Best Rated Web Hosting Providers in Bangalore

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Bangalore can be called as India's one of the best IT cities or technical hub,  the capital of Katrnataka State in India. Bangalore is advanced than other cities in all matters related to Information Technology. Web Hosting is required to make your website accessible through the internet and the city has numerous website hosting providers located here in Banglore, India. Some of the Web Hosting providers from Bangalore, even rated as India's best reputed web hosting providers. This post gives an overview on the top best web hosting providers in Bangalore, India. 

One of the fist decisions which needs to be made when launching or building your website/business is web hosting. While cost is always a factor, we do not want to overpay for website hosting, choosing only on price basis can be a mistake. But it is very crucial to choose a reliable hosting company which offers the features and services your website requires. Additionally security and customer service are the key points to look into from a web hosting provider. Many webmasters look for a local web hosting provider if the business primarily targets customers in a particular geographic region. Hosting your site locally will provide addition advatnage to your site visibility. 


You must have seen the pricing of local web hosting provider and Globle hosts, there is lot difference in the cost. The prices comparatively less with the local hosting providers for the basic plan. Prices will vary according to the plans.


Few local web hosting providers also offer support in regional languages. This can be 1 reason to choose local web hosting company if you are looking for support in regional languages.

Local IP:

From Google Webmaster Central

"In our understanding of web content, Google considers both the IP address and the top-level domain (e.g. .com,… we often use the web server’s IP address as an added hint in our understanding of content."

The Gorogle considers IP Address and TLD in the Crawaling Algorithms. It may not be the crucial factor to consider, but for some extent it helps to improve your site visibility



Web Hosting



Visit Host

1 hostingraja bangalore review

1000 MB Web Space
5 GB Bandwidth
Host 1 Domain

Rs. 109/mon
2 HostSoch web hosting bangalore 1000 MB Web Space
5 GB Bandwidth
Host 1 Domain
Rs. 99/mon
3 HostCats Bangalore hosting site

1000 MB Web Space
5 GB Bandwidth
Host 1 Domain

4 manashosting reviews

Disk Space 1GB
Bandwidth 10GB
Host 1 Domain

Rs. 50/mon
5 nettigritty review

Diskspace 100MB
Bandwidth 2GB/mo
Host 2 Websites

Rs. 66/mon

Diskspace 500 MB
Bandwidth 500 Mb/month
Hos 1 Domain
30 days money back gurantee

Rs. 41/mon


1) Hosting Raja


web hosting bangalore

Hosting Raja is one of the top web hosting &  Domain name registration providers in India located in Bangalore and only one company in India, which provides support in regional languages.  They are established in the year 2006 and currently hosting more than 100000+ hosting accounts from across the globe. They provide various web hosting packages by using both windows and Linux based systems and recommeneded for hosting your joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Java, PHP websites.  They do provide .in domain name free along with their webhosting packages and their basic plan starts from Rs. 69/month.  Read & Write Hosting Raja Review here.


2. HostSoch


Hostsoch hosting in bangalore


HostSoch is one of the fastest growing hosting &  Domain registration company based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company has been providing budget hosting since 2012, and they are specialised in providing shared hosting services. Hostsoch services include shared linux hosting, shared windows hosting, Windows hosting, Specialised CMS hosting, Email hosting, domain registration, domain renewal, domain transfer etc. The company promoise 99.9% server uptime and they have an esteemed dignity and helpful staff that resolves customer's issues on time, manages website run time and delivers sheer performance. Learn more about Hostsoch here.


3) Host Cats


bangalore hosting services


HostCats is the leading web hosting providers based in Bangalore, India. HostCats launched in 2003 and since then it has been offering wide range of web hosting serices like Shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers in both linux and windows platform. HostCats offers 24/7/365 customer support and their support is prompt and friendly. They provide 24/7 chat, email and phone support : Write HostCats Review here if you have experienced their web hosting & domain services.


4) Manashosting 


bangalore web hosting company


Manashosting is a Bangalore-based company that is dedicated in helping small and midsize business companies to reach customers online.  Manashostings are known for providing world class webhosting services at reasonable rates. They do offer various web hosting packages in Linux & Windows server, their services are, linux hosting, windows hosting, java hosting, reseller packages, dedicated server hosting, VPS server hosting etc.. Write a review if you have already experienced Manashosting Services

5) Nettigritty 


website hosting provider bangalore


Nettigritty is another hosting provider based in JP Nagar Bangalore, providing Linux and windows web hosting services, has been founded in 2003. They offer various services such as Domain registration, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, Reseller hosting, cloud hosting, Email solutions etc. The linux shared plans start from Rs.65 per month. Write a review on Manasahosting Services 


6) Amity Infotech


Amity Bangalore hosting Site


Amity Infotech, web hositng provider based in Bangalore, India. They are foundedd in July 2002, since then been providing reliable and affordable hosting and corproate email solutions to the customers across the world.  They have 1500+ satisfied clientele across the globe today from various verticals of the industry.  Amity Infotech is known for providing reliable & expert Domain name registration, Unlimited Linux / Windows Web Hosting, Secure Business Email hosting, VPS Server hosting & Dedicated Server hosting, Website Designing & Ecommerce Website & Digital SSL Certificates for your business.