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SmarterASP.NET offers both Linux and Windows hosting service free 60 days trial option without any credit card details required, so you can use the hosting for up to 2 months for completely free of cost. No ads are posted on your websites. The company is highly recommended for its reliability and popularity. Try now!



60 days Free Trial Linux/Windows

No Credit Card Required

1GB SSD RAID-50 Space & 1GB Bandwidth

Host 1 Website

Free Temporary Domain Name

Supports PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free Support Included!

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59 Reviews


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60 days Free Trial ASP.net Hosting

1GB Space & 5GB Bandwidth

Host 1 Website

Credit Cards NOT Required

Free Temporary Domain Name

Instant ASP.NET Hosting Setup & Instant Upgrades

Free Support Included!

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22 Reviews


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Free Linux hosing with 1000 Mb Disk Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

No ads & no banners

Free cPanel

Best free Website Builder

1 click WordPress Installer

Full PHP & MySQL hosting

FTP, Cron Jobs & Email Forwarder

No hidden fees or setup costs!

Get upto 40% OFF on Paid Hosting

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Free 1 GB Linux Hosting

1 GB /month Disk space & Bandwidth

5 Email Addresses

1 MySQL Database

1 Subdomain & FTP Account

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Free Linux Web hosting

1000 MB Space and 100GB Bandwidth

Host single Website

Free Website Builder

Free cPanel

Free Sub-Domain name

1-Click Installs

24/7 Support

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1000 MB Space & 5 GB Traffic

Host 1 Website

2 Subdomains & 1 Email Account

1 Database & FTP Account

Zacky Installer Wizard for Joomla & Wordpess

Agilityhoster Promo codes

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100% Free Hosting Plan

Unlimited Space & Bandwidh

Complete Control on Websites

Free Website Builder

1-Click Software Installation

Support & Upgrades

X10hosting OFFERS

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1 GB Disk Space

5 GB Traffic

1 Domain Hosting

3 Subdomains

1 MySQL(v.5) Database

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Joomla & Wordpress Installer

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Is Free Hosting Right for You?


With free web hosting, you can bring your website online at a zero cost. Sound too good, but is it true? 

While there are many times you should use paid hosting plans, certain times, there is a need for free web hosting plans.

  1. Free web hosting is go-to choice when you just want to put your project up on the web quickly at no cost and get done with it with a free linux hosting service
  2. Free web hosting or Student hosting is useful for learners, beginners, and students, it is the best option to create learn and grow. Create a free website, build your first blog, anything you wish can be done completely free of charge and become the ultimate webmaster in no time. Students who wish to learn can benefit a lot by hosting a free website to understand the basics of how to design, develop and maintain websites on the internet and understand better in website design and development tools, file management and file upload issues, website maintenance and site monitoring. 
  3. Many small-scale organizations and non-profit organizations can benefit from free web hosting services to set up a basic website and publish information about news and events or communicate with participants.
  4. Free web hosting is the best option for family websites or personal websites, sharing photographs and family events and other stuff among friends and family.


When Might Free Hosting Not be Right for You?

Free hosting service has a lack of many features of paid hosting.

Taking all these into consideration, you can go for a paid cheap web hosting plan for a reliable hosting with better customer support.

Shared hosting is the basic type of paid hosting services, the plans are as low as Rs,200 per month, or even lower.

And, you may want to look for a higher paid plans(VPS or dedicated server hosting, Cloud) if you're:

  • Launching a huge e-commerce site
  • Creating a website that uses a large database
  • Or generally, if you depend on your website for the success of your business.

The following table summarizes how Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting service is different from the other:


Shared Web Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting                                         

  • A server is shared by multiple websites
  • It offers limited bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is comparatively cheap due to shared costs.
  • It does not require the website owner to have much technical skill.
  • High traffic can slow down the server
  • It offers the least control among the three types.
  • It is the least secure among the three types.A server is dedicated to just a single website.
  • It offers high bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is quite expensive because of no shared costs.
  • The website owner will need to have technical skills as he has full control of the server.
  • The server is designed to handle high traffic.
  • It offers high control.
  • It offers high security.
  • A server is shared by multiple websites.
  • It offers high bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is quite expensive but is cheaper than a dedicated web hosting service.
  • It does not require the site owner to have much technical skill but requires a system administrator.
  • The server is designed to handle high traffic.
  • It offers high control.
  • It offers high security.


Look here to know The Difference between Shared VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting


How to create a Free hosted website? 

There are basically 2 main options to create a free website in your account's control panel without programming coding knowledge. If you're not a developer or do not want to spend money on website designing and do it by yourself, then here you go:


A script installer - 

A script installer is a software installer lets you install software in a single click, including popular CMS(content management systems) like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.

Majority of the reputed paid or free hosting providers are offering this 1 click s/w installer to build a website. You just need to install it(hardly takes 2minute)and start putting your contents, images, pages etc without much effort and bring your website live within a day. Learn more about WordPress CMS here


A Website builder -

Like script installer majority of the best web hosting sites come with website builder tools. This is the best option for small websites if you don't want to learn how a CMS works. You just click on elements(text, image, video, link, page) etc edit it.

It's typically pretty difficult to find a free windows web host service that supports obscure custom frameworks, although there are a few that support ASP.NET.

One final main option often included in control panels is the option to create a free e-mail account. This lets you send and receive emails to a custom email address for your domain.


Basic Features of Free Web Hosting:

When Looking for a free web hosting solution it's crucial to find a reliable web host among so many service providers and options available nowadays. So, Let's take a look at some of the most common features a good free web hosting provider should offer:

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth:

Disk space means the amount of storage space assigned to you by the free web hosting provider. All your website files, including text, images, audio, etc will be stored in this allocated space on your account.  Bandwidth means the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website. The more space and bandwidth means you can store more and have more visitors. 

  • Website builder tool and FTP:

Most of the free hosting providers offer website builder to build a website or cPanel. Option. With these website builder tools, you can create your website simply by choosing a template and adding your own text and images. Another way, using FTP or cPanel you need to upload the files from your computer to your service provider's server.

  • Email Accounts:

Your free web hosting provider should provide you with email services to create your email accounts like [email protected] So, you can receive and send emails from your own domain name. Paid Email hosting providers are the best option for marketing or business related bulk emailing services.

  • cPanel, PHP, MySQL, FTP

cPanel, PHP, MySQL, FTP support, 1 Click Installs, and many other features are offered in the free web hosting plans by various free hosting providers. This lets you to Create a free website, build your blog - anything you wish can be done completely free of charge. 

  • Support and Uptime:

Your free web hosting provider should provide you with good customer support in order to contact them in your need time. Also, make sure you get good uptime close to (99.9%) is great.


Looking for something other than Free hosting?


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