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Sticky Password features - 2021

Sticky Password keyfeatures

  • Best Premium Password Manager
  • Strong password generator creates and stores passwords
  • automatic form filling
  • Secure memos protect your passport, IDs, software licenses
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Sticky Password Overview

Sticky Passwords Honest Review: Is it good enough to compete with other password managers?


If you are a person depending extensively on various digital accounts for both personal and professional reasons, you might have realised the need for a password manager by now. When you are juggling between many different apps and websites, it is not only humanly impossible to remember all different passwords, but is also hazardous for the account security if the passwords are weak, easy to guess or re-used for all of the accounts.

But is it safe to trust a  password manager with all your passwords and login credentials? If so, which one to choose, as there is a sea of different password managers available like DashLane, KeePass, Zoho Vault, BlogVault etc.

To know more about why Sticky Password can be added to the list and what it lacks from its more established competitors, keep reading the article and by the end of it, we bet you will have made an informed choice.


Sticky Password: A peek into its background

Sticky password is the brainchild of one of the largest security and technology companies of the world Lamantine Software, the company known for the famous AVG anti-virus. The clean reputation of the company in internet safety and the distinctive features and utilities provided by Sticky password has made it one of the best password managers trusted by over 2 million users.

It obviously has all the essential features that a password manager demands such as password sharing, password auto-fill, password generation, auto-sync etc, but in addition comes with certain business-specific features that make it apt for small to large enterprises, the most notable being the facility of streamlined password management wherein employees can be allocated role-specific access to credentials (more details on it in the coming sections).


Getting started with Sticky Password


Sticky Password has apps designed specifically for all major platforms like Windows, iOS,macOS and Android. However, it leaves out Linux for which it loses a point in comparison to most of its competitors.

You can set-up your Sticky Password account in the following easy steps.


Step-1 Create a Sticky Account

Download and install the app specific to your operating system and create an account. It is also recommended to download Sticky Password browser extensions at this point.


Step-2 Set up a Master Password

 Like most password managers, Sticky password also works on a Master Password, which must be strong and unique. Keep calm, since Sticky password never stores this master password in its cloud except for inter-devices sync. But even for that it offers a choice of wifi sync if you do not want to take any chance.


Step-3 Import

This is the last and most crucial step where you can import all your passwords in bulk from your Browser or even other supported password managers like 1Password, KeePass etc.



Key Features: Let’s Dig Deeper


General Features


  • Password storage & management

With Sticky passwords you just have to remember your master password and rest all the passwords are taken care of by it. It securely generates and stores passwords for all types of online accounts, web extensions and even desktop applications, so that you don't have to.

  • Auto-fill & Auto-login

Sticky Password offers a powerful form-filling tool that securely saves your information like Name, Address etc. and fills them in with just a click.

  • Password generator

It also has an in-built password generator which creates super strong unbreakable passwords for you so that you don’t have to stick to your old ‘Password123’. It also takes care of the different requirements for websites like special characters, numerics, case etc.

  • Digital Wallet

Online payments are secure and faster than ever before with Sticky Password’s Digital wallet that stores your Debit card/ Credit Card credentials in its super-secured vault and auto-fills during check-out to protect them from password snoopers.

  • Bookmarks and Secure memos

It also encrypts and syncs with all your devices, any kind of texts or bookmarks with sensitive information like passport, IDs, Account number, software licenses etc. in 10 editable pre-defined templates.

  • USB Manager

This is a distinctive feature of Sticky Password that allows you to copy all secured data in a USB-based device such as a Flash Drive, hard drive or memory card and use it on the go in any Windows computer.


Teams (Business-Specific) Features

Secure Password Sharing
Gone are the days where you share passwords of company accounts with your employees via email, text or printed format. With Sticky Password you can share login credentials via its sophisticated Sharing Centre or through an Invite link where in both cases the recipient also needs to have a Sticky password Premium installed in their devices.
Multiple Platforms & Browsers
Sticky Password is compatible with all platforms like Windows, iOS etc. (except Linux) and 17 Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. so that your employees can work from any devices or location.
Role-based Permission grants
Sticky Password handles any misuse or unauthorised access efficiently by letting you decide which employee has how much access to information stored in the vault based on their position and functions.


Interface and performance


Sticky Password has an effective and user-friendly layout making it easy for the user to access and control their accounts from a single dashboard.

Its multi-device sync feature (available in Premium only) is very fast and you can immediately gain access in your mobiles or tablets once you set up the sync.




Like most password managers, sticky password also uses military standards AES-256 encryption to secure all its data. Moreover, it features two-factor authentication for an extra security layer that functions with time-based OTP apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator etc. However, like DashLane, it does not support U2F keys like YubiKey, currently. Alternatively you can also use Biometric authentication like Fingerprint scanning on Android or iOS.

You also  have nothing to worry about data leaking from their cloud during sync as they also have an option to sync over wifi so that data never leaves your system.

Another never-before security feature of Sticky Passwords is its Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) so that you can sleep peacefully since it further encrypts your data and even in the case of theft of your system, no one can access it but you.


Sticky Password has extensive documentation in its Help Centre and an active discussion forum so that in most cases you will not feel the need to contact them. However, Business Premium plans come with additional online support from the team.

We do agree that lack of Phone support is definitely a glitch in its customer support system.


Plans & Pricing

Free: This version with most general features like Password storage, auto-fill and generation, 2FA, Digital wallet etc.will still be pretty useful for personal and single devices uses. You also get 30 days- free trial of all Premium features.

Premium ($29.99 for a year or $199.99 for lifetime): This is more suitable for businesses and individuals needing sync (cloud & wifi), backup and password sharing features.

And the cherry on the cake is that the money earned from each license goes to saving the endangered species of ‘Manatees’ (which is also theri official mascot). Check for Sticky Password Coupons


Scope for improvement

  • No Linux Support
  • Phone or Email support can be added
  • Does not check passwords for those previously exposed in data breaches


Final Verdict


   Sticky Password is definitely an effective free as well premium password manager if you are looking for one that fits your budget without compromising on security. Even though it's not the best of the lot, the wifi sync and Intel SGX are still out-of-the-box features attracting business organizations.


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