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Best Digital Marketing Tools June 2024 


No matter what your level of expertise, as a digital marketer is, you have to rely on a different set of tools. These tools are the ones that have been assisting almost every successful digital marketer. But as you already know, digital marketing comprises of different techniques and these techniques come with their own requirements. Hence, you will need different tools for different marketing strategies.

The requirements of two different digital marketing firms can be entirely different. They can have very advanced marketing needs or intermediate requirements. Hence, we have tried to include the best of both the small scale and large scale tools. 

And we have put together these tools in different categories comprising of the different digital marketing strategies. So that it will be easy for you to access the tools you require. While there are loads of options out there in the market that claim themselves the best, we have listed a few tools that we find very essential for every digital marketer out there, whether you are an expert or just a mere beginner. 


Starts from

$99.00 per month

  • All in one Digital marketing toolset for Traffic growth
  • Site Audit, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, Rank Tracker tools
  • Plans include access to ALL of Ahrefs' tools
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel plan at any time

Starts from

$99.95 price/mo

  • All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing
  • Manage SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools
  • Access competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more
  • Content Management Services included

Starts from

UK175.00 price/mo

  • Industry leading website crawler for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu
  • Improve onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing
  • Finds Broken Links, Discovera Duplicate Content,
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data, Integrate with GA, GSC & PSI

Starts from

$59.99 price/mo

  • Best Instant SEO Checker & SEO Audit Tool
  • Track and analyze website’s data for SEO, social media
  • Keyword Research, Competitor analysis included
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Facebook

Starts from

$127.00 per month

  • Run Your Entire Web Presence In One Place
  • Creates Sales funnels
  • Track The Performance Of Your Online Business
  • A/B split-testing helps to improve the performance of any campaign

Starts from

$79.00 price/mo

  • Social Media Management Software
  • Flexible scheduling options galore
  • A Social Inbox to catch every conversation
  • Unlimited one-click reports

Starts from

$24.00 price/mo

  • Social Media Management tool
  • Unified social media dashboard
  • social media publishing processes makes easier
  • Social media collaboration for teams

Starts from

$50.16 price/mo

  • Best Social Media Management Platform
  • Publishing & Scheduling Posts
  • Auto Post With Smart Queues
  • Auto Post With RSS Feeds

Starts from

$25.00 price/mo

  • Social Media Scheduling, Marketing and Analytics Tool
  • Publishing & Scheduling
  • 25 Social Media Accounts
  • Analytics and Reports (Web)

Starts from

$14.00 price/mo

  • Organize All Of Your Marketing In One Place
  • Calendar that organizes your blog and social media
  • Real-time blog & social calendar
  • See all of your blog posts and social media in a single calendar

Best SEO Tools


No matter what kind of website or online business you run, optimizing it to make it search engine friendly is as important as creating a website. As long as you can fully rely on paid marketing, not making your website SEO-friendly can surely hinder its ranking in SERP. But optimizing your website manually can really be tedious and time-consuming.  

Hence, we have listed a few tools that can help you in optimizing your website and your website can rank higher in the SERP, get more visibility and visitors, and ultimately get more sales.


Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools over the internet. It is one of the most used tools by webmasters and has been regarded as one of the best digital marketing tools. You can do a lot of things with Ahrefs. It may be website auditing, keyword researching, backlink checking, and rank tracking. If you want to run a successful digital marketing campaign, look no further Ahrefs. It is the complete toolkit you need in your arsenal to ace the SEO test.
You can get the complete suite of tools for as low as $99 per month and the pricing goes all the way up to $999 per month. Even with the basic plan, you get access to all the features, but some limitations are applied on different counts.


WooRank comes with a wide range of advanced features such as keyword tools, website review, competitive analysis, and you can get your website’s on and off-site data in just a matter of a few clicks. What makes it our top pick for the spot of ‘The Best SEO Tools’ is the ease with which you can make your website SEO-friendly. 

This is a tool that can be used by a very small marketing firm consisting of only a few individuals or by a well-established marketing agency. Such is the versatility of WooRank. You can get started for free and use the Free trial for 14-days. And if you find it useful, you can upgrade to the premium plans whose pricing starts at $59.99 per month


SEMRush is one of the most popular tools in the digital marketing industry. And rightfully so, it is our next pick when it comes to Best SEO Tools. It is an all-in-one marketing tool that can be used for SEO, SMM, content management, and PPC. 

