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Best SEM Tools for Search Engine Marketing June 2024 


Just like other industries, even the marketing industry is heavily dependent on tools. While these tools serve different purposes for different industries, one thing that is common in all the tools is that they have made our life easier. And our heavy dependence on these tools has paved way for the introduction of more tools and you just name the task, you can get a tool for that.

When it comes to digital marketing tools, the scenario is not very different. But when you deal with PPC, you have to very careful about the tool you choose. Because, when you are investing your money on running paid campaigns, you can end up wasting a lot of your money if you use the wrong tool to manage PPC ads.

Choosing the right tool not only can help you save money, but also help you make more profit by spending less amount of money. Moreover, these tools can help you save a lot of time too. You can also get insights into your ads’ performance. If your ultimate goal is to reach more people, make more business, and eventually make more money, you should include the following tools in your arsenal of marketing tools.

Starts from

$299.00 price/mo

  • Tool for Competitor Display Ads
  • All advertisers, sites, networks and categories
  • Search for top ads by keyword
  • Filter by country, data range and more

Starts from

$49.00 price/mo

  • Digital Advertising platform
  • Spend limit: $1,000/month
  • Unlimited ad accounts
  • Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns

Starts from

$499.00 price/mo

  • Best PPC Software
  • Google Ads Optimization Solutions and Automated Tools
  • 50+ prebuilt optimizations
  • Ad text management and optimization

Starts from

$50.00 price/mo

  • #1 Adwords, SEO Keyword, Ad Copy and Landing Page Competitor Research Tool
  • Competitor Research
  • SEM Compaign watch
  • SEO Watch

Starts from

$200.00 price/mo

  • Competitive Intelligence For Display Advertisers
  • Search for Advertisers, Ads, and Publishers by Keyword
  • Filter Ads by Desktop vs. Mobile, Date Range, and Ad Network
  • See Desktop & Mobile Ads in 26 Countries

Starts from

$599.00 price/mo

  • Brand Protection & Competitive Intelligence platform
  • Platform that monitors SEM, SEO, PLA, Shopping, & Offer Content
  • Includes 250 Keywords
  • Add PPC Spend: $300/month (per vertical)

Starts from

$49.00 price/mo

  • Online Advertising Software
  • 20-Minute Work Week
  • Cross-platform reporting
  • Powerful ad creative tools

Competitor Analysis Tools to get insights into your competitors:


This strategy has to be the foundation of your paid ad campaigns. Instead of starting things from scratch, you can learn from your competitors who have tasted success in running PPC campaigns. You can try to avoid the things that have not worked well for them. And to do this, you need some tools. And you can find them below.

Use Google as the stepping stone

Google can be your best option to see and learn things. You can just search for the keywords you are trying to target and identify your competitors. You will see the list of ads at the top and bottom of SERP. Knowing who you are going up against is one of the most important things to do while getting started. 

In the following example, you can see who your competition for the keyword ‘hosting’ is.
You can also see different variations of the keywords you want to include in your campaign and you can use these keywords. Following is an example for the keyword “Mobile Phone”

You can also see different ad styles, and formats from the ads of your competitors, and the landing pages they use.


Top Competitor Analysis Tools

What Runs Where:

What Runs Where is one of the best PPC tools that can help you in different aspects like competitor analysis, actionable insights, and has a global coverage of different vendors who run PPC campaigns. It has ad tracking data of over 120000 publishers, which you can use for proactive marketing. 


iSpionage is one of the easiest tools to use and is also very intelligent in offering you competitor data. You can spy on your competitors for the strategies they use, keywords that pay them well, and the data offered by iSpionage is very accurate and on point. You can use these against your competitors to take the lead in the paid marketing game.


KeywordCompetitor is your best bet to know about the paid keywords your competitors are using, you can see their ads and the landing pages that they have used. You can analyze the ad performance and make sure you are always ahead of the competition. The best thing about this tool is the fact that you get notified when your competitor surges ahead of you.  You can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how well KeywordCompetitor performs.


Next up in our list of the best PPC tools is SpyFu. It is a cool tool for tracking your competitors’ ads and the keywords they use. You can download the list of keywords they use and then use the working keywords in your ads. You can see the appearance of your competitor on Google, wherever it has appeared and you also get a view of all the keywords that they have bought. One cool feature that we like about SpyFu is that you get to see the keywords that have fetched the most profit to your competitors over the years.


AdBeat is yet another tool that lets you spy on other online advertisers and see what the strategy they use to run their PPC ads is. You can see what works for them and what does not. But this is the tool that is best for large-scale marketing agencies running paid campaigns for their clients or large scale enterprises have PPC as a part of their marketing.


Top Essential PPC Tools:

Track Calls from your Ads with CallRail:

CallRail is one of the best PPC Call Tracking tools. If Calling is one of the Call-To-Action buttons in your PPC ads, it is important to keep track of the calls you receive from your ad. Keeping track of it manually can be a mess. Hence, we recommend you to use a sophisticated PPC call tracker tool that lets you keep track of all the calls you receive, lets you record, and also offers analytics features.

Analyze PPC performance with Google Analytics:

If you are looking for a tool to analyze the performance of your PPC ads or website, look no further than Google Analytics. Google is a source you can rely upon for accuracy and for the ads run on Google, there is no better tool than Google Analytics. You get several metrics that let you know how well your ads have performed and you can see the effectiveness of your ads for free with this tool.

Create beautiful landing pages with Leadpages:

Leadpages is one of the best landing page creators we have got our hands-on and you can create a landing page for your PPC ads in no time, without breaking a sweat. Leadpages offers a variety of templates that make the landing page creation process a cakewalk. Only an attractive, attention-grabbing, and informative landing page can make the visitors stay on a webpage. To achieve this, Leadpages is all that you need.

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