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Best Social Media Management Tools February 2024 


More than ever, social media marketing has become one of the go-to digital marketing platforms for many companies and businesses. And just like other marketing techniques, social media marketing also involves several techniques and methods.

And the options you can choose from are also increased with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter being the target platforms of most of the marketers. And when you have multiple social media platforms as a part of your online marketing strategy, managing them together can be a hard pill to swallow.

But the use of specialized social media management tools can ease your social media marketing and managing tasks. You can save a lot of time and energy with the help of these tools. And most importantly, these tools make your social media management process more effective.

Starts from

1260.00 price/mo

  • Best tools fo Managing your Social Media Activities
  • Unlimited scheduling, Bulk scheduling etc
  • Campaign management like Planning, Reporting
  • Monitoring & Engaging on messages, posts,

Starts from

$17.00 price/mo

  • Best for content planning & social media management
  • Connect multiple social profiles at one place
  • Chat + Email Support provided
  • Pause Content / Calendar / Monthly View features

Starts from

$249.00 per month

  • Essential Social Media Management tools
  • Manage 5 social profiles & All-in-one social inbox
  • Publishing, scheduling, draft and queue posts
  • Monitor Profiles, keywords and locations

Starts from

$40.00 per month

  • Best Social Media Management Software
  • social mentions monitoring & people interacting
  • social engagements tracking, and schedule social posts
  • Allows Social campaigns monitoring at once place

Starts from

600.00 price/mo

  • Manage your Social media accounts at one place
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram management
  • Publish and Scheduling of posts, Repeat Posts, SmartQ included
  • Reports summary, published post statistics, Bitly integration

Starts from

$25.00 price/mo

  • Manage Social Media Presence of your Brand
  • Connect multiple Social Accounts at one place
  • Create outstanding social media posts & ads
  • Interact & communicate with your social audience

Starts from

$7.50 price/mo

  • Best Instagram marketing platform
  • Social Set of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest profiles to manage
  • Upload & Shared unlimited number of photos & videos
  • Instagram Analytics, Stories Scheduling & Hashtag Suggestions

Starts from

$12.00 price/mo

  • Social media tools for authentic engagement
  • Plan, collaborate, and publish thumb-stopping content
  • Analyze social media performance and create gorgeous reports
  • 8 social channels

Starts from

$13.99 price/mo

  • All-In-One Social Media Scheduling Tool
  • 4 Social Profiles
  • 10 Posts/profile/day
  • 10 Content Categories

Starts from

$299.00 price/mo

  • Easy & effective social media platform
  • Create Short stories
  • Generate Referrals and Leads
  • Manage your reputaion

Top Social Media Management Tools:


If you need a complete suite of solutions for all your social media management needs, Hootsuite is the best tool you can get your hands on. It is one of the best social media tools we have used and it has always exceeded our expectations with its stellar performance.

With this tool, you can manage your posting schedules across multiple accounts across social media platforms. You also get an analytics feature to track and measure the performance of your recent posts and based on this, you can plan your upcoming social media marketing strategy. This is an excellent tool for teams to who work in tandem and you can of course expect a better result if you can bring efficiency in the way your marketing team works.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is perhaps an old horse in the race and has proven its worth time and time again. It is one of the best social media posting tools you can use. This is the best tool you can get your hands on if you are managing social media accounts on multiple platforms. You can manage everything from a single dashboard and you will never be too late on posting the required content to your social media handles.
This tool comes with powerful analytics capabilities which gives you accurate reports of the performance of your posts. You can see which content is working and which is not for your audience and based on these You can use rethink your strategy.  


HubSpot is another popular social media management tool that lets you easily manage multiple profiles across multiple platforms. This tool is one of the best tools for those who do not want to waste a lot of time on posting things, rather would spend it in forming reformative strategies that pay off. You can easily post content to your social media handles without wasting any time and energy with HubSpot social media management tools.

HubSpot offers these tools as a part of HubSpot Marketing Hub, which includes an array of other marketing tools, using which you can do a lot more than just posting content to your social media handles. You can monitor mentions, know the level of engagement from reports. This tool can actually help you in translating these numbers into business metrics and get more sales.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is yet another all-in-one social media management tool that offers a wide range of options for marketers who run social media marketing campaigns on different platforms. It is one of the best tools for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter management. This also scores high when it comes to automation too. You can feed updates once and Zoho can post it to different platforms by itself.

But when it comes to team features, Zoho Social stands next to none. It leaves behind the likes of Hootsuite and Sprout Social when it comes to offering features for members of a team to collaborate. So this is the tool we recommend for those marketing firms where people work in tandem as a team. This tool can help you make the most of your marketing team with reduced time and cost.


Now that we have introduced to our top two all-in-one social media management tools, it is time to bring up another popular social media tool which mostly deals as a social media calendar. With this tool, you can plan your social media activities well in advance and make sure everything goes according to your social media strategy.

ContentCal is a very simple tool but it is also very powerful. You can use this tool for Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYou can seamlessly work with your teammates with this tool and even can see what they have posted on behalf of their clients.


When you are dealing with social media management, creativity is one of the most important qualities it takes to run successful social media campaigns. But there can be times when creatives juices are not enough to help you create attractive and catchy posts. At the times when you run out of ideas, you can turn towards Loomly.

Loomly is a social media management tool that helps you come up with post ideas. It can suggest and recommend the trending hashtags, upcoming or on-going events, social media trends, and more. You can capture a wider audience with this tool and make sure your social media handles are full of attractive content that can make your audience show more interest in your post and eventually you can convert them into customers.


Later is the tool you need if you do not want to miss out on posting your posts at the most optimal time. It is the tool that lets you schedule your posts to different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. You can only schedule the post of images and other visual content with this tool. 

But what makes it a tool worth considering is the free version on offer. You can schedule your posts with this free plan which is the best option for small businesses who are just getting started and cannot invest a lot on social media marketing.

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