But when it comes to SEO, SEMRush is an absolute best and there are very less tools that can go head to head with it. Along with being able to analyze the traffic to your website, you can also do keyword research with the help of SEMRush.

You can get started with a 7-days free trial and then upgrade to the premium offering, which is priced starting from $99.95 per month

Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog is an industry-leading crawler that can crawl your website just a Search Engine Spider does. This is one of the best tools that can help you improve the on-site SEO and all the issues that can affect the SEO ranking of your website can be audited by this tool. 

You can find broken links on your website, analyze the page titles and metadata, look for duplicate content, generate XML sitemaps, audit the redirects, and more. If there is something that makes Screaming From stand out from the other SEO tools like WooRank and SEMRush is the free plan that it offers. 

With the Free plan, you can perform basic tasks and the tool can crawl up to 500 URLs. For an advanced website, you can upgrade to the premium version that is priced at $190/year.

More Top SEO tools:

  • Browseo
  • Google Search Console
  • Screaming Frog
  • SerpStat


Email Marketing Tools: 


Email Marketing is one of the oldest methods of online marketing and it has proven to be reliable over time. But as technology evolved, dedicated tools for email marketing were introduced. And now, the success of your email marketing campaign solely depends on the email marketing software you choose. After all, these are the tools that ensure that your email is delivered to your customers and prospects. 

These tools can be of great help in email creation, automation, scheduling, and more. These tools can help you establish a long-lasting bond with your customers and prospects, both in terms of customer retention and in turning the prospects into customers. Ultimately, you can get more business with the right use of these email marketing services.

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GetResponse is the segment leader when it comes to email marketing and the ease with which it lets you connect with your customers and prospects make it one of our most favorite email marketing tools. 

This is one of the best tools to grow your audience, promote different services. With this tool,  you can easily market your product and services. GetResponse is known for its segment-leading marketing automation, which guarantees that you never miss any important tasks involved in the marketing campaign.

You can get your hands on GetResponse for free with the Free 30-days trial. If GetResonspose manages to match your expectations, which we are sure it will exceed, you can get the premium plans priced starting at $15 per month


Giving GetResponse a run for the money is Pabbly. It is one of our top recommendations when it comes to best email marketing software and it can be of great help if your main goal is to keep your customers and prospects engaged. 

You can drive more traffic to your website and grow your business significantly with the help of Pabbly. You can easily customize the graphical emails that you send with the drag-and-drop editor. And tracking every mail that is sent is very easy and can be done very efficiently. This can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal when it comes to digital marketing.

While Pabbly does offer a free plan, we would recommend going for the premium plans whose pricing starts at just $19/mo, unless you have very basic email marketing requirements.


If you are managing a large scale email marketing campaign, we would recommend ConverKit for such needs. It is a high-end email marketing tool that is perfect for professional bloggers and large enterprises. 

One thing about ConvertKit that stands out is the landing page creator that lets you create stunning landing pages, even though you do not have a website. This is great for those who want to do the digital marketing of their business, while still not having a website of its own.

ConvertKit’s premium tier kicks off at $29 per month And for those who are just getting started, they also have a free plan. This plan, despite coming with support for a limited number of subscribers, is rich in features.

More Top Email Marketing Tools

  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConstantContact
  • SendinBlue


Best PPC Tools:

While we all are very familiar with the PPC tools such as Google Ads Editor, Bing Ads Editor, the use of the following tools is highly recommended if you want to make sure your ad is highly optimized and you make the most of the money you spend. These are the tools that let you monitor your spending, analyze the ad performance, and you can also get the ad ranking and most importantly in automation. 

And with these tools, you can also do keyword research and spy your competitors for the strategies and keywords they use. With these tools, you can buy more visits to your product or services. These tools are the ones you should use if you want to run profitable paid campaigns and make of most of the money you spend.

What Runs Where

WhatRunsWhere is an intelligent tool that can be your savior when you run PPC campaigns. This tool is the ultimate tool for maximum ROI and this also comes with other features such as competitor analysis, global coverage, actionable insights, and more.

