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Best VPN Services for Mobile in India


Almost everyone that owns a smartphone uses the internet on their phones. But the bitter truth is that using the internet is not as secure and safe, as most of us think it is. But thanks to the groundbreaking invention of VPN, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet browsing safely on your phone. 

For starters, VPN is a service that is used to establish a secure connection over the internet and access the content that is prohibited over a certain geographical area. If you browse the internet without using a proper VPN, the chances of your data falling into wrong hands are very high. The data can be your personal information, bank details, and your internet browsing details.

There are numerous VPN companies out there in the market and only a few of them can be recommended as reliable. VPN is a kind of service that if you fail to choose a trusted VPN, your VPN provider itself will end up selling your data. Therefore always choose a VPN that has a high reputation for being safe and reliable. We help you choose the best and trusted VPN provider especially come with support for mobiles:


Starts from

$6.67 per month

  • Best-in-Class Mobile VPN Service
  • Provides Strong Data Protection
  • Ultra-Fast Servers in 94 Countries & 160 Locations
  • 24/7 Customer Support Available

Starts from

$6.49 price/mo

  • User-friendly apps for all of your devices
  • Secure your internet connection with IPVanish free VPN app for Android
  • Zero Logs
  • OpenVPN Scramble

Starts from

$3.66 per year

  • Best VPN's for Mobile Devices
  • Provides Industry Leading Speed, Security & Performance
  • Easy-to-Use Apps for Every Device
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections

Starts from

$3.75 price/mo

  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Unlimited High-speed Bandwidth
  • Apps for All Devices
  • 70+ Global Server Locations

Starts from

£5.83 per month

  • Best VPN's for Mobile device
  • 48 hrs Free trail VPN
  • Support any Mobile Device
  • Free Technical support

How to choose the best VPN for Mobile Phones?

Even if you are choosing PVN for phones, there are still a lot of options to choose from. And to choose a single VPN, you must pay attention to some factors. These are little details that can make big differences in the user experience. Once you have made sure that the VPN provider you choose supports its service on mobile devices, look for the one that offers a dedicated VPN app for mobile. This mobile app makes everything easier. You can establish a VPN connection in just a matter of a single click.
And, make sure that the app provided is easy to use and this can save a lot of your time. A user-friendly app must be one of your top priorities when choosing a VPN for mobile. The next factor must be the customizability within the app. If you are an experienced user, you might like to tweak some configurations.
Like it is with VPN’s for PCs, it’s always good to have a kill switch that comes extremely handy at times. And other factors that you must consider is high security. Security is the main reason for using a VPN service and you must make sure that the mobile app that you will be provided is extremely safe. If you choose an app that has security loopholes, not only your web surfing information will be at risk, but your data on the phone also can fall into wrong hands.

Top Mobile VPN Explained:

  1. Express VPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. SaferVPN
  4. VyprVPN
  5. TigerVPN


1. Express VPN

Express VPN has been ruling the VPN industry for quite a long time and it is the undisputed king of the VPN industry. Express VPN passes the security and performance tests with flying colors and the name Express VPN is fully justified. Express is the leading VPN due to several advanced features and the reliability that comes with its name is unmatched.

Highlights of Express VPN

  • Most famous VPN provider in the world
  • One of the fastest VPNs in the market
  • Next level protection with 256-bit AES protection
  • Premium range of VPN services
As security is one of the most decisive factors while choosing VPNs, Express VPN leaves no stones unturned to make sure that you are offered the highest level of protection. Express VPN comes with 256-bit AES protection. This makes sure that you are connected to the internet in a safe and secure environment. Your browsing details, personal information, and the private data is always safe with Express VPN. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is famously known as military-grade or bulletproof protection by experts.
AS far as server locations are concerned, the network of Express VPN is spread across 94 countries and 160 server locations with 3000+ servers. A single subscription to Express VPN can be accessed across a wide variety of devices running on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and more. As Express VPN supports 5 simultaneous connections, you can connect all these types of devices at once. But if you install the Express VPN app on your router, you can connect unlimited devices simultaneously. This is most suitable in large organizations.
As far as the pricing is concerned, Express VPN offers a premium range of products and their service is highly bankable. You can get their service at a starting price of INR 636/mo. when billed annually. Though the pricing is on the higher side, if you want unmatched security and want to make the most the VPN connections, there is no other VPN that betters Express VPN. Express VPN offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee with its plans, adding more to its credibility.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is an American VPN company that has left a mark in the global VPN industry and has been offering top-notch VPN service to people all over the globe for more than 8 years. Just like Express VPN, IPVanish also comes with industry-best security, made possible by the 256-bit AES encryption. But when it comes to the number of simultaneous connections supported, IPVanish trumps all other VPNs hands down. IPVanish supports 10 simultaneous connections, which is double the industry standard of 5 connections.

