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Zoho Inventory features - 2021

Zoho Inventory keyfeatures

  • Best Inventory management software for Indian businesses
  • Easy Manage orders. Track inventory. Handle GST billing.
  • Create e-invoices with Zoho Inventory
  • Free forever plan available
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Zoho Inventory Overview

Whether you own an e-commerce platform or wholesale, retail, small or medium sized online business, online Inventory Management software can be of huge help by assisting you right from the taking orders stage to the payment and dispatching stage. Though there are many such Logiwa, ShipHero, Unleashed, Shopventory etc. this article will tell you why Zoho Inventory has the potential to be one among your favorite picks to manage your business inventory.

What is Zoho Inventory?

Launched in 2015, Zoho Inventory became a part of the Zoho Office Suite created by Zoho Corporation, an Indian multinational technology company. It enables effortless inventory and stock management, multichannel selling, shipping integrations and order fulfillment for all types of online businesses. Zoho Inventory is also enriched with partnerships with shipping carrier giants across the world, as well as through seamless app integrations.

How to Get Started with Zoho Inventory?

You can set up a Zoho Inventory Account for your business in the following simple steps:
Step 1 Update Organizational Details or import them from Zoho Books by one click if you are an existing user.
Step 2 Set your preferences and price lists
Step 3 Configure your taxes and tax groups as you want to be computed in orders, invoices and bills
Step 4 Configure the currency you deal with
Step 5 Invite your team members by accessing user module from settings
Step 6 Personalize your orders, invoices and emails by adding customizable templates.
Step 7 Choose your integrations with third-party apps for online payment gateways, shipping channels, sales channels etc.
Step 8 Import all your existing data in .CSV or .TSV format.

Salient features

Order Management
Zoho Inventory manages all your orders for you by taking care of different aspects like managing sales and purchase orders, creating packages and shipments, sending delivery updates etc. all at one place.
Warehouse Management
Zoho Inventory houses one of the best online cloud based warehouse management application which enables you to manage multiple warehouses at different locations, track and control transfer of orders between your store and warehouses, dispatch of orders from the nearest warehouse and get an insight of inflow and outflow of goods to and from your different warehouses by generating accurate reports.
Inventory Management, Tracking and Control
Zoho Inventory has a powerful management and tracking system equipped with a centralized record system that efficiently stores your customer information and analyzes and sorts items into groups while the tracking feature lets you track shipments through multiple modes such as serial no. tracking, batch tracking, Shipment tracking etc.
Order Fulfillment
The Common Dashboard to view all your sales, automated packing slips and more than 40 shipping carrier integrations lets you gain your customer’s trust through quick and efficient order fulfillment.
Inventory Reports
This software creates real time sales and purchase reports to study sales trends or to identify the best selling item which uses FIFO tracking to valuate stocks and can be exported as CSV, XLS or PDF files.
Purchase Order Templates
You can customize your invoices, estimates, credit notes, payment receipts etc. with ready to use templates 


Zoho Inventory has numerous Add-Ons, Partnerships and Integrations under the following categories to make your experience effortless:
  • Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce etc.
  • Shopping Carts such as Zoho Commerce and Shopify
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software  like Crossfire cloud EDI, SPS Commerce and B2B Gateway
  • Shipment tracking such as AfterShip
  • Shipment carriers across the globe like FedEx, DHL Express, EasyShip, New Zealand Posts, Narco Delivery Services, LaserShip, Interlink express etc. 
  • Payment services like PayPal, RazorPay, WorldPay, 2Checkout etc. 
  • Productivity and collaboration software like Office365, Slack, Google apps Marketplace.
  • In-house app integrations like Zoho Analytics, Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Sign etc


Zoho Inventory has a 14-day trial period after which the user can choose among one of the following plans:
  • Free ($0/organization/month)

25 online and offline orders each/month, 50 shipment labels and shipment trackings each/month, 1 warehouse, 2 users and 5 automated workflows.
  • Basic ($39/month)

1500 online and offline orders each/month, 150 shipment labels and shipment trackings each/month, 2 warehouse, 10 users and 10 automated workflows.
  • Standard ($79/month)

10000 online and offline orders each/month, 1000 shipment labels and shipment trackings each/month, 5 warehouse, 15 users and 10 automated workflows with additional serial number tracking batch tracking
  • Professional ($199/month)

30,000 online and offline orders each/month, 3,000 shipment labels and shipment trackings each/month, 10 warehouse, 20 users and 10 automated workflows with additional serial number tracking and batch tracking 

Customer Support

Zoho Inventory offers efficient customer support through Help Documentation, FAQs, Forums, Blogs, Business Guides, Webinars and Emails. It also has a 24x5 telephone support and a live chat facility (9 am to 7 pm)


Zoho Inventory will definitely be a helping hand for your online business by giving you more time and workforce rather than managing your business. Its thoughtful and well-crafted features like, Warehouse management, inventory tracking and management, automated shipment slips, customized invoices, detailed analytics and reports, app integrations and prompt customer support makes it one of our top rated inventory management software.
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