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Best VPN for Windows PC and Laptops in India


The search for reliable and fast VPN for Windows PCs and Laptops can be very tedious as there are plenty of VPNs in the market, most of them claim themselves to be the best. But not all claims can be trusted blindly. When it comes to VPNs, your personal information and internet activity is in the question and can be misused by unreliable VPN companies.

For starters who have very little knowledge about VPNs, VPN is a service that is used to establish a secure connection over the internet. A VPN not only safeguards your connection but also unblocks the geo-restricted content, hides internet activity, protects personals data.

If you think you can choose any VPN out there in the market, it must be noted that not all VPNs come with all the above-mentioned functionalities. A VPN may be good enough only for unblocking geo-restricted content, but not for protecting personal and browsing information. And in a crowded market of VPNs, choosing the wrong VPN can get you in serious trouble.

Hence, we have tested many VPN providers and after analyzing all the aspects that a VPN must-have to be the best VPN for Windows PCs and laptops, we have recommended the best VPNs' that we found are reliable and ultra-fast.


Starts from

$8.32 per month

  • ExpressVPN for all Windows desktop PCs and laptops
  • More VPN locations
  • Optimized for speed
  • Superior connection reliability

Starts from

953.09 price/mo

  • Surfshark VPN for PC
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Unlimited privacy

Starts from

$2.99 per month

  • Fastest VPN's for PC and Laptops
  • Secure & Private Access to the Internet
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Connection Speed, & Unlimited Bandwidth

Starts from

189.00 price/mo

  • Best VPN for Windows PC
  • Quick Connect
  • Download anything securely behind anonymous IP addresses
  • VPN servers optimized for streaming

Starts from

4.99 price/mo

  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • Multiple Ciphers AES128/AES256
  • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries

Starts from

$4.83 per month

  • Provides Secure Internet Connection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Compatible with Multiple Platforms
  • Premium 24/7 Technical Support

Starts from

£5.83 per month

  • Popular VPN's for PC and Laptops
  • VPN and Proxy Server Configured to all computers, tablets
  • Liberty Shield VPN Access to 8 Popular countries

How to Choose the Best VPN for Windows in India?

VPN providers offer their apps for different platforms and these apps work across a different range of products. But choosing a VPN for PC and laptops running on Windows can be a different experience than that of mobiles. As you are looking for a VPN in India for Windows, it must be noted that there are several security concerns related to this operating system. So make sure that the VPN you choose offers a windows app that is highly secure and supports all the security protocols. 
As far as security is concerned, make sure to read the privacy policies thoroughly. If you want to ensure total privacy, look for the VPNs that come with the no-log policy. No log policy ensures that no log of your activity over the internet is stored anywhere. 
You must also pay attention to the ease-of-use of the Windows app the VPN Company offers you. 
There are only a few VPN providers that provide apps that are both easy to use for beginners and highly customizable for expert users. We always recommend apps that are the best of both worlds. 
And the pricing of a VPN is also a factor that can make or break the deal. Not all VPNs are worth the price that they ask you to pay. And spending too much money on features that you never really use is also something that needs to be considered. We always recommend the VPNs that come off as a complete package at reasonable pricing. Yet there are premium VPN offerings that offer stellar service, justifying every single penny you spend.

Top VPN for Windows in India Explained:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. SurfShark
  3. NordVPN
  4. CyberGhost
  5. TorGuard

ExpressVPN - Best VPN in India for Windows

ExpressVPN is the premium VPN that covers all your VPN needs in a single package. ExpressVPN comes with unmatched performance, security, and customer support. There is no other VPN company that excels in all the concerns related to VPN, quite like Express VPN does. And for the type of service it offers, even the premium price tag seems to complete value for money. ExpressVPN trumps all other VPNs with its exceptional service.

ExpressVPN Pricing:

12 months: $8.32/mo.
6 months: $9.99/mo.
1 month:    $12.95/mo.
ExpressVPN has more than 3000+ servers located in 160 different locations. No matter where you go, ExpressVPN can help you easily unblock any geo-restrictions imposed over any website or streaming channels. With a single subscription to Express VPN, you can the VPN services over any platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Blackberry. And you can even connect all these devices at a time as Express VPN comes with support for 5 simultaneous connections.  
To make things easier, the windows app even comes with a Kill Switch. One thing that cannot be left out without mentioning is that you can activate a VPN without closing the current connection. The Windows app always also shows server recommendations that are most ideal and fastest for your location.
As far as pricing is concerned, the highly reliable VPN services from ExpressVPN is priced at $8.32/mo., if you opt to buy the yearly package. Buying the monthly package will cost you $12.95/mo. And the yearly package is the one that makes the most sense and spending $6.67/mo. can get you unmatched internet security and exceptional VPN services.

SurfShark VPN - Cheapest Windows VPN Provider

Following ExpressVPN very closely, in terms of popularity and reliability is SurfShark. SurfShark has proven itself as one of the most trust-worthy VPN companies in the market and is also one of the highest-rated by its customers and industry experts. But what separates SurfShark from ExpressVPN is the pricing. If you are ready to commit to SurfShark VPN for a longer period, you can get SurfShark VPN at throwaway prices. More about pricing later, let us introduce you to the feature set that is offered with SurfShark.

