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Hostbillo is one of the renowned and Ultimate Web Hosting, best for small to large organizations.  It has been offering various web hosting solutions to business persons and customers who are willing to host and run their online business.    This Surat Based Company was founded in 2010, and now the user's ratio crosses more than 29million globally. The hosting firm challenges that more than 10000 new users sign up every day on the services' of Hostbillo.    Hostbillo always looks further for providing the upgraded and enterprise level services of the latest versions. Let's figure out why Hostbillo is the number one web hosting choice of millions of webmasters worldwide.    Web Hosting Solutions At Hostbillo   With in-depth analysis, we found that Hostbillo offers a wide range of reliable and flexible services ranging from shared hosting to VPS Hosting to Dedicated hosting to Reseller Hosting. When you get everything you need under the same roof, then why should one go anywhere else. Hence, this is one of the most important reasons they have such a great and excellent customer base.   Shared Server Hosting   Hostbillo Shared Hosting plans are cheaper than any other web hosting provider. Their Shared Hosting services basically start at just Rs. 110/mon and offer unlimited storage space, unlimited Bandwidth, secure and large MySQL database.    Their Shared Web Hosting plans are best for hosting small websites or for a blogging website. Unlike other shared hosting providers, Hostbillo offers the highest control panel access, round the clock server monitoring services, and support with the highest uptime.    With the Shared Server, Hostbillo offers a wide range of options for your website hosting. It means you get the flexibility to choose the best operating system for hosting your online business. You can host your website on a Linux Shared Web Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting. Apart from it, the shared environment provides you a user friendly platform to host your WordPress websites. You didn't need to care about server maintenance support. All you need to do is focus on your sales, and the rest part will handle your web host.   VPS Server Hosting   If you are thinking of hosting your mid-scale e-commerce websites, Hostbillo VPS Server is a good choice for you. With every VPS package, you get the complete intense and private resources for your website hosting, including the Dedicated IP address, high storage space(HDD/SDD), 1 Gbps Network, and secure DDoS protection. You never get the lowest price of VPS Server other than Hostbillo.    Also, you have the choice to select your choice of an operating system for your site hosting from Linux or Windows. Both come with a broad range of functionalities with a difference in their price value due to different control panels. With Windows VPS Hosting, you get the Plesk Control Panel, while with the Linux VPS Hosting, you can enjoy your hosting in a Linux Control Panel.    They provide different pricing plans for VPS hosting with high flexibility to pick the best and most suitable one for your website hosting.   Dedicated Server Hosting If you are planning to host your large scale websites such as E-commerce and online shopping portals websites, then no choice is better than a Dedicated Server. Hostbillo provides you the best and affordable dedicated plans with top-level and high level resources. With your entry-level dedicated plans, you get the most increased RAM up to 64GB DDR3, unlimited Bandwidth, highest backup plans, up to 1TB HDD storage, and much more.   Hostbillo Dedicated Server plans are affordable and provide you robust hardware tools and server accessibility to make server configurations. With such server accessibility, you are authorized to make any changes and modifications on your server. Also, the 24*7 server monitoring services and technical support help you constantly focus on your sales rather than on server maintenance. Hostbillo guarantees to offer you the highest uptime with dedicated plans to ensure your website sustains on the top and never faces downtime errors.   Reseller Hosting If you are willing to resell hosting, then no choice is well suitable for you than Reseller Hosting. It is best to host your website on reseller plans and resell them to other users and third-person who require it.  You can also choose to pick the best options among the different reseller hosts, such as  Windows Reseller Hosting, VPS Reseller Hosting, and WHMCS Reseller Hosting. With all packages, you will experience a different experience. Hostbillo allows you to buy the Reseller Hosting in bulk, whether Linux Reseller Hosting or Windows Reseller Hosting. You can buy them and modify them with your trademark and resell them to any other person who wants the web hosting. Hostbillo Reseller Hosting plans consist of state of the art web hosting services and features, including the highest RAM, Highest Storage space, Extensive bandwidth, and much more at an affordable price.  You can experience a user friendly and budget-friendly environment with a Dedicated Server. They are best in providing the highest support services,   Why Hostbillo for Website Hosting. Server Speed It is important how much time your website takes in loading. Without the highest website loading time, all other efforts of content management are not worthwhile. It doesn't matter how content-rich your website is. If your websites take too much time long to load, it is not useful. According to most of the Experts, the website should take 3 seconds to load. If it takes more than 3 seconds, then the user returns back from your website. Hostbillo Server is located in more than 25 countries in the different parts of Europe, Asia, India, US to provide seamless performance and constant server connection with 20X faster speed.  With Hostbillo server, you will experience the minimum response time and impressive search results.   User Friendliness Let's begin with the control panel that is user friendly. It is very easy to use and operate the server configurations through the control panel. It provides an easy to use friendly environment. Also, you can identify all the necessary tools and applications such as website Builder, File Manager, and Auto Installers, etc. on the dashboard of the control panel. Even one who has enough technical knowledge can easily buy the servers and set up their website. You didn't have to make it tricky to set up your own online business. Just follow the simple steps one by one to install WordPress on Hostbillo.   Click and Select the installed WordPress URL Click on the Create Account Create a WordPress Administrator account Add all details, including preferred language, website title, etc.   You can now install your site, and after the successful completion of the installation process, you can access your personal credentials.   Customer Support Web Host Support is an indication and showing loyalty towards its valuable customers. Hostbillo comes at the top in this section. However, there is no need to wait for so long for customer support, but you will also get excellent and blazing fast services for sure. With Hostbillo server's you can access the customer as well as technical support via a Live Chat, Skype, Whatsapp, Email, or direct call. Also, you can raise a ticket for instant support. They also provide an array of documentation resources, including troubleshooting services, 24*7 support, website building, and much more.   Highest Uptime No large organization wants to compromise with the uptime. It is the most crucial factor in website hosting and constant running on an extensive network. Hostbillo guaranteed provides 100% uptime with all the web hosting services. Uptime varies with the location, but Hostbillo help to enjoy the highest website uptime with their every hosting package. It ensures your website will never face downtime issues and technical errors. So you can enjoy the seamless performance, web page loading speed with the highest server speed, none other than the Hostbillo web hosting services.

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