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$ 5.00

per month

About Key Features: What makes Best?

1 Gbps Premium Uplink

99.97% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup & Full Migration Support

Proactive Server Monitoring

Unmetered Traffic If Average 200 < Mbps

IPMI v.2 - Full Access To Server From Web

40-day money-back guarantee

Explore Services & Plans offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $5.00/month - $15.00 /month
VPS Hosting : $18.00/month - $65.00 /month
Dedicated Server : $99.00/month - $269.00 /month
Domain Pricing : for $12.00/yr

Shared Hosting

Plan Name OS Space Panel No. of SitesPrice
VH-MediumLinux1 GBCPANEL2$5.00/month
VH-ProLinux5 GBCPANEL5$10.00/month
VH-ResellerLinux20 GBCPANELUnlimited$15.00/month
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VPS Hosting

Plan Name OS Space RAM CorePrice
VS-MediumLinux10 GB1 GB1 Cores$18.00/month
VS-ProLinux25 GB2 GB2 Cores$25.00/month
VS-PremiumLinux50 GB4 GB4 Cores$45.00/month
VS-IncredibleLinux75 GB8 GB6 Cores$65.00/month
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Dedicated Hosting

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Price
BASICLinux250 GBXEON E3-122016 GB$99.00/month
STARTLinux250 GBXEON E5-2620v316 GB$119.00/month
PremiumLinux500 GBDual E5-2630v348 GB$159.00/month
SUBLIMELinux1 TBDual E5-2670v364 GB$199.00/month
AmateurLinux1 TBDual E5-2620V3 (12×2.4GHZ)32 GB$169.00/month
ClassicLinux2×1TBDual E5-2670V3 (24×2.3GHZ)64 GB$249.00/month
HardcoreLinux2×2TBDual E5-2670V3 (24×2.3GHZ)128 GB$269.00/month
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Domain Name Pricing

Domain Registration

  • $12.00/yr
  • $9.00/yr
  • .eu $38.00/yr

Domain Renewal

  • $12.00/yr
  • $9.00/yr
  • .eu $38.00/yr

Virtual Systems is a Ukrainian hosting company founded in 2009. Their anonymous hosting protects numerous web systems from DDoS attacks & shutdowns for eleven years. They aim to maintain the sites online & keep your identity protected & confidential. Register with an email & pay for the services with Bitcoin! That would be a perfect option for ones whose top priority is privacy. With thier  hosting services, VSYS ignores fake DMCA & copyright claims because servers are located in DMCA-free jurisdiction. Speaking of DMCA, here in Ukraine the copyright infringement claim-making procedure is less tolerant towards copyright owners. Shutting the server down becomes challenging as it is more tricky to reach the server owner. Pricing is wheelhouse within  anonymous hosting providers - just pick a proper hosting service & forget about DMCA notices!
Webhosting Offers:
✔ Website Hosting ➡️ Starting price $5
✔ VPS Hosting ➡️ Starting price $15
✔ Dedicated Servers ➡️ Starting price $120
✔ NVidia 1080 TI GTX GPU Servers ➡️ Starting price $249
✔ 10 Gbps Streaming Servers ➡️ Starting price $299
✔ Up to 100Tb Storage Servers ➡️ Starting price $249
✔ Xtreme UI Panel for IPTV Streaming as a Service ➡️ Starting price $120
✔ DDoS Protection Against Volumetric Attacks ➡️ Starting price $50
What are the strengths of a completely anonymous & privacy-focused hosting provider placed in the heart of Europe? All the sites load speedy, tickets are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our in-house technical assistance, DMCA shutdown notices are ignored (such complaints have to pass a number of requirements. At VSYS, they do not require any personal information during the registration. Furthermore, you could pay with Bitcoin for shared hosting. All the hosting plans are packed with marvelous features – free SSL certificates, unlimited traffic, NVME SSD & cPanel with Softaculous. Each of the plans is affordable to start your online business now. Migrate to a European emerging hosting destination!
Searching for the sweetest deals for  VPS hosting in 2020? Congrats, as you are in the right place!  DMCA protected virtual servers based in Ukraine & entirely anonymous VPS with a German location. UA VPS includes basic protection from DDoS attacks free of charge by default, DE virtual servers are DDoS ready – you'll be switched to inline DDoS filters on demand (the option is accessible anytime in the customer's area). Choose VSYS if confidentiality is your top priority, register now with only your e-mail & pay with cryptocurrency!
Anonymous dedicated servers from VSYS host powered by Windows or Linux (during checkout choose an operating system from a list or provide a custom .ISO image, if needed select Control Panel). Register as an anonymous client & pay safely with Bitcoin as it's an anonymous dedicated hosting. VSYS will provide you with full root access to any custom configured server within 48 hours. Their no DMCA servers are highly demanded 'cause we handle the DMCA notices way more leniently!
A storage server from VSYS? Choose your own bare metal beast for storing any types of data: high-volume databases, large backups or numerous files & multimedia. The storage server would be an excellent choice for projects that need multiple files to be easily available. Servers with up to 100 TB of data is available, so don't hesitate to order yours now.
VSYS offers you a dedicated hosting solution for streaming, designed to serve video or audio content to numerous remote clients. The streaming server is available for video, radio or audio streaming. Every streaming server is provided with a 10 Gbps NIC. The uplink bandwidth relies on the client's needs - unlimited bandwidth plans from 2 Gbps to 10 Gbps. Order high-performance hardware able to fully burst 10 Gbps at any point in time.
VSYS introduce an ideal solution for rendering, deep & machine learning: GPU servers with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080TI. A one-of-a-kind graphic card that provides the best value for money. Revolutionary Pascal architecture means it is compatible with KVM, CUDA/OpenCL & Linux! Excellent performance in 3D graphics rendering is guaranteed - don't hesitate & increase productivity & revenue. 3584 CUDA cores may be easily used for mining any desired cryptocurrency. Faultless for power computing - run your CUDA/OpenCL apps at optimal performance!
With Xtream-UI Panel running an IPTV streaming business becomes super easy! Use a well-known tool with a pay-as-you-go model! You will get your instance of impeccably working Xtream-UI Panel with protection from DDoS attacks. VSYS offers a VOD & IPTV solution for streaming which is ready to scale from 1 Gbps to 10-20-40 Gbps. Nowadays, it's the only professional SaaS solution for IPTV with a variety of compatibility, unlimited scalability, numerous security features & protection from various shutdowns.
Virtual Systems values its clients & their comfort. Their in-house team of highly-seasoned technicians monitor every server day & night 24/7. It takes only 15 minutes to answer your ticket & less than 48 hours to set up the server for you. They also have physical access to the VSYS hardware, so any malfunction would be fixed within a couple of minutes!
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