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Is W3 Total cache the right cache plugin for your WordPress blog?   1 to 3 sec is what you get to impress your visitors. If your website takes more than this time to load then you will lose approximately 50% visitors. Because people are quite impatient. Also, WordPress websites obviously tend to load slower if you deploy a theme directly which is not customezied properly. If your page is slow in response then you will permanently lose some traffic. Who will never come back Looks like a big problem? But you have a solution for this problem. with W3 total cache plugin, you can easily reduce your loading time and speed up your WordPress website.   Why you need a cache plugin for WordPress? Cache is a temporary file storage which stores recently used data and can quickly accessed at a later time. Caching can save and display a ‘static’ version of your website content to visitors. A cache plugin can improve speed and performance of your website, Reduce website bandwidth consumption, reduce website loading time, improve SEO and search ranking. These are quite a good reason you should use a cache plugin for your W3 website.   What is W3 total cache? W3 Total cache is one of the most trusted, popular and well-known WordPress caching plugin launched in 2009. But it faced a huge improvement in 2019. W3 Total Cache shorts your data from previous requests and prevent re-downloading of the same data later. It also compresses various elements of website page and generate static files before they are sent to the browser. These reduce the overall page size and increasing the speed of WordPress. How W3 total cache work? W3 Total cache minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. It removes whitespaces of files and make them smaller. It caches database queries and speed up the website. In this way W3 total cache speed up your website.   Features- There are lots of great features of W3 Total cache. Some important features are- It is compatible with all kinds of hosting It accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support It supports mobile device It secures Socket Layer Support It minimized CSS, Javascript, and HTML cache Caching memories Caching Feeds Non-Blocking Javascript embedding Reverse Proxy integration via Nginx or Varnish It come with lots of extents such as AMP, Cloudflare, Google Feed Burner, New Relic, Swermify, Yoast SEO, WPML etc. It improves website speed 10x Easy to use with some simple clicks. It helps is page caching It allows on demand image loading It is compatible with web servers and stack. Reduced download time   How to setup W3 total cache? We are giving you step by step guide on how to set up W3 total cache in your website. First uninstall any other cache plugin you might have installed before. Otherwise, you can face activation problem. Go to your word press admin and search for W3 total cache in Add new section. Install and activate the plugin. After installation you will see another menu option to the Admin sidebar called Performance.   W3 cache plugin settings and configuration: We are providing some easy steps to follow for setting and configuration From the Performance menu button of your WordPress admin panel, you can go to the General Settings page. Here you can perform basic settings. Page cache should be enabled with Disk:Enhanced method. . Minify should be enabled and used as much as possible when combining css or js files. If any problem occurs then you need to restore it. if you are using CDN then you can leave Database Cache option disabled. Browser cache should be enabled. You should leave Reverse Proxy disabled. Check the under mentioned settings and save. Cache front page Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments Cache SSL (HTTPS) requests Cache 404 (not found) pages Don’t cache pages for logged in users Don’t cache pages for following user roles (only use this if you want to disable cache for specific roles)   How to Clear WordPress Cache? With W3 Total cache you can clean cache from WordPress is very easy. The steps are- Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to Performance and click Dashboard. Next click on the empty all caches button.   Pricing Basic features of W3 Total cache are completely free. Now W3 total cache have introduced a paid plan known as W3 Total Cache Pro. Here are features and pricing plan of W3 Total cache Features Annual Subscription Full Site Delivery via CDN Lazy Loading for Google Maps Fragment Caching WordPress Rest API Caching Eliminate Render Blocking CSS Extension Framework Genesis Framework by Studio Press Acceleration Purge Logs Ticket Support   $99   Support W3 support team is always there to answer your questions and help you to integrate with your word Press blog. They also offer premium support. Why choose W3 total Cache? W3 total cache comes with lots of benefits in a reasonable price. It increases page speed, improves SEO and search ranking, improves user experience, speed up overall site performance, optimize progressive render, improve conversion rate, reduce page loading speed, save bandwidth, comparable with all kinds of hosting etc. These reasons are good reasons to choose W3 total cache for a better website performance. If you want a website with good speed, less loading time, User Experience, better search ranking, good SEO benefits, option to scale your site and handle lots of traffic without crashing then our recommendation is W3 Total cache.

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