WhatRunsWhere has records of more than 120000 unique publishers and all their ads are tracked. And this data is updated daily, enabling its users to be very proactive with their marketing campaigns. You can easily figure out what has worked for similar businesses, who are they buying these ads through, and what are the things you can adapt to in your ads. 

While there is no free plan or free trial on offer, you can get your hands on the premium plans loaded with features. These plans are priced at starting from $299 per month.


AdEspresso is an offering from HootSuite. While HootSuite is the best social media management tool, AdEspresso is our favorite tool that can boost your sales exponentially. If you are looking for a tool to manage your Google or Facebook ads for small or medium scale companies, AdEspresso is our top recommendation for you. 

You can optimize your ads with the help of the advanced analytics tool. And it can assist you in reaching a wider audience, hence letting you make full use of every single penny you spend.

AdEspresso comes with a free trial version that you can use to get started and their premium tier starts at $49 per month and goes up to $259 per month With the most premium plan, you can manage ads without any limits on ad spend. This is perfect for large digital marketing firms.


Optmyzr is a dedicated PPC management tool that lets you optimize your ads, manage bids and make adjustments, analyze keywords, and more. This tool offers advanced data insights using which you can manage the budget pacing and forecasts, track your ads, and fix the quality issues and hence improve the quality score of your ads.

It comes with an advanced report engine including data from Google, Bing, Facebook, Google Analytics. It also works well with Google Data Studio, Amazon Alexa. You can also run A/B tests. This tool can also help you in terms of keyword optimization, where you can find negative and positive keywords. When it comes to optimization, this tool can check for broken links.

While Optmyzr is a fully sophisticated tool, its pricing makes it the ideal option for large scale marketing agencies offering paid ad services as it starts at $499 per month.

More Top PPC Tools:

  • iSpionage
  • AdBeat
  • TheSearchMonitor
  • WordStream advisor
  • BuzzSumo


Best Social Media Management Tools:

If you are managing the social media handles of your business or that of your clients without the use of social media management tools, you will end up getting stuck in a deep mess. Scheduling the posts and campaigns, measuring the engagement, and online reputation management can take a toll on you. 

Hence, we have listed a few tools that we have found to be very useful and effective when managing social media marketing. With these tools, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts, schedule your posts to be posted at the optimal time to get more engagement and get a better reach. 


If you are looking for a fully sophisticated tool to manage your or your client’s social media accounts, look no further HootSuite. It is a social media management software that has set the benchmarks in the digital marketing industry for quite a long time now.

You can schedule and publish content to different social media platforms at the right time as you will be assisted by this tool about when you should post and when you can get maximum engagement and reach. HootSuite can also help you and your team in content creation to create engaging and attractive posts for your social media handles.

If you are just getting started, you would be glad to know that HootSuite offers a free plan, which comes with some basic features. There is also a 30-days free trial version. But if you are looking for a professional solution, we highly recommend you going for premium plans whose pricing starts at INR 1260 per month

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most popular social media management tools. It comes with the industry-best feature that can assist you in getting high engagement from your followers. This is very important when you want your prospects to convert into customers.

Sprout Social can help you in getting advanced reports, and scheduling posts and messages across multiple social media platforms. You can also make use of highly accurate social analytics to improve the performance /of your posts and know what is the best time to post.

You can get started with the 30-days free trial, after which you can upgrade for the premium plans. These plans are priced according to the number of users and go higher if you want to add more users. The pricing starts at $99 per user per month.


While HootSuite and Sprout Social are comprehensive tools to manage all the social media activities, ContentCal deals specifically with the scheduling and publishing social media content. This tool is very easy to use without any fuss and serves its purpose of helping you publish your posts at the right time.

You get a neat and clean dashboard which lets you keep track of all your posts. It comes with a visually beautiful calendar, lets you collaborate with your team members, and more. You can integrate your favorite tools like Twitter, Google Drive, LinkedIn, DropBox, and a lot more. In short, this tool can help you in boosting the growth of your social media handles.

You can try ContentCal with a trial version, following which, you can upgrade to premium plans. The prices of premium plans kick off at $17 per month and there are lots of add-ons too.

