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ChemiCloud Review - The Summary

ChemiCloud is a web hosting provider that is known for providing the best customer service along with a fast, reliable and secure web hosting based on the cloud platform. ChemiCloud is one of the highest-rated web hosting providers in the industry. Their average rating is more than 90%, which is amazing, considering how most of the customers end up giving very low ratings, even if there is any slight error in the service provided by any provider.

This high rating not only indicates how good the service of ChemiCloud is but also holds the mirror to the importance given to customer satisfaction.

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Explore ChemiCloud Services & Plans

ChemiCloud offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $4.48/month - $6.98 /month
Cloud Hosting : $ 37.46/month - $ 194.96 /month
Resellers : $22.46/month - $52.46 /month

Shared Hosting Review

ChemiCloud provides its service based on the Cloud platform, you can get yourself web hosting beyond expectations, as ChemiCloud terms it, with the prices starting at $3.95/mo. This package named Starter comes with all the basic features that you need. Prices are not the industry best, but you cannot ask for more as you already get some of the best in class features like cloud servers as standard.

If you want a slightly advanced package, you can choose the Pro plan that is priced at $6.95/mo. And you can choose the Turbo plan if you want ‘all guns blazing’ type of performance, which is up to 10X faster. This package is priced at $10.95/mo.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
StarterLinux20 GBUnlimitedCPANEL1$4.48/month
ProLinux30 GBUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited$5.23/month
TurboLinux40 GBUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited$6.98/month
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Cloud Hosting Review

ChemiCloud offers highly scalable VPS based on Cloud Technology at the starting price of $79.95/mo. Servers are located in Bangalore, India also. The prices go all the way up to $350/mo. All the plans are named after metals, indicating the robustness of the servers.

ChemiCloud offers Cloud VPS in 4 different packages namely, Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You get a dedicated IP address, Free SSL certificate as standard with all 4 packages. One noteworthy feature is that ChemiCloud offers 15 days money-back guarantee as standard with all the packages, which most of the hosts do not provide even with the most advanced package.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
Cloud 1Linux80 GB2 CPU4 GB4 TB$ 37.46/month
Cloud 2Linux160 GB4 CPU8 GB5 TB$ 59.96/month
Cloud 3Linux320 GB6 CPU 16 GB6 TB$ 104.96/month
Cloud 4Linux640 GB8 CPU 32 GB7 TB$ 194.96/month
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Reseller Hosting Review

If you want Reseller Hosting, ChemiCloud offers the high-performance Cloud-based Reseller Hosting that is specially designed for web designers or other agencies. You can choose from 4 different plans named Electron, Fusion, Expansion, and Evolution.

The Electron package is priced at $19.95/mo. whereas the feature-rich Evolution is priced at $64.95/mo. You can host unlimited websites in all 4 packages, and all the 4 packages are powered by SSD storage. You get a free SSL certificate as standard and free daily backups are available.

Resellers Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
KickstartLinux60 GB3 TBCPANEL30$22.46/month
GrowLinux90 GB6 TBCPANEL60$29.96/month
ExpandLinux140 GB9 TBCPANEL80$41.21/month
EstablishedLinux200 GB12 TBCPANEL100$52.46/month
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ChemiCloud Key Features: What makes ChemiCloud Best?

Best Cloud based web Hosting

Cloud-based services, now need no introduction. And there is no denying the fact that Cloud Technology is the future and the future is here. Having your website powered by cloud servers makes your website future-ready and Cloud servers have plenty of advantages over traditional servers. And ChemiCloud’s name itself shouts the use of Cloud Servers in their service. Being backed by the power of cloud servers surely helps in making your website faster, secure and highly accessible. This technology has also enabled ChemiCloud in offering packages scaling from very basic to highly advanced features.

45 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Many web hosting providers offer their service with a certain period of money-back guarantee. But ChemiCloud service is offered with a no-condition money-back guarantee, which means you will have 45 days in your hands to experience ChemiCloud service and decide for yourself if you want to stick to them for a longer period. This will be done with no hassles and no questions asked.

24/7 Tierless Support

Customer Support has always been a top priority of the customers for ages. If at all, it was never more than how important customer support matters now. ChemiCloud has understood this fact and has given high priority to provide customer support of expert level and that has resulted in them being one of the highly-rated web hosting providers all around the globe. You can dial in anytime, and you will be attended by an expert ChemiCloud customer support executive and you can get answers to any of your questions or get a resolution to any of your issues.

Free Domain for 1 Year

Most of us will be relieved when offered a Free Domain name along with web hosting. Because paying for both the web hosting and domain name can surely burn a hole in our pockets. Sometimes, domain names come with a higher price tag than that of web hosting. What makes things merrier if you buy web hosting from ChemiCloud is the fact that you get the domain name free for 1 year

Free and Hassle-free Migration

Let’s say you are impressed with what ChemiCloud offers on paper and want to give them a try, you will not have to worry about having to shift your content and other stuff related to your website to the servers of ChemiCloud. They offer Free migration facility which also happens to be hassle-free because they have highly expert technical executives who will assist you in getting your website migrated easily, without breaking a sweat.

Worldwide Server Locations


While ChemiCloud surely does not have a very long line-up of offerings, it does excel in the services that it offers. They have given Dedicated Hosting a miss, but still, they are the best at what they do. You can choose their service without a second thought unless you are looking for basic traditional web hosting at a very cheap price that is powered by HDD drives. If you do choose ChemiCloud, you are assured to be a happy customer, high on satisfaction. If you do have a second thought about choosing ChemiCloud, you still can give their service a try as you have 45 days to get your money back in case you do not want to continue with ChemiCloud.



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