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WordPress helps you build a professional looking website for free customized to your taste and needs. However to make the site fully functional and attract more visitors, it must have fast performance. Lower loading time not only helps in retaining visitors, but also in climbing higher up the SEO Ranking. Swift Performance, as the name suggests, is an all-round WordPress plugin that lets you improve your sites’ performance substantially in just one-click. How it works? Swift Performance is comparatively a new comer among the WordPress caching plugins like WP Rocket, W3TC etc. but is different from them in its multi-functionality. It can single-handedly replace many speed-enhancing plugins from your site. Apart from fast and intelligent caching, which presents an instantly updated cached version to the users to minimize  the load time, Swift Performance is also equipped with several other powerful features such as image optimization, database optimization, Plugin organizer etc that adds to its performance improving skills. However, most of these features are absent in the Swift Performance Lite (free) version and available only in the Swift Performance Pro (Paid, starting at $29). A  Guide to get started with Swift Performance Step 1 Create an account in Swift Performance website and buy a subscription that suits your needs, choosing among the Lite version or three Pro versions. Step 2 Download Swift Performance plugin ZIP file and upload it on your WordPress site. Step 3 Activate Swift Performance set up wizard and first run Autoconfig to detect existing software, plugins and other settings and configure automatically. However, you can change the settings later if needed. Step 4 Optimize overall settings related to images, cache, Heartbeat control, Tweaks, CDN etc. from the Swift Dashboard.   Features: How is Swift Performance more than a caching plugin? Smart Caching Swift performance lets the user to customize rules to set which files to be cached. It also has an intelligent caching mechanism for AJAX requests and Dynamic pages. Image Optimization With Swift Performance you get an in-built image optimizer with which you can optimize unlimited images to your desired quality and settings and also generate WebP version for free. It also has the Lazyload feature which only loads the images which are needed  CSS and Javascript optimization Swift Performance efficiently minifies CSS and Javascript and hence decreases your site’s total size improving Web Vital scores and page load time. Font optimization Automatic or manual preloading of fonts and local hosting of any 3rd party fonts used on the page speed up the site further. WooCommerce support If yours is an e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce plugin, Swift Performance comes in handy for caching or disabling empty minicart, managing multi-currency shops and prebuild variations of products to make loading faster. CDN Support Swift performance provides advanced integration with Cloudflare and also allows configuring it according to our needs. Alternatively one can also use Proxy Caching to reduce TTFB (Time to First Byte) and avail Cloudflare CDN benefits. Google Analytics It is now easier to link Google Analytics to your site since Swift Performance hosts it locally thus increasing the speed of your site since extra DNS look-ups are not required. Heartbeat Control Swift Performance enables full control over heartbeat by letting you to change its frequency or completely disable them for specified pages. Database organizer You can now de-clutter your database by removing unwanted data like duplicate or spam comments and thus contribute to site’s enhanced speed. Plugin Organizer With this unique and powerful feature, you can disable the plugins that are not currently in use and activate them only when needed. This reduces the CSS/JS bloat on the pages which do not require these plugins and consequently speed up the website. Pricing: Lite Version: you can try out the Swift Performance Lite version which comes with Basic support, compatibility updates and only limited features. It does not include image optimizer or Whitelabel. Pro Version: You can otherwise opt for the Swift Performance Pro version, choosing one among the following three plans, to enjoy extended support, regular updates and unlimited features including API & Image Optimizer.     SINGLE MULTI DEVELOPER Price $39.99 /year $99.99 /year $199.99 /year Features 1 site Extended support Regular updates Unlimited features API & Image Optimizer   4 site Extended support Regular updates Unlimited features API & Image Optimizer   Unlimited sites Extended support Regular updates Unlimited features API & Image Optimizer                       All above plans come with a 14-day 100% money back guarantee. Pros: Why choose Swift Performance? The setup wizard makes Swift Performance easy to use even for those without prior coding experience. Compatible with all WordPress themes & plugins Integrated solution to performance issues and does not need any other cache or performance booster plugins. Built-in unlimited Image Optimizer with no additional cost. Our Final word Swift Performance is the newest yet most promising addition to the WordPress plugins. It is an all-in-one performance optimization tool and a one-stop solution to getting higher SEO rankings and lower load times. Even the Pro version is affordable and worth every penny, looking at the various features it provides.

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