Other Top Social Media Management Tools

  • AgoraPulse
  • Contentino
  • Buffer
  • SmarterQueue
  • Keyword Research Tools


Best Keyword Research Tools:

Keyword Researching is one of the most fundamental tasks involved in online marketing or digital marketing. It might be to determine the profitable niche when you get started, targeting your audience, or to rank well in search engine result pages. The keywords you use can define the success or failure of your website or online business.

Hence, the use of the right keyword research tool can help you in an effective keyword research strategy to enhance the SEO performance of your website, target the audience efficiently, and find a related market.

Answer the public

Answer the Public is by far the best keyword research tool we have tested. This is because of the approach it works in. it finds questions, prepositions, comparisons, related searches, and more. Whenever you type in some keyword, it shows you the questions searched by users of Google and Bing including that keyword.

And prepositions and comparisons work also work similarly. And using this tool, we bet you can get more visitors to your website by breaking through that Search Engine Ranking challenge that lies ahead of you.

And we are glad to inform you that Answer the Public tool is available for free and comes with basic features. But if you want to up your keyword game to new heights, we recommend you go for the premium plan whose price starts at $99 per month


Long Tail Pro is also a very useful keyword research tool and it is one of the best options you have if you want to generate longtail keywords. You get access to in-depth metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age, and many more details of your competitors. So it also doubles up as a competitor analysis tool.

Long Tail Pro is a data-driven tool that can give you access to accurate data that is updated daily. Enabling this tool with this functionality is the advanced Rank Tracker. If you are just getting started, you can get help from the Video Tutorials known as Long Tail BootCamp.

 You can sign up for free and get access to the trial version for 7 days. After that, you can upgrade to the premium plans whose prices start from $37 per month


Keys4Up is yet another keyword research tool for content marketing, aimed at helping content writers, bloggers, journalists, to get better ranking on search engines. It automates semantically related keyword research. 

When search engine scans the content on your website during its search for related words, concepts, semantic correlation, use of this tool gives your content the more power, from the search engine’s perspective.

You can use Keys4Up for free. This is one of the best tools we would recommend for those who want to start keyword researching without spending anything. 

More Keyword Research Tools:

  • WordTracker Scout
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator
  • QuestionDB


Best Affiliate Marketing Tools:

As affiliate marketing is becoming more popular with every passing day, more people are turning towards it, making it a career option, or a side hustle. But the use of a specialized affiliate marketing tool is a must if you want to taste success as an affiliate marketer.

With these tools, you can get in touch with different merchants who are willing to get their products advertised, you can optimize the ads on your website to make them more effective and you can also track the performance of the ads displayed on your website. Ultimately, you will end up with more profit with your ads performing well and the adequate availability of the merchants.


Finding advertisers for publishing their ads on your website can be a tough task and can drain you a lot. Coming to your rescue is ShareASale. It is a portal that connects publishers and advertisers. Here, you can find advertisers very easily and get their products to be displayed on your websites.

ShareASale is free to join service. You can sign up as an affiliate and get in touch with thousands of affiliates that are waiting to get their ads and products displayed on the partner websites. 

To be precise there are more than 4800 merchants across different categories on ShareASale and you just have to choose the one that suits your website category.


AdThrive is an Ad Management tool that also lets you optimize those ads to ensure the highest ad revenue. AdThrive is a service that helps you publish ads from publishers and it pays you a handsome percentage of money. 

AdThrive can be considered as an alternative to Google AdSense. And AdThrive comes with a promise of paying you your money even if they do not get paid by the merchants. AdThrive offers a 67% average ad revenue lift compared to other ad providers, which is excellent.


Voluum is an innovative affiliate marketing tracking software. This tool is can be your best bet if you want to make sure you run your affiliate campaigns very effectively.  You can not only track your ads but also optimize and automate them with the help of this tool.

If you have multiple ad sources and multiple platforms where you manage affiliate marketing, Voluum is the one-stop solution you need to manage all those ads.

Voluum comes loaded with advanced features such as automizer, traffic distribution, anti-fraud, and push-notifications, making it one of the best ad trackers for affiliate marketing. The pricing of this tool starts at $99 per month

More Top Affiliate Marketing Tools:

  • AdFlexity
  • BeMoby
  • Instapage


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