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Fiverr Logo Designers features - 2022

Fiverr Logo Designers keyfeatures

  • 3D Logo Design
  • Minimalist Logo Design
  • Hand-Drawn Logo Design
  • Mascot Logo Design
  • Freestyle Logo Design
  • Vintage Logo Design
  • Signature Logo Design
  • Watercolor Logo Design
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Fiverr Logo Designers Overview

Fiverr Logo Designers Review: Does it give you the Best Quality at such Cheap prices?


Why do I need a Logo?


Shakespeare might say “What’s in a name?” But as an entrepreneur you know how important is the brand’s name in creating a unique identity among the customers. Equally important is the brand’s logo which catches the customers’ attention and instantly creates a place in their minds differentiating you from the others in the market.

But do you lack the aesthetics and creativity to design a unique logo for your brand? You may not even want to resort to the various ready-to-use design templates available for free since uniqueness is what you are looking for. Do not panic as this is where services like come to your rescue by letting you hire professional logo designers to design original, creative, minimalist and high quality logos that illustrate your brand the best, and all that at a cost that fits your pocket.


How does Fiverr Logo Designers work?


Fiverr is one of the largest communities of freelancers who can be hired for almost any digital services you want including graphic designing, copywriting, web programming, film editing etc. and all of these at a price as low as just $5 (hence, the name Fiverr).

Speaking of logo designing, it offers over 1000 services (called ‘Gigs’ in Fiverr lingo), which means that there definitely will be the one that fits your brand the best. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Graphics & Designs page on, and browse through various logo designing gigs listed there.
  • Clicking on each of them will take you to a page that gives you in-depth details such as their profile, styles, USP, delivery time, Price packages, user reviews and even their previous works so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Once you are happy with your choice of designer, just order the gig; communicate clearly about your requirements and pay.
  • You can even get faster delivery by paying a little extra.

So clearly Fiverr stand out from the other designing services that work on Contest Model such as 99designs or DesignCrowd.


How to get the Best Designs from Fiverr?


Unlike trusting a Logo designing company with your designing needs, you need to take the lead when you are working with Fiverr designers, and hence the lower prices. The service you get depends on how much involvement you can make during the designing process and how well and clearly you can translate your vision to words while communicating with designers. Thus we would like to help you with some pointers while working with Fiverr.

  1. Know your style well whether it is flat minimalist, 3D, Vintage, Modern, Luxury, Mascot, Typography etc. that best depicts your brand and keep your requirement in mind while browsing through the designers.
  2. Communicate the USP of your product with the designers to help them highlight it in the logo and make your brand stand out among the crowd.
  3. Share sample logos that you like to make sure you and your designers are on the same page.
  4. Let them know of your customer base to target them specifically. For example, if your product is an instant fast food, the logo must be especially appealing to kids and teenagers.
  5. Select the package based on where you want to use it. Some basic design packages just give you only HQ image files that you can use in your website or pamphlets. But in case you want to enhance your marketing through social media, then go for the package including the social media kit (FaceBook and Twitter cover page), or the stationary kit such as business cards or letter heads, or even get images rescaled to use it for your franchise like t-shirts, caps, mugs etc by choosing the appropriate package.
  6. Request the designers to deliver the logo in your required file format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, WEBP etc.).
  7. Make sure to get the source or vector files, so that you can make any edits to your logo in the future.




Though Fiverr claims to offer the cheapest services at $5, not everything is available at this price. Each designer can set their own prices based on their expertise and services offered, under the three tiers: Basic, Standard, Premium which differ in the following ways

  • Delivery time
  • Quality of logos (HQ, Ultra HD etc.)
  • Availability of source files or vector files
  • Stationary kit and social media kit files
  • No. of revisions allowed etc.

Hence the prices can range from $5 up to even more than $100 depending on the add-ons you need and the expertise of the designer you chose. Check for our Exclusive Fiverr logo designer coupons 


Our Final Thoughts has created a boom in the world of freelance digital services especially in graphic designing. Thus it is the best option to try out for branding your business with both a professional quality and a personal touch. More pros that give Fiverr an edge over the others are:

  • Affordable services of professional quality
  • Excellent Support including Knowledge base, ticket system and an active community forum
  • Ease of use from browsing through designers to receiving the products via email.
  • Full usage rights of designs.

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