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Zyro Reviews & Expert Opinion

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Zyro Review - The Summary

Zyro is a relatively new website builders. But Hostinger is not. And Zyro is a product from the house of Hostinger and that itself makes Zyro worth getting hyped about. Zyro claims to offer the easiest way of creating a website. Well, our experience of using Zyro made us agree with this claim, as we found creating a website with Zyro is extremely easy that even a mere beginner can create a website with utmost ease.
Another aspect where Zyro takes the cake is the speed at which you can create your website and the speeds at which the websites created with Zyro load. You can create a beautiful website in a span of less than a few minutes and these website load faster than the ones created in some of the popular website builders. 
What makes Zyro stand out is the extensive use of AI. Chances of you stumbling upon any material about Zyro are very less considering the fact that it is still very new, taking baby steps in the industry that is dominated by the likes of Wix, Weebly, and others. But Zyro packs enough punch to make it a worthy competitor to the segment leaders, in near future. Along with a futuristic AI writer, you also get AI based logo maker right from the free version.

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Zyro Pros & Cons


  • One of the easiest way to create a website
  • Interface is very simple yet powerful
  • Incredible value for money


  • Customer support can be better

Explore Zyro Services & Plans

Zyro offers the following Services and Plans:
Zyro Premium Plans : $ 2.59/month - $ 3.59 /month

Zyro Premium Plans Review

If we were asked to pick only one reason to consider Zyro, it would be their pricing. Zyro has priced its Premium plan so well that the pricing becomes the best part about Zyro, by overshadowing other cool features. If your concern is if Zyro comes with a free version or not, Yes, Zyro has a free version too. But we would not recommend the free version, unless you do not require any advanced feature. To be honest, the Free SSL and AI Writer are the only two reasons you can consider the free plan.

The premium plans start at a mere $2.90/mo. Yes. You just have to pay less than 3 dollars a month to get some of the unique and advanced features.  The first premium plan is named website and it comes with a price tag of $2.90/mo. and the next plan Business costs $4.90/mo. You get unlimited bandwidth and storage with the Business package. And Zyro has listed two more eCommerce oriented plans Online store and Advanced Store, priced at $8.90/mo. and $15.90/mo. respectively.

When launched, these plans will be the most economical eCommerce plans in the market.

Website :    
Priced at $2.90/mo.                         
Unlimited bandwidth                        
Marketing integrations Business :     
Priced at $4.90/mo.                        
Sell up to 100 products                      
Stripe payments Online store: Priced at $8.90/mo.                       
Sell up to 100 products                      
70+ payment methods
Advanced Store: Priced at $15.90/mo.                             
Sell up to 2500 products                             
70+ payment methods
Sell in multiple languages                            
Abandoned cart recovery                            
Product filters                            
Sell on Amazon & eBay

Zyro Premium Plans

$ 2.59/month$ 3.59/month
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Free email for 3 months
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Marketing integrations
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Free email for 3 months
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Marketing integrations
  • Sell up to 500 products
  • Stripe payments
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Zyro Key Features: What makes Zyro Best?

Simple & Powerful Website Builder

Plentiful of Customization Options

Ready and Set for eCommerce

30-day money-back guarantee

Get found easier with SEO


What makes Zyro a worthy contender?

1. Ease of Use:
Zyro ticks the most important mark that is expected in a website builder, Ease of use. Zyro is extremely easy to use. Despite being a new product, Zyro has been given a mature and no-nonsense interface. You get all the features you need and all the unwanted gimmicky features that tend to make the interface confusing are avoided. This is really a mature from the developers behind Zyro. Because, given the fact that most of Zyro’s users are going to be beginners, such users will surely find Zyro’s interface very easy and can be used on a day to day basic without much of a hassle and this interface comes with very less or no learning curve.
2. Website Building
Zyro is a no-nonsense website builder, as mentioned earlier. You just have to sign up and you are directly taken to the website building process. You can directly choose a template of your liking and carry on to the actual website building process. It is as easy as that. You get an extremely easy-to-use drag and drop interface where you can do the things with utmost ease. You can drag and drop most of the items directly from the menu of Zyro itself. You do get live-preview of the changes being made and live-preview feature is one of the most admired features that are included in website building.
3. Expert Customer Support
Customer support team at Zyro is expert enough to give you good assistance. By saying good, we don’t mean great. Because, there is still room for improvement. But anytime you try to get in touch with the customer support team, they will be at your service, happy to serve you. The customer support team consists of expert members that have great technical knowledge. But you will not get much help from forums or knowledgebase as Zyro is yet to achieve something reliable in that.
4. Futuristic AI Features
Zyro comes with AI features that you might not find even in the leading website builders. AI has its very own AI Writer. This is a feature that can be time saving for most of the beginners. While experts might not find this feature very useful, this can be used to get some ideas about what to type at particular sections. This way the AI writer can be useful to both the beginner and the experts. And sometimes what takes more time than creating a website is creating a logo and a slogan or a tagline for your website. But that is also taken care of, by Zyro’s AI-driven logo maker and slogan generator.
5. Customization Options
Zyro delivers on what it promises. Not more than that. High customization is not one of the strong points of Zyro. You can customize up to a mark, with the basic layout being intact. You do not get the extreme level of customization options as you would get with other top website builders. But whatever that can be customized, can be done with utmost ease. While we say customization is the strong point, it does not mean customization options are very limited. You still get fair amount of customization options.
Zyro has a lot of potential to be considered among top players in the segment and its growth is in upward direction as it is constantly gaining popularity and many users too. While there is enough room for improvement in many aspects, Zyro can see itself in the top lists if more priority is given to improving such key aspects. There is no denying that Zyro’s pricing of their packages is the industry best and for the price you spend, you are assured to get more than what you pay for. By all means, Zyro is worth giving a try and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee too.


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