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WP Super Cache - Best WP-Cache Plugin   Cache Plugins generate the HTML pages of a website and save them on the server. Whenever a visitor visits your website, it serves a lighter HTML page, which enhances the website's speed. WP Super Cache is one of the most popular plugins available on WordPress.    Background and Availability of WP Super Cache    This plugin generates the static Html files from your WordPress website or blog, then it serves the lighter HTML file to the visitor and saves loading time. The static Html files are available for: Those users who are not logged in. Users who don’t leave a comment on your blog Also, for the one who has not viewed your password-protected post. On WordPress, 99% of users are served with cached files, and one cached file can be served a thousand times. Cached files are served in 3 ways:  Expert - By using the fastest mode - mod_rewrite. Simple - By using PHP mode.  WP-Cache Caching - It is mainly for known users, by using URL with parameters.    What is the cost of WP Super Cache?   It is a free plugin available on WordPress. You can simply download and then install it from the plugin tab of the WordPress dashboard. You can take the help of the guide available on the website, to download and install the plugin successfully.    Installation and Setup of Super Cache Plugin   Step1. You can simply download the WP Super Cache Plugin, from the WordPress dashboard. For activation go to the Settings> WP Super Cache Plugin to set up the plugin.    Step 2. Select the “Caching On” option and click on update status. Click on the test cache to check if the plugin is working.   PHP vs mod_rewrite for Serving Cache Files Serving cached files can be done by two methods - PHP and mod_rewrite. PHP is the default method used by WP Super Cache to serve cached files, specifically for hosting events.   Moreover, if you have a shared host, try mod_rewrite. Go to the Advanced option in plugin settings, click on the option, “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files”.  Compression   It is not the default setting of WP Super Cache; you need to go to the advanced tab to select the compression option. For a quick response, select the “Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors”.    CDN Support Settings   Super Cache Plugin works great with the CDN. Click on the CDN tab under plugin settings, and add your CDN URL to it.  CDN permits you to serve content like images, JAVA script from different servers all over the world, which reduces your page load time. Therefore, it boosts up your website content and serving speed rapidly.    Preloading   It caches every post published on your WordPress page and sometimes caches the whole site if there are too many published posts. Go to the “Preload” tab in the plugin settings and activate it to improve your websites’ Google ranking. Also, disable garbage collection, so that older cache files won’t get deleted.    Why use WP Super Cache Plugin?   There are numerous advantages of using the caching plugin for your websites: like better optimization and user-friendly. Check out the few advantages below: Reduces Load on Server - Cache plugins save an Html file of your content, to serve the visitor, without disturbing the heavy servers.  Performance Optimization - Primary function of WP Super Cache is to create an Html copy of the dynamic pages. So, when the request is made by the visitors, the results will be shown in no time. Overall, it reduces page load time and fulfills user requests quickly.  Improves User Experience - Well, it takes time and effort to enhance the user experience but, by installing a cache plugin, you can do it quickly. It will boost your website speed and reduce the usage of original servers.  Content Delivery Network - WP Super Cache Plugins have the CDN integration that fetches your content by using nearby servers. This way your website or blog serves the requested content to the user in less time. SEO Visibility - The website visibility on SEO increases; as the loading time reduces. The high speed and low loading times automatically enhance SEO. However, all the features of cache plugins are designed to boost up the ranking and visibility of your website on the search engine. Check here for SEO services to improve your Website SERP's Verdict   Hence, WP Super Cache is the best and efficient cache plugin for your WordPress site. It might have a complex setup and technical language, but the plugin is worth trying for your WordPress account. Overall, it enhances the user experience and reduces the load time of your WordPress website, by serving light cached Html files. The best part is, you can install it for free from your WordPress dashboard. If you are looking for a kickass plugin to improve the optimization and to provide a better user experience, install WP Super Cache today.   

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