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About RoboForm

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RoboForm offers the following Services and Plans:
Personal Plans : 0.00 - $3.98/mo
Business Plan : $3.35/mo

Personal Plans Review

Personal Plans

  • Unlimited logins
  • Fills forms
  • Password audit
  • Password generator
  • Access on all devices
  • Account data backup
  • Share logins securely
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • 5 Everywhere accounts
  • Access on all devices
  • Account data backup
  • Share logins securely
  • Premium 24/7 support
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Business Plan Review

Business Plan

  • Easy user onboarding
  • Centralized management
  • Active Directory integration
  • Role based permissions
  • Full separation of business and personal passwords
  • Unlimited sharing groups
  • Security policy deployment
  • Detailed reporting
  • Pay as you go - No contracts
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RoboForm Key Features: What makes RoboForm Best?

Best Password Protection Manager

Capture passwords while you browse

Anytime, anywhere access

Keep your passwords in sync

Protect Your Passwords and Offline access

Generate strong, unique passwords

Strong encryption

Multi-Factor Authentication

24/7/365 priority customer support

RoboForm Review: Now feel free to forget your passwords forever…!!!


Does anyone really need a password manager?


No, not if all you have is an Email and FaceBook account password to remember. But I bet most of you landed on this page from a Google search ‘How to keep my passwords safe?” Today our entire life is on the internet –both Personal and Professional. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that you might have sleepless nights worrying about the security of these data but not anymore.

Password managing software like RoboForm do not just remember all your passwords for you but also acts as a double lock for these accounts ensuring no one can intrude your online privacy that easily. 


RoboForm- A background check


RoboForm, first launched in the year 2000, is the Flagship product of an American company called Syber systems with its customers ranging from individuals to leading Fortune 500 companies. It is one of the earliest password managers that saves your usernames, passwords, credit card details, notes, contacts, bookmarks etc, so that every time you log in to a website or online checkout, it auto fills all the information in just a single click, thus saving you a lot of time and energy.

And the best part is you will not have to worry a tad bit about the security of these data since RoboForm comes with the most sophisticated security features that we will elaborate for you in the coming sections.


How does it work?


Though it all sounds complicated, managing your password with RoboForm is actually pretty simple and can be done in the following three steps:


Step 1 Create a RoboForm account

Install and setup RoboForm in your device and create an account using your email. Now set a ‘Master Password’ which is the only password you need to remember from now on and can get you access to all other accounts.


Step 2 Sync all your passwords

Now just enter all your usernames and passwords or even contacts and bookmarks that you need to keep safe either manually or import from your browser, CSV or from other password managers like Dashlane, 1Password, Zoho Vault, KeePass etc.



best password managers online



Step 3 and you are good to go…!!!

Next time you try to login anywhere, just go for auto fill option and save your precious time.


How RoboForm takes care of data security?


RoboForm is rich with top-notch security features especially since you trust literally all your data with it.  The most striking security features we found worth mentioning are:


256-bit AES encryption

RoboForm gives military level security to your data with end-to-end 256 bit AES encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 meaning that your passwords can be decrypted only by your device in case of a serious security breach.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This feature (available only in the paid version) takes security to the next level with a second verification using third-party apps such as Google authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator etc or a Biometric verification such as Fingerprint or face scanning, in addition to the Master password. 


Security Center

It is RoboForm’s Password auditing tool that analyzes each of the passwords saved in the vault and gives a score based on the number of reused passwords, duplicated logins and password strength using the most powerful algorithm called ‘zxcvbn’.


Other Notable Features:


Password Generator

So what next if your password scores are unsatisfactory? RoboForm lets you change weak passwords with its password generator that creates random, strong and unique passwords with just a click. It generates passwords automatically matching each website’s requirements of combinations of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters. 


Password Capturing

RoboForm even captures and saves passwords on the go while you are surfing the web without any prompts required.


Multiple platform Access

With the Everywhere and Family plans of RoboForm you can access all its data from multiple devices (mobile, desktop etc.) or accounts belonging to different people.


Emergency Access

Imagine even after all these efforts of securing your stuff, the worst nightmare comes true. Somehow you lose your device or the Master password and are locked out of all your accounts.

Do not panic since RoboForm has foreseen that situation as well with its Emergency access feature where you preset a trustable person’s email as an emergency contact and they can access your data and download as .CSV file on your behalf after a particular waiting time period (immediate to 30 days).

Then you can re-install RoboForm with a new password and upload the CSV file again. In case you change your mind, you can even revoke the permission anytime.


Application Password

RoboForm also automatically saves passwords for applications on desktop or mobile devices so that you not only save time but also protect passwords from anyone who could be snooping around your screen.


Secure sharing

As we already mentioned RoboForm is specially designed keeping businesses in mind and thus lets you ‘Share’ all login details, contacts, notes, bookmarks etc. in your vault with your team or family without any security concerns. Every time you change any of this information they get automatically synced for your team as well.

Alternately, you can choose to ‘Send’ your passwords if you want them to have the data but not an access to any future modifications. RoboForm also lets you set three types of permissions while sharing, namely, Login Only, Read & Write and Full Control.


Auto Form-filling

RoboForm is the best in the market when it comes to auto form-filling. You have an option to choose from 7 different form templates called ‘identities’ such as personal, business, passport, credit cards etc. where you can fill details accordingly.  Each time you have to fill out a lengthy form, select the template from browser extension and click on auto-fill and all the fields get filled automatically within fraction of seconds.



RoboForm’s Help center covers almost every issue you might face in its articles. Furthermore, it offers 24x7x365 days priority customer support for Everywhere users and also Live Chat from Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm EST). 


RoboForm for Business

RoboForm has an exclusive tailor-made version for Business with a Centralized Management system and a fully-functional and secure Password manager. All you have to do is create a Business account and buy as many numbers of licenses required and assign a license to each employee.

You can easily customize access and usage rights for individual users as well as groups. RoboForm Business comes with many more additional features absent in RoboForm Everywhere such as Centralized policy deployment, Role-based access permissions, additional two-factor authentication, advanced reporting and Dedicated tech support.


Pricing: Why is RoboForm the most cost-effective Password manager?


RoboForm comes in three price packages as follows:


Free: Basic features like unlimited logins, form filling, password generation and auditing

Everywhere ($1.99/month): gives access on all devices with secure sharing and premium 24/7 support.

Family ($3.98/month): Up to 5 Everywhere accounts with all premium features.


RoboForm Business comes in different pricing plans depending on the number of licenses bought. For more than 1000 licenses they even offer custom plans.


What do we think overall?


RoboForm is an excellent free password manager as well as the paid plans are at cheapest cost available. It surely lacks some advanced features like breach monitoring, encrypted storage, one-click password changer etc. when compared to its competitors like Dashlane or Keeper, the other security features are a steal at this price.

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