IPVanish Highlights:

  • High value for money
  • Highly secure connections
  • Industry-best 10 simultaneous connections
  • No-logs policy.
  • Customer support needs improvement.
IPVanish can be used across platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and streaming devices. And what stands out is the mobile app that has a very neat and clutter-free interface. This mobile app is very easy to use, just like the PC version. And if you want to have things your way, you can choose from a different variety of security protocols. In short, this app is the most ideal for both beginners and expert users. Another standout feature is the automatic connection option that you get with the app. There are chances that you forget to activate the VPN before connecting to the internet, which is not safe. To avoid this, IPVanish comes with an option that activates the VPN automatically. 
IPVanish is one of the most trusted VPNs and it comes with the no-log policy. With this policy, you are ensured that no information about your activity over the internet or your connection data is stored while you are using the internet with IPVanish VPN activated. IPVanish has its servers located in more than 75 locations and has over 1400 servers all over the world. 
If you want to get more value for the money you spend, make sure you opt for the annual plan where you should pay just 6.49/mo. instead of $10/mo., if you opt to bill monthly. You can get the customer support anytime you want, round the clock, throughout the week. 30-days moneyback guarantee makes this deal more bankable.

3. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is one of the simplest VPNs, yet a very powerful one. SaferVPN comes with support for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox. You can download their app on your phone and in just a matter of a single click, you will be able to browse the internet in an ultra-secure environment. You can bypass any restrictions put up in your geographical area and enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

Highlights of SaferVPN

  • High rated customer support team
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with 256-bit encryption
  • 100% in-house server management
SaferVPN has over 1300 servers located in 50+ different locations. And you can switch between any servers you want as there are no restrictions on server switching. The VPN connection offer by SaferVPN is highly secure, thanks to the 256-bit encryption and it is ultra-fast too. You will face no issues when it comes to performance and can browse the internet seamlessly.
The customer support team at SaferVPN is lauded by many of their customers and they serve all their customers in a very prompt and easy to follow manner. The users have SaferVPN very reliable when they are traveling to different counties and the high ratings received by it are the result of the efforts put by the team at SaferVPN. The mobile app that comes with SaferVPN is extremely easy to use and takes the user experience to a whole new level. You can choose to activate the VPN automatically or activate it manually on the click of a button. The presence of a kill switch button is very helpful in cases where you want to deactivate the VPN.
If you are opting to buy the SaferVPN service monthly, it will cost you $12.95/mo., which is very high. But the most ideal is the 3-year package that is priced at $2.5/mo. You can save more than 81% with this plan. And the 1-year plan costs $5.49/mo., which almost half of what you would have to pay if you choose the monthly plan. SaferVPN plans come with a 30-days moneyback guarantee so that you can take some time to decide if the service offered by SaferVPN is satisfactory.

4. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is one of the old horses in the race and has constantly proven itself as one of the most reliable VPN providers. Introduced back in 2009, VyprVPN has evolved a lot and has stood the test of time. You get full control over your internet connection with VyprVPN. It is one of the best all-round VPNs that gives you full privacy, freedom, and all that with attractive pricing. VyprVPN offers its app for all type of devices, including Android and iOS

Highlights of VyprVPN:

  • One of the most experienced VPNs
  • Connect up to 5 devices at a time
  • Comes with easy to use app
  • Provides highly secure browsing environment
VyprVPN comes with support for Chameleon Protocol that lets you access restricted and censored content, websites, apps, or streaming services over the internet. The mobile app offered VyprVPN can be extremely handy if you travel often without carrying your laptop everywhere you go. VyprVPN is an all-round VPN that acts as a one-stop solution for different types of needs.
It is not the best when it comes to performance but scores high in security tests.
VyprVPN has more than 700 servers, spread across the world, and has about 200000 IP addresses. It is powered by top-of-the-line hardware and their service is backed by an expert customer support team that is very eager to help you whenever you need them.
VyprVPN has priced its packages very aggressively, despite being one of the most prominent VPN providers in the industry. You can get a premium VPN at $2.50/mo. if you opt to buy it for 2 years at once. The one year package will cost you $3.75/mo. We would recommend the 2-year package and then the 1-year package as the 1-month plan costs you $12.95/mo. All the plans come with 30 days moneyback guarantee.

5. TigerVPN


TigerVPN is a feature-packed VPN that claims to stand out of the crowd of different VPNs with its stellar features. Just like most of the leading VPNs, TigerVPN also comes with a no-logging feature that ensures the safety of your browsing history over the internet. TigerVPN makes it crystal clear that it does not store any of your activity logs anywhere. What adds more to the security quotient of TigerVPN is the meshed IP addresses that give you an extra layer of protection.

Highlights of TIgerVPN

  • Packed with advanced features.
  • Supports cryptocurrencies
  • Comes with no-log policy
  • Offers meshed IPs for enhanced security
When you are connected to the internet via Tiger VPN, the NAT firewall acts as a shield between you and other users using a VPN. And to make sure the highest security is provided, TigerVPN comes with the best data encryption available in the market. The hardware is regularly monitored to avoid any trespassers accessing user data. The app available for mobile phones is very user-friendly and can be used easily by anyone without technical knowledge.
TigerVPN has its servers spread across 42 counties and is the numbers are growing significantly. At present, they have 300+ servers worldwide and this will go up along with time. If you buy the 3-year package, it will cost you $2.75/mo. and the yearly package is priced at $6.67/mo. The monthly plan is priced at $11.99/mo. Here, it is evident that choosing the 3-year package makes the most sense. The moneyback guarantee lasts only 7 days, which is average considering the average money-back guarantee of 30 days.


The main purpose of using a VPN mobile app is its mobility and ease of use. All the VPNs we have listed above come with user-friendly mobile apps and each VPN has its USP. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get the industry-best VPN services, Express VPN undoubtedly takes the top spot. And every single penny you spend is justified by the kind of service it offers. If you want a VPN just for regular usage, you can VyprVPN or any other VPN from our recommendations.



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