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About Orderable

Online restaurant ordering has never been easier with our feature-rich platform. In this comprehensive Orderable review, we'll cover everything from:   • Orderable's most valuable features are examined in depth in this article. • ...

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Orderable Services & Key Features

  • Best Restaurant Plugin
  • Suitable for WooCommerce Restaurant Plugin
  • Easy and smooth Ordering
  • zero transaction fees
  • Restaurant menu and layout display for customers
  • Order Management tools
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Orderable Overview

Online restaurant ordering has never been easier with our feature-rich platform. In this comprehensive Orderable review, we'll cover everything from:
Orderable's most valuable features are examined in depth in this article.
When and how to use these features to increase your profit margins
Prices that can be ordered
Is it a good option for people who want to rank locally?

Orderable: A WordPress Plugin for Local Ordering

For the sake of this Orderable review, I'll go through some of the app's features in detail. Once you've mastered the plugin's features, I'll walk you through the process of setting up your online meal delivery service.

1. Design for the mobile platform first.

Your website must be mobile responsive to provide the same experience to consumers on mobile devices.
There is no further work required to make the pages mobile-friendly.
Orderable provides a simplified ordering experience by restricting access to particular product pages. A floating cart where customers may add items to their shopping carts and access their shopping lists.

2, Layouts for Menus

Menu layouts may be created with only a few mouse clicks using the Orderable menu builder. 
Menu items can be displayed in a grid or a list. It also lets you alter how the various food groups are displayed on the screen. 
Layout for the top bar that can be customized
The layout builder has a live preview beneath it, so you can see what you're doing in real-time.
Layout builder for the menu.
Copy the shortcode once the design is complete and paste it anywhere you'd like to see the menu appear.

3. Add-ons to the product

The product add-on option allows clients to customize a dish by selecting the items they want to include.
An Orderable Product Extension
Customers may order what they want depending on their specific needs and preferences.

4. Add-on products that can be purchased

Profit from the extra ingredients your customers adds to your dish while you're the restaurant owner. Bumps can be ordered here. The Order Bumps features in Orderable are revenue-generating ones.
With Orderable, customers can see what other dishes they might enjoy if they add an item from your menu to their shopping cart. This helps to raise the average order value, making it more profitable.

5. Add a product to your shopping basket

Using WooCommerce product settings, you can choose which products to bump for a specific item in Orderable.
The tipping option is another way to increase revenue. Just like in a restaurant, you can accept tips from your clients when they leave you an invoice.
The addition of a tipping option will increase revenue.

5. Availability of Time Slots

A date and time selection is logical for a plugin that enables people to place local orders and have them delivered.
pickup and delivery window
In addition, you have the option of defining pickup and delivery intervals in minutes and the maximum amount of orders you'll accept in a single slot.

6. Scheduling Holidays

Regular service can be altered throughout the holiday season because of holiday schedules. When the holiday season is nearing, this is a valuable tool, and you don't offer delivery service.
You can choose when the holidays change and whether or not you want the same schedule to repeat itself each year if you so desire. 

7. Control Over the Entire Purchase Process

WooCommerce's built-in checkout is excellent for online shopping, but it's clunky for in-store pickup. Orderable lets you modify the WooCommerce checkout process and offers a simple checkout form optimized for converting customers.
As a result of this beautiful feature, you can display only certain items from your menu at specified times.

8. Timers that can be ordered

Make a specific item available for lunch or dinner as an example. Instead of just a few things, the complete food category can be made available at a particular time.
If you want to know when a new order has been placed, Orderable has a live order management option.

9. Orderable in real-time

You don't need to check your email or reload your browser to keep track of new orders.
On the order page, any new orders are quickly updated, so you can see exactly what the customer ordered, what they called, and when they ordered it.
By providing delivery slots, food menu builder, custom checkout, and more, Orderable makes it simple to create a local food ordering website. Here are some of the best Food Deliver software to improve your services

You'll need a few things to get started with Orderable

Blocks or Kadence are examples of popular WordPress themes.
Install the Astra Starter Template or the Kadence Starter Template plugin and import any restaurant templates to get your site up and running.
Installing the Orderable plugin and creating a food menu is the next step. After that, you'll be able to include things like time slots, holiday schedules, and even tips.

Layout builder for the menu.

A payment gateway must then be installed. You can use any payment gateway compatible with WooCommerce because Orderable is built on WooCommerce.
It's done! Customers can now place orders on your Orderable-powered local ordering page. If you need help, you may check out Orderable's YouTube account for various video lessons.

Pricing on Demand

It's possible to orderable in two ways. On, the Orderable core plugin is complimentary, while the Orderable Pro version can be purchased.
If you wish to use Orderable on more than one site, you may sign up for a year-long subscription based on the number of sites you have.

Pricing that Can Be Ordered

For the yearly subscription, you have the following choices:
One license – $249/year
Per year, $399 is the cost of a license for ten websites.
Support for 25 sites – $499 per year
Only the number of licensees affects pricing, and all plans include all premium features.

Assistive and Helpful Documentation

If you run into any issues when using Orderable, please consult the manual or contact the customer service staff.
There are a lot of video tutorials in the manual, which is easier to follow than written instructions.

 An Orderly Review

Orderable has been an excellent plugin for local businesses to tackle the recurrent commission sharing problem that I tested for a few days.
This plugin has several beneficial functions to improve sales and personalize your customers' experience.


Intuitive Product Layouts
One-Page Ordering
Holiday Scheduling
Floating Cart Widget
Efficiently Process Orders
Mobile First
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Everything in Free, plus:
1 Year Updates & Support
Product Addons
Order Bumps
Time Slots
Order Flow
Custom Checkout
Checkout Tipping
Timed Products
SMS & WhatsApp
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