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Hostinger is one of the most affordable SSD hosting providers in India. All the plans are powered by complete SSD Drives and guarantee the best & smoothest hosting experience. 

Hostinger India


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Do you still wonder why do you see SSD hosting everywhere? Hold on and read why you should switch to it (if you haven’t already)

Have you been browsing around looking for hosting for your existing or upcoming website? We know you must have been astonished by millions of hosting plans and types bombarded upon you. Hosting based on your platform like WordPress, Linux, Windows, Java, PHP, Joomla! And likes; there you are asked whether you want a dedicated space or shared hosting, VPS hosting or cloud hosting; and more. The choice isn’t easy for sure when you are simply looking for a hosting model that yields the best performance at a lesser cost. 

To add to these parameters, now you would be asked to choose a type of servers too. Notably, all these types of storages basically do the same job, just in a different manner and of course, with different efficiency. You guessed it right, SSD, HDD, SATA, SSHD and such abbreviations that you would find with almost every hosting service provider denote types of storage discs and efficiency they offer. 

By now, you must already know that SSD is the latest hosting technology that is buzzing the marketplace with promising new utilities. While HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is widely accepted hosting storage type, SSD (Solid State Drive) is now giving it a tough competition with continuously increasing user base. This is why many hosting providers are making SSD storage available to users with a majority of their plans. 

Are you wondering what is SSD hosting and where it stands in comparison to the traditional storages? Well, we made it easier for you to decide. 
On this page, you will find everything you wanted to know about the increasingly liked storage type SSD along with the ideal storage practice for you.


What is SSD hosting? And why it is important?


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Basically, it brings a radical change in storage practices by stocking up data on flash memory chips that are capable to maintain the data even without constant power. SSDs are fast. REALLY FAST. This is why they are attracting many of eyeballs in the technology sphere.

It's quite ultimately we all look for Fastest Web Hosting service. Likewise, if you're looking for fast or Speed web hosting, then SSD hosting is for you. 

Many high-end PCs and laptops have started replacing conventional HDD storages with SSD already. Now it is the web hosting industry that is making the best use of this storage genius in their server infrastructure.

Since SSDs are built to read from and write on data on microchips fixed on a platter, they are quicker. This phenomenon enables SSD based servers impressively high performing in the hosting industry. In SSD hosting, notable fast server response makes it easier to process high load of database queries and load content on user end rapidly. This is how websites can deliver a pleasant user experience, more page views, and interactions.


Advantages of choosing SSD Hosting over traditional types

Although the comparison given above rules out other types and established SSD as the most reliable and efficient factor in hosting type, here are some advantages you should take a look at:
  • High-speed hosting
Honestly, nobody likes slowly loading web pages. Even a delay of a second can make you lose a considerable amount of visitors. With SSD hosting your web page data is delivered much faster to the viewers visiting your website.
  • Boosted website performance
The speed of your website loads is an important ranking factor duly measured by Google that you cannot do away with. Hence, in order to get your website a higher position in search results, you need to ensure that your website loads faster on the user end. 
Hence switching to SSD based server will help you deliver superior user experience by notably increasing site speed. 
Server-based SSDs can boost performance by making frequently accesses data available by storing it strategically. Thus, it works as cache too while significantly reducing network latency. 
  • No risk of failure and data loss 
SSDs are a purely electronic device as compared to HDDs that contain mechanical parts. Owing to the spinning components, HDDs are at high risk of mechanical failure and thereby loss of data (if there is no backup!).  If your primary drive is an SSD, then you will be more resistant to such loss due to its static design.
  • Increased upload time
With improved website loading time, SSD hosting enables faster upload as well. If you are an intensive database user such as an e-commerce hub, music distributing or video streaming portal and your website contains heavy video or audio files to render, the loading time becomes the deciding factor in traffic building.
If stored on best SSD server, your large files can be uploaded in a flash and on the user end, there is an instant response. 
  • Higher bandwidth and traffic handling capacity
In traditional HHD hosting storages, you are prone to the risk of site freeze or shut down in case there is excessive traffic routed to your website. 
SSD servers are capable of handling even largest of the visitor traffic (times when even milliseconds matter) as they are designed to respond to more queries at once as compared to HDD servers.  SSDs can efficiently process the big number of parallel I/O requests without slowing down, as in the case of high traffic times.
  • Install as many plugins as you want 
And that too, without bothering about the heavy load slowing your website down. SSD servers have a better response time and data fetching capabilities with fast speed. Hence, you can extend your website’s functionalities without compromising with slower accessibility.
  • Uses lesser energy. Temperature, shock and vibration resistant
SSDs consume much lesser electricity (almost one fifth) as compared to the conventional HDDs. Metallic hard disc drives have spinning components that heat up and one needs a decent cooling mechanism to keep them working. Whereas SSDs are made up total electronic components which don’t generate heat, therefore, saving a big deal on energy. See, SSDs make eco-friendly data centers!
Since SSDs are built using static microchips and not spinning discs, they show better resistance to electric shocks and vibrations of an earthquake. 
While the metallic spinning nature of HDD exploits their performance at higher temperatures, SDDs remain unaffected and work fine at extremely high or low degrees of temperatures.


Cost of SSD hosting: the million dollar question!

Initially, when SSDs were newly introduced they were quite expensive. You might observe that SSD of the same storage size costs slightly more than conventional HDDs (but that’s not a premium amount). However, that will not be the case in the near future. 
Vast user base operating on SSD server-based hosting plans makes it diligently affordable for others to opt for them. In addition to that, the internal competition between service providers to offer a cheap SSD hosting service too makes it cost effective.
Currently, opting for a best shared SSD hosting would be cost-effective for users. You might notice lesser storage in the same price as that of HDD hosting. Choosing a smaller storage allowance for a better performance is not a bad idea though. You were never up to using up entire storage anyway.
Indeed, the market is heading towards more affordable SSD hosting plans.

SSD Hosting: End note

HDDs are more space for less money while SSDs are less space for more money. Nevertheless, SSDs win on performance and durability part.
Clearly, SSD is the futuristic technology both in storage and web hosting, although traditional hosting too will continue to exist differently. To sum up, with the benefits of implementing best SSD based web hosting model, we can conclude that:
  • SSD hosting is faster, 
  • SSD hosting consumes lesser energy, 
  • Websites hosted on SSD based servers are absolutely fast loading, and show the least downtime,
  • SSD is more durable and reliable,
  • SSDs don’t wear out and have a longer life expectancy,
  • SSD based servers can tolerate massive traffic,
Evidently, you can understand that sooner or later you are going to have to switch to SSD hosting services. A choice is yours. 

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