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Jetpack Overview

Jetpack - Will it Secure your WordPress Website?


As everyone is aware of WordPress- an app where you can write any blog or your thoughts. And, when you use WordPress, you must always be concerned with how to host your WordPress, how to protect and keep your WordPress safe, how to build your web, and how to help you expand your site's traffic?

Hence, you need some tools that can do all this and can keep you away from your worries and can combine everything you need in one tool like- protect, speed up, and expand your site into a single package Just guess what, you get all of this function in the “Jetpack”.

So, first, let’s discuss what basically the Jetpack is?


What is Jetpack?


Jetpack is the most used and ultimate security WordPress Plugin. And, was developed by WordPress experts to make WordPress sites safer and quicker, as well as to help you to increase your traffic.

Jetpack is a Protecting, usability, marketing, and design software that offers you to have secure login and brute force attack security. It also increases the visitors with automated social media, linked content, web discovery, and customer management.


Let’s go through some of the important features of the Jetpack which makes it the most used WordPress Plugin.


Features of Jetpack


  1. Auto site security is available 24 hours a day.

Jetpack protects your site so you can focus on running your company or website. Jetpack Security is an easy-to-use, all-in-one WordPress web security solution that includes auto real-time backups and easy restores, ransomware detection, and spam defense. Free features include brute force security and downtime / uptime management.

Jetpack can back up your site in real-time and recover at every point with a single click. Backup storage is limitless. You can even easily replicate, copy, or relocate your site when you want to use a different host.


  1. Performance and Speed at the highest level

Jetpack, the premier WordPress plugin designed to harness the power of AMP, a technology that helps customize the site on mobile devices, offers lightning-fast site speed. Jetpack's free CDN (content distribution network) optimizes your pictures automatically. Keep an eye on how long it takes for the pages to load — Jetpack customize your photos and serve them from our own strong global network, as well as speed up your web on mobile devices to save bandwidth and resources!


  1. Successive Growth Tools

Create and configure your WordPress account, optimize it for tourists and sales, and then sit back and watch your stats grow. So just create it, share it, and then watch it rise.

It also advanced web data and metrics to help you better understand your target audience. You can simply add jetpack resources to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to automatically upload blog posts and goods to social media.

Increase traffic via Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and SEO apps. The XML sitemap was developed automatically.

The Jetpack ad network identifies high-quality advertisements for you and puts them on your site automatically.


  1. Tools for easy design

To configure jetpack you don’t require any code and it is quickly configured the site to make it stand out.

So just by choosing a simple theme you can get started and can make your site stand out. It Keeps users to your blog by automatically showcasing related material that they will find fascinating. And it has Tools for Image Galleries, Carousel Sliders, and Slideshows. It always makes it easy for the users to sign up for updates of the most recent posts and remarks.

You can generate an infinite number of contact forms for free without any coding and you will be notified by email for any answer and can also integrate with postal systems such as Creative Mail to easily meet the clients and leads. Try to Connect to Jetpack Anti-Spam to filter submissive messages.


  1. Applications

Jetpack is updated on a monthly basis to ensure smooth integration of the best WordPress plugins and other technological devices.

Jetpack creates an automatic backup, scan, anti-spam, and perfect integration for / eComm stores and is completely compliant with the official AMP plugin for WordPress (v2.0).


  1. Expert assistance

Jetpack provides expert Engineers, who are always there to lend a helping hand. So you can just post your inquiries in the help group or email them directly.


 Pricing Details:


The Jetpack installation is easy, fast, and basic. It can be assembled in a matter of minutes. But, if you want to upgrade then you have to pay for the package for gaining access to more robust services such as web protection and architecture and development software. The Monthly plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Check for ongoing Jetpac coupon codes & offers here

The following are the specifics of the subscription plans, as well as the features included in each package on the Jetpack.



Yearly Price

Monthly     price



   Backup Daily






Automated daily backups (off-site)

One-click restores

Unlimited site storage



Security Daily






All Backup Daily features

Scan (daily, automated)

Comment and form protection

Unlimited video hosting





All Security Daily features

Backup (real-time, off-site)

Scan (real-time, automated)

CRM: Entrepreneur bundle

Site Search: up to 100k records

Security Real-time



Rs. 3145

All Security Daily features

Backup Real-time (off-site)

Scan (real-time, automated)

Activity log: 1-year archive

Backup Real-time



Rs. 1500

Backup (real-time, off-site)

One-click restores

Unlimited site storage

Activity log: 1-year archive







Automated daily scanning

One-click fixes for most issues

Instant email notifications







Comment and form protection

Powered by Akismet

Block spam without CAPTCHAs

Advanced stats

Site Search






Instant search and indexing

Powerful filtering

Supports 29 languages

Spelling correction







Easily view leads and sales funnel

Create proposals and invoices

Track transactions

No contact limits


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