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Visme solves all your Design needs Are you facing the problem of handling marketing for your business? Are you worried about how will you manage to prepare presentations, social media infographics, graphs, charts, ad banners? For small business owns it is really difficult to work hard for business, handling marketing and presentation. For the success of your business, you need to work for your product or service, prepare a presentation for investors, create social media graphics, videos, and infographics for advertisement, etc. your life will be easy if you get all your design and creation needs in one place. Visme is your one-stop solution for all these design needs. Visme comes with a huge library of templates, stock images, and makes your work easier.   What is Visme? Visme is an online tool which allows you to create high-quality infographics and presentation without knowing much about Graphic design. It allows you to create and share engaging presentations, infographics, social media graphics, videos with only a few clicks.  Its simplicity, flexibility, and interactive features make it easy to create designs for non-designer people.   Visme is for whom? Visme is best for Bloggers, e-marketers, sales teams, marketing teams, small and medium businesses, nonprofit organizations, consultancies, agencies, educational organizations, etc. that need to handle all business-related works with less manpower.   What you can do with Visme? Visme comes with some unique features which help you to stand out from the competition. With Visme you can do a lot of things - Easily design infographics, presentations, and videos- you can easily use this tool to design your infographics. Here you can design with only dragging and dropping elements and create your design. The template, image, video, and icon library of Visme make your work easy by providing ready-to-use and customizable design elements. You don’t need to waste your time for searching free images, videos,or icons suitable for your business. Animate your design- Visme allows you to add animation to your presentation, graphics, and infographics. This will make your design more attractive and engaging for your audience. Create a template - Visme allows you to convert your design or project into a template for your future use or your team to use it as a standard design. Create a high-quality slide presentation- with Visme you can create an HD quality slide design to present your ideas to your team or investors. You can design your slides from scratch or use any readymade template for quick work. Graphs and charts- Visme turns your boring facts and numbers attractive with graphs and charts. Facts will be easily communicated with the audience with this visual presentation with graphs and charts. Make your documents visually appalling- you can make your reports, flyers, printable documentations visually appealing and interesting with Visme document templates. You can easily use your branding kit template to mark your business. Social media post and advertise copy design- with a wide range of templates and free images you can make your social media graphics and advertise banners and copies to promote your business. Nowadays social media plays a vital role in marketing products and services. Branding-Visme allows you to create a logo for your business and organization. Also, you can publish all your design maintaining your brand colours and with your logo. This will help you to market your brand and make your brand known to people. Publish with URL-  you can publish all your designs created in Visme by URL and anyone with that URL can visit the design.   Pricing and Plans: Visme has 4 types of plans. They offer a free version to their users with limited features. Visme premium pricing plans start with  $15 per month. They offer standard and business plans. they also offer a custom version.   Pros and cons Pros: Easy to use A huge number of templates Versatile Useful tools Drag and drop interphase Free image, videos, icon, and template library Well documentation and training Allows to embed youtube video in design   Cons- Collaboration issue with a guest account The free version is not much functional   Why should you choose Visme? Visme allows you to create engaging and interesting visual designs, infographics, presentations banners, etc with little or no designing knowledge. It provides you a huge number of free templates, animation effects, icons, and pictures to make your life easy at an affordable price. It also comes with the unique features of data analysis, publishing via URL, etc. In our view, these are quite good reasons to use Visme. We are really impressed with this web-based tool. For us, the added advantage is that you can test the tool with the free version before you make the discission of purchase.   Conclusion Infographics make your boring facts and numbers interesting and attract the attention of your audience and investors. Now we covered how you can make interesting infographics and boost your business with Visme. So why are you waiting? For more such interesting SAAS products, tools, web applications stay tuned with our site.

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