • SEO/PPC Competitive Research
  • Discover keywords and ads competitors use in paid and organic search campaigns
  • Analysis of 10 Websites

Starts from

$15.00 price/mo

  • Social media management platform
  • 14 days free trial
  • Detailed competitor insights on all platforms
  • 1 User, 5 Social Profiles

Starts from

$0.00 price/mo

  • Competitors Website Traffic Analysis
  • Benchmark against your competitors and industry
  • Reveal your competition's analytics & online strategy
  • Discover new opportunities - partners, leads or affiliates

All-purpose Competitor Analysis Tools / Softwares

SEMrush is the best competitor analysis tool we have got our hands-on. This is the tool most of the digital marketers use to know their current and potential competitors online. This tool lets you learn a lot about your competitors and the strategies they use. You get insights into the strategies that work for your competition and you can quickly adapt those strategies in your marketing campaigns. 
With this, you can always stay ahead of your competitors and most importantly, you can avoid making the mistakes your competitors are making and make sure you gain the upper hand in the competition. You can make use of various tools within SEMrush to stay ahead in the race to be the top among the competitors. With this tool, you can identify organic competitors, monitor their search ranking for a particular keyword, compare your keywords with that of your competitors, and a lot more.
SEMrush Pricing:
You can get started for free with the free trial and then switch to the paid plans whose prices start from $83 per month.
SimilarWeb is by far the easiest competitor analysis tool we have come across. And unsurprisingly, it is also one of the most used tools by marketers to analyze their competitors. With this tool, you can easily get accurate insights into the traffic your competitors’ website is getting, the source of their traffic, top organic keywords, top paid keywords, and more.
When you enter the domain of your competitors, SimilarWeb fetches in-depth analytics of your competitors' website and you can easily navigate through different sections of the report. Under traffic overview, you get important details such as total visits, average visit duration, pages per visit, and more. You can also see what are the organic keywords that have fetched them the highest traffic and what are the keywords they use in paid campaigns.
SimilarWeb Pricing:
what makes it special is its pricing, which is zero. Yes. You can use this tool free of cost and always have an edge over your competition.
SE Ranking
SE Ranking is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs, and most importantly for competitor analysis. SE Ranking’s success against its competitors holds the mirror to how good of a tool it actually is. Introduced back in 2013, SE Ranking is one of the most common competitors tracking tools used by online marketers. This tool is best for both beginners and expert campaigners. Loaded with features such as SEO audit, backlink analysis, and PPC analysis, you can do 360® analysis of your competitors.
With this tool, you can see the best organic keywords of your competitors, their most popular posts, best-performing ads, and their best-paid keywords. You can easily get started by just typing in the domain of your competitor and then easily navigate through different sections of the report pulled out by SE Ranking.
SE Ranking Pricing:
You can check out SE Ranking with the 2-week free trial, after which you can upgrade to the premium tier starting at just $39 per month to enjoy advanced features.

Best Competitor analysis tools for Social Media

Sprout Social
SproutSocial is the best tool for social media optimization and marketing. It is one of the very few mainstream tools that comes with dedicated features for social media marketing and optimization. This tool can help you in generating reports of your competitors and keep track of their activities on social media channels. This tool can help you in understanding your competitors' strategies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
You can analyze how well your competitors' posts have performed, count of messages they receive and send on Facebook, type of content they post, engagement on their posts, followers gained/lost, mentions, hashtags, top posts, and more across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also pull out reports between a certain given period.
Sprout Social Pricing:
Sprout Social pricing starts at $99 per user per month. And you can request a demo or a free trial and this does not require any card details to be provided. is a dedicated social media tool to help marketers overcome different challenges that they come across. Out of different tools from, we love competitor analysis the most. With this tool, you can get all competitors on the same page and you get their performance analysis on different platforms. with this tool, competitor analysis is not a task that takes hours, instead, you can get the upper hand over your competitors in a matter of minutes.
With the analysis report from, you can make more accurate strategic decisions that can benefit your presence on social media by a huge margin. You can prepare the analysis report of your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube in a few minutes. That’s not all, you can measure your own performance with this tool. Pricing:
There is a 14-days free trial on offer and the premium range is priced very competitively starting at just $15/mo.

PPC Competitor Analysis Tools

One of the most important strategies you must never skip if you are opting for PPC campaigns is competitor analysis. You must know who you are going up against and most importantly, know what strategies your competitors use. And the following tools let you do that with ease.
iSpionage is the best competitor analysis for PPC campaigns and is out the top recommendation for anyone looking to enhance the performance of their paid ads. This tool lets get an insight into the keywords that work for your competitor, you can get a copy of their ads and also know their ad budget. This tool does in-depth research and finds what exactly your competitor is up to. This surely gives you an edge over your competition. With this tool, you are guaranteed to enhance your ROI.
iSpionage Pricing:
While you can join iSpionage for free with its free trial, you can upgrade to the premium tier without a second thought. The pricing starts at $59/mo.
SpyFu is another top PPC competitor analysis tool that is very popular just like iSpionage. This tool lets you do keyword spying of your competitors. You get insights into every keyword they have bought on AdWords, you can see their organic rank and also see the variations in their ads. You can see the performance of your ads and that of your competitor. You can know about the keywords your competitor has already tried and failed at. This can help you save a lot of money.
SpyFu pricing:
You can enjoy the benefits of SpyFu starting at just $33 per month and the prices go all the way up to $199 per month depending on your requirements.
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