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FatCow Introduction   Since its inception in 1998, FatCow has been a popular web hosting platform among small and medium sized organisations that seek affordable solutions. While the web host initially garnered much popularity from its bargain prices, it went on to score the confidence of users through significant performance and satisfaction. FatCow has thus far indicated an uptime of 99.8% and some customers seem to have reported monthly outages for a maximum of 15 minutes, a few times in a year. The price plans offered by FatCow is very simple. They do not offer monthly packages but instead take yearly subscriptions for a minimum of 12 months. 24 month subscriptions can also be availed at a lower price from FatCow.   While this may seem as a deterrent for some clients, they compensate for this rigid pricing model by offering the “30 day no questions asked” opt out option for all customers. Important inclusions of the package include unlimited storage, subdomains, email accounts and bandwidth.    FatCow Reliability and Support   FatCow does not explicitly promise a number when it comes to uptime. But there has been no major issues reported thus far. Users however often rely upon the backup 30-day opt out option which works as promised.    When it comes to customer support, FatCow is second to none. Agents at FatCow are very professional and handle all queries with patience and responsibility. FatCow can be approached for support through mail, telephone, or chat. For added assistance there is the knowledge base and a support ticket system that looks into all issues instantly.    FatCow Coupon Codes   Fatcow offers up to 60% discount coupon code to their users, we have collected these coupons listed on our FatCow Coupon page to make our users available these coupons and save money with FatCow hosting services. Things to Know about FatCow   The 24/7 customer support at FatCow is called “Moo Crew” and is made of a specialized team of technical experts. The team offers prompt help with minimum wait times. The yearly package offered to customers is inclusive of all activation and setup costs and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. The point-and-click site builder feature of FatCow makes it an ideal solution for people new to the field. Using this web hosting platform features such as blogs, picture galleries and online shopping tools can be easily built.    FatCow Conclusion   FatCow offers no promises when it comes to uptime. While very few cases of outages for merely 15 minutes have been reported thus far, the solution is often considered the best choice for personal users. Businesses both big and small take a step back as even the shortest outage may cost much money to them. FatCow, however, still continues to serve customers well through its unparalleled customer service and sophisticated packages at a nominal rate.  «ZnetLive Review                                                                                                   Reviews»

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