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Pricing Range

  • INR 7999/Onetime - INR 1999/Onetime

  • INR 6499/Onetime - INR 12899/Onetime

  • INR 4699/Onetime/Onetime

  • INR 2799/Onetime - INR 2299/Onetime

Legalwiz Services & Key Features

  • Ahmedabad Base Company Registration service providers
  • All Types of Company, LLP, Private, OPC, Partnership company registration
  • Section 8 Company Registration Service Providers in India
  • Trademark Registration and Renewal Services
  • All GST related services, GST Registration, filling, e-way bill
  • Any type of legal drafting service providers
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Company Registration

Private Limited Company (PLC) LLP Registration One Person Company Registration Partnership Firm Registration Proprietorship Registration Register an Indian Subsidiary Section 8 Company Registration GST Registration
INR 7999/Onetime INR 8699/Onetime INR 6999/Onetime INR 3499/Onetime INR 2998/Onetime INR 39999/Onetime INR 16999/Onetime INR 1999/Onetime
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Trademark Registration Trademark Objection Trademark Opposition Trademark Assignment Trademark Renewal
INR 6499/Onetime INR 2950/Onetime INR 12000/Onetime INR 11359/Onetime INR 12899/Onetime
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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration
INR 4699/Onetime
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IEC Registration LUT MSME/SSI Registration
INR 2799/Onetime INR 2599/one time payment INR 2299/one time payment
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