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We recommend HostSoch web hosting plans if you're looking for SEO optimized hosting plans. They have the fastest secured servers for better pricing including Free LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server, Free SSL certificates to ensure maximum speed and security which indeed the main factors in SEO rankings. 



Best SEO optimized web hosting

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a website to search engines in order to get more visibility or rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is one of the very effective ways of Digital Marketing or Online marketing that is followed to improve the Sales ratio of a business and promote the business. This is a very ticket topic and millions and billings people follow this effective marketing method. 


So what is SEO hosting and why is it/could it be helpful?

SEO web hosting sites

SEO Hosting is a type of web hosting that helps to improve the SEO of a website— with the purpose of increasing the visibility of the website, thus generating more sales.


How does Web Hosting Improve the SEO?

The web hosting services can affect SEO by below ways:

  • Fastest web hosting with Good Page load speed
  • Stability
  • Ease of management
  • IP address diversity
  • Applications that are already optimized.

Therefore, if you've ever wondered that how your hosting provider will actually impact your website’s search engine performance is that you need to choose a web host which has these factors in them such as Excellent server speed and uptime, Dedicated IP for spam and malware protection, stability and reliability. 

Search engines want to deliver excellent, highly relevant content for every search, regardless of where it is hosted. Therefore, There's no such a thing that a hosting company can do, apart from the above-given ways. 


How Web Hosting Affect Speed and SEO?


Over the past many years Google has made website loading speed is one of the crucial factors of SEO. Thus it's said page loading speed has the great impact on Search engine rankings so as to boost user experiences as no visitor would want to wait a long time to see a page - it's a bad user experience.

2 Ways for Better Page Speed:

- Optimizing website, contents, images etc. 
- Choosing the Fastest web hosting along SSL Certificate and Dedicated IP 

It's just not alone hosting server is causing Good/bad page speed. It's the performance of your one's individual website as well. 

To lower the loading time, you need to optimize your website content, images, etc. Small or fewer pages with few scripts (i.e. javascript) will load faster than large pages with large image files etc.

Meanwhile, your hosting server plays a huge role in page speed. When the visitor will access your web page, the browser sends a request to your server for the page and server is responsible for fetching the right data and transferring it. 

The time taken by a server to provide the output is called page loading time. If the time is below 3 milliseconds, then it's best page loading speed time.

These days many web hosts have started offering SSD storage space ensuring fastest web hosting. SSDs server performs much more faster than standard HDDs, which further increases server speed. 

Additionally, there many other factors take a role with regards to server speed time such as server datacenter location, Caching, Dedicated IP, SSL etc. 

Dedicated IP address- impact on SEO Web Hosting

Every online business or we usually pay no attention to what kind of IP address we use with our hosting account, could be a dedicated or shared IP address.

There are two types of IP addresses in the web hosting industry:

  • Shared IP address: Shared IP address will be assigned normally with shared hosting plans by default. Shared hosting means there are numerous websites sharing the same server with a single IP address. 
  • Dedicated IP address: This means a website has its own IP address, it's completely individually owned unlike shared.

Having a dedicated IP address from your hosting company would definitely increase your website loading speed, which can result in good SEO for your website.


How an SSL certificate affects your search engine rankings?


An SSL Certificate is a security token used to encrypt the content so as to protect private information traveling across the web. Le's learn how it affects SEO:

SSL certificate ensures protecting data from spammers meanwhile, it also gives a boost to SEO. These days Google has made an announcement that having SSL on the website is also another crucial factor to boost SEO. 

Therefore, if you're worried about choosing an SEO friendly web hosting, make sure you get a web hosting plan along with additional features such as Dedicated IP, SSL certificate and local hosting provider


Which Hosting Applications are Best for SEO?


Pretty much all web hosting packages come with some sort of website builder, or CMS applications

We can able to install these popular content management systems (CMSs) at a single click through the control panel provided by the web hosting provider.

The popular Content Management systems are:

As well as e-commerce management systems such as:

All these CMS have their SEO strengths and weaknesses. However, if you would ask us the best SEO freindly CMS application, then WordPress is most recommended CMS and at the #1 place.