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VPS9 is a brand of Apeiron Global Pvt. Ltd. The management has expanded its Hosting Business Globally with the BRAND NAME - "VPS9". VPS9 is offering the most comprehensive range of secure, Fully protected and private web hosting services in the world. VPS9 operates in 3 Data Centers worldwide giving you the widest network choices for your business. VPS9.Net Services 1. Managed VPS 2. Self-Managed VPS(OpenVZ, KVM Linux/Windows VPS) 3. Cloud VPS 4. Bare Metal Servers(USA, Russia, Germany, Netherlands) 5. Streaming Servers(Metered, 100 TB and Streaming Dedicated Servers)

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Reliable and Quality Service

Meet the VPS9 Team available 24/7

Industry's Standard Guarantees

Economical Hosting Platform

Pre eminent network uptime

Flexible server Uptime

Free cPanel/Plesk/Directadmin

Full Management Support

Basic Ddos Protection

Explore Services & Plans offers the following Services and Plans:
VPS Hosting : ₹243.39/month - ₹872.97 /month
Dedicated Server : ₹4364.03/month - ₹7538.45 /month
Cloud Hosting : ₹554.73/month - ₹13490.49 /month
Domain Pricing : .ru for $6.30/yr

VPS Hosting

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Price
NL-StarterLinux15 GB1v Core512 MB₹243.39/month
NL-LKVMV1Linux25 GB1 CPU1 GB₹476.16/month
NL-LKVMV2Linux40 GB2 CPU2 GB₹872.97/month
NL-WKVMV1 Windows25 GB1 CPU2 GB₹1031.69/month
NL-WKVMV2 Windows40 GB2 CPU2 GB₹1349.13/month
NL-WKVMV3 Windows60 GB3 CPU3 GB₹1825.29/month
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Dedicated Hosting

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
Intel E3 1240 V2Linux500 GBIntel E3 1240 V28 GB4 Cores₹4364.03/month
Intel E3-1240 v3Linux500 GBIntel E3-1240 v332 GB4 Cores₹5157.64/month
Intel Xeon D-1540Linux500 GBIntel Xeon D-154032 GB8 Cores₹7538.45/month
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Cloud Hosting

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
CHVPS01 Linux20 GB1 CPU1 GB4 TB₹554.73/month
CHVPS02Linux40 GB1 CPU2 GB6 TB₹1030.89/month
CHVPS05Linux240 GB16 CPU64 GB15 TB₹13490.49/month
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Domain Name Pricing

Domain Registration

  • .ru $6.30/yr
  • .icu $9.81/yr
  • .vip $18.28/yr
  • .site $36.01/yr

Domain Renewal

  • .ru $6.84/yr
  • .icu $9.81/yr
  • .vip $18.28/yr
  • .site $36.01/yr
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