SurfShark Pricing:

24-months: $1.99/mo.
12-months: $5.99/mo.
1-month: $11.95/mo.
Do you want to connect to a server that is located on the other side of the world? Worried about slower connection speeds? If you are a SurfShark user, you will never have to worry about it as the connection speeds of SurfShark is just unparalleled. No matter which part of the world the server you choose is located, you will get exceptional connection speeds and uninterrupted browsing experience.
SurfShark scores high points when it comes to ease of use and user experience too. The windows client offered by SurfShark is extremely easy to use and using this app is a cakewalk for even a mere beginner. If you want more advanced features and if you like more customizability, then ExpressVPN must be your go-to choice as SurfShark has very little on offer for pro users.
AS mentioned, SurfShark comes with stellar pricing and it is the best cheap VPN you will ever find in the VPN market. Their 24-month package costs you less than 2 dollars per month and is priced at $1.99/mo. The 12-month package is priced at $5.99/mo., whereas you will need to pay $11.95/mo. if you opt for a monthly package.


NordVPN is one such VPN company that focuses mainly on offering tight security to Windows users. If you are using a PC or a laptop running on Windows OS, NordVPN is one of the best options out there in the market. Featuring regularly in the ‘Best of’ lists, NordVPN has got lots of potentials when it comes to offering top-notch VPN. When we talk about NordVPN, one thing that we cannot afford to miss is the security features.

NordVPN Pricing:

2-year plan: $3.49/mo.
1-year plan: $6.99/mo.
1-month plan: $11.95/mo.
NordVPN has paid the highest priority to security and performance, as a result of which, they offer an unmatched secure VPN environment for safe usage of the internet. NordVPN comes with a unique security feature called Double VPN. This feature offers double the protection that you usually get with a normal VPN. In this, your data will be passed through two separate VPNs, leaving no trace of your personal information and your browsing activity. There are other security protocols on offer too. 
The windows app that you get with NordVPN subscription is extremely easy to use and the set-up process can be completed in no time. The kill-switch is also very handy. The interface is very compact with all the necessary options laid out very neatly. To ensure full security of its customer, NordVPN is very clear about its ‘Zero-logs’ policy, which guarantees that none of your online activity or personal details are stored anywhere, in any format. 
The pricing of NordVPN is slightly higher than that of SurfShark, but it is considerably lower than ExpressVPN. For the premium amount you spend over SurfShark, you get an unmatched security and this is one of the best VPNs for personal use. Nord VPN comes with support for 6 simultaneous connections. The 2-year and the 3-year packages are priced at $3.49/mo. and the 1-year package is priced at $6.99/mo. If you go for the monthly package, it will come with a price tag of $11.95/mo.

CyberGhost VPN

If there is one VPN that can give ExpressVPN a run for its money in terms of hardware is CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost has a whopping 6300+ servers spread across 110 locations. This number of servers is huge, almost double the industry standard. Since we are talking about VPNs for Windows PCs and laptops, it is worth mentioning that CyberGhost comes with excellent configuration options for Windows. It is one of the best options for expert users and the ones that need a VPN for professional use. 

CyberGhost Pricing:

3-years plan: $2.75/mo. 
2-years plan: $3.69/mo.
1-year plan: $5.99/mo.
1-month plan: $12/99/mo.
Powerful yet easy, is what we found the CyberGhost Windows app to be. This Windows app comes with an interface that is clutter-free with all the advanced features neatly laid out. You can choose from a set of different protocols and choosing the server of your choice can also be done very easily. Along with the addition of a kill-switch, you do get an enhanced security feature like an ad-blocker. You can use torrents on most of the servers and when it comes to connection speed, CyberGhost has excelled in that too. 
When it comes to pricing, the most economical package is that for 3-years. This long commitment can get you a premium VPN for $2.75/mo. If you choose the 2-year plan, then you will be charged $3.69/mo. The 1-year plan is priced at $5.99/mo. and if you opt to pay monthly, then you will have to shell out $12.99/mo.

TorGuard VPN

TorGuard offers a suite of services that deal with online privacy and security. You can get top-notch anonymous VPN from TorGuard and it offers services like anonymous proxies, business VPN, email services, and more. The app offered by TorGuard might not impress everyone, but it is very functional and very easy to use. The subscription to TorGuard lets you use VPN services across platforms and you can connect up to 5 devices at a time.

TorGuard Pricing:

1-year: $4.99/mo.
1-month: $19/mo.
The use of Tor in TorGuard might have already made sense for some of you. If you guessed that Tor has to do something with Torrenting, you are right. TorGuard offers support for torrenting on its server and you can use the torrents without any hassles if you choose TorGuard. One of the noteworthy features of TorGuard is ‘Stealth VPN’ that lets you use any platform or service without them recognizing the VPN traffic and blocking you. This is made possible with the use of an SSL VPN. 
TorGuard has its server network spread across 53 countries with more than 3000 servers.  
The privacy and security of its customers is also ensured with the No-Logs policy. Rest assured, your data and all the internet activity is safe and secure as TorGuard is one of the most reliable brands out there in the market. There is also a pre-configured router on offer that comes pre-loaded with TorGuard software. You can protect all your devices with this router just by connecting them to it. 
Just like other VPN companies. TorGuard also offers its VPS services in different packages. The monthly package costs $19/mo. And if you choose the annual plan, you will be charged $4.99/mo. TorGuard offers a 7 days free trial for those who want to try things out before making the payment. 


When using a VPN, you give control of your online activity to someone else. If you fail to choose the trustworthy VPNs that have proved their reliability, all your data and your online activity can be at risk and you might get yourself in deep water. Therefore, we have found these above-mentioned VPN companies reliable and we recommend them after thorough research on them. You will never regret choosing anyone these VPNs. You can select any VPN according to your needs as some are best suited for businesses, while some are ideal for personal use.

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