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Best SEO Tools May 2024 


Want to rank higher in SERP and get more visitors to your website or online business? All you need to do is up to your SEO game. But mastering SEO if you are a beginner can be a pill hard to swallow. Even for experts, optimizing a website manually can be very tedious and time-consuming. That is where the SEO tools come in to play.

So the question arises here is, what are the Best SEO Tools? We have got the answer to this. We have listed the best SEO tools for beginners and experts. While there are tools that you can use for free, to get advanced and sophisticated features, we recommend going for the premium tools if you want to have a boost in the SEO performance of your website.

Starts from

$99.95 price/mo

  • Complete SEO toolkit for your website
  • Includes 40+ Advanced tools to boost marketing
  • Get SEO Audit, Track daily rankings
  • Competitor backlink analysis and SEO Stratergies

Starts from

$99.00 per month

  • All-in-one SEO toolset for your website
  • Track upto 10000 keywords
  • Site Audit like crawl status, Data retention
  • Competitor Analysis like Backlink, Keywords explorer

Starts from

0.00 price/mo

  • Best tool for website owners to boost SERPs
  • Track websites ranking position, CTR and impressions
  • Get the list of keywords your site is ranking
  • Allows to submit sitemap directly to Google and get it crawled

Starts from

$29.90 price/mo

  • Best SEO tools for Keyword research, SERP Analysis,
  • Rank tracking, Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword lookups & Suggestion finder
  • 10 days Free trial- no credit card required

Starts from

$297.00 per year

  • Best Keyword Research tool to boost website SEO Traffic
  • Stay on top of your rankings with Rank Tracker
  • Double your Website Traffic & scale your site and 2x your traffic
  • FREE Registration Bonus: FREE "Quick Guide To Outsourcing Content"

Starts from

$69.00 price/mo

  • Best All in one SEO Platform
  • Best for SEO -individuals, freelancers, and SMB
  • 20+ tools for SEO, SEM, PPC projects
  • Includes Rank tracking, Keyword research, Website analysis

Starts from

$299.00 per year

  • Best SEO platform and tool
  • Local & Global SEO
  • Profound Keyword Research
  • In-depth Competition Analysis


Best All-in-one SEO Tools

1. Google Search Console:

If you are looking for the best SEO tool for free, Google Search Console is our top recommendation. Formerly known as Webmaster tools, this has been one of the go-to SEO tools for digital marketers. This tool can do a little bit of everything, which means you only need one tool for all basic SEO optimizations.

This tool helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s appearance on the search engine. Using this tool, you can resolve the issues that might hinder your website's SEO ranking.

2. SEMRush:

SEMRush is a comprehensive solution for those who want to make sure their website is fully optimized, making it rank higher in the search engine result page. This is one of the best marketing tools. Using this tool, you can easily analyze your ranking and make necessary changes. 

What we like the most about this tool is that you can do domain vs domain comparison. With this, you can easily compare your website to your competitors' websites that perform well and adapt some of their techniques.


Best Backlink Checker Tools

3. Ahref’s Backlink Checker:

While Ahref offers a complete suite of SEO tools, we especially recommend its Backlink Checker too. It is one of the most powerful backlink checkers and is the second most active web crawler, just after Google. Just to make you understand how widespread the use of

Ahref’s Backlink checker is, more than 7.46 trillion web pages are crawled each day.

You can see page level and domain level metrics for any target website or web page. You can see the number of referring domains, number of backlinks, domain rating, and by evaluating different metrics, it gives a rank called Ahrefs Rank. Better the rank, the more SEO-friendly the target URL is.

4. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a dedicated backlink checker that we have tried and tested, and so far, it has not disappointed us. You can get the backlinks with filters such as nofollow, deleted, new, and lost. 

But one specific feature that we love about LinkMiner is where you can favorite certain backlinks. Through this, you can easily shortlist the backlinks of your competitors and target those backlinks.


Best Web Crawler Tools for SEO

5. SEO Spider

SEO Spider is the best web crawler tool we have got our hands-on. Introduced way back in 2010, the SEO Spider tool has just got better with time, and now it is one of the best SEO tools for web crawling. What this tool basically does is, it crawls any URL it is fed and crawls it, checking for the broken URL’s. For starters, ‘Error 404 Page Not Found’ or a broken link on your website can affect the SEO ranking of your website very badly.

While SEO Spider has a free version on offer, you get very limited features. The free version is the best free SEO Bit if you opt for the premium version, it is one of the best paid SEO tools you can use to make your website SEO-friendly. The premium version is priced at $192.40 per year.

6. Deep Crawl

Deep Crawl is a cloud-based web crawling tool that can be a perfect alternative to SEO Spider. What makes this tool special is the ease at which you can understand the technical issues in your website and the ease at which you can resolve those errors. You can monitor multiple domains with this tool.

You can also customize the dashboard according to your liking and you can get a view of ranking, traffic, and summary data of your website and analyze the performance of your website. If you want a tool that helps you improve the SEO performance of your website very easily in the shortest time possible, you must have Deep Crawl in your arsenal.


Best Keyword Research Tools

7. Answer The Public

Keywords can play a vital role in boosting the organic traffic growth of any website. A key difference between a website that has lots of traffic and a one that does not, is the use of keywords. If you use the Answer the Public tool for keyword researching, you will only need to put very little time to find the keywords that are actually being searched for by the people. 

This keyword research tool gives you the keywords which are most used by the public. You can then use these keywords in your pages, posts, headings, or content and you are guaranteed to see a significant boost in the traffic growth of your website.

8. LongTailPro

If you want to smarten your keyword research techniques, look no further LongTailPro. While long-tail keywords are getting very popular with each passing day, even search engines are favoring them. And your best solution to have the most used long-tail keywords in your content is LongTailPro. It is a premium tool with the pricing set to $47 per year. You can give it a go with the 7-days free trial.

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