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Elementor- Is it the Best WordPress page builder?   Elementor is a powerful yet easy-to-use WordPress page builder plugin that helps you to create a beautiful and professional-looking website in a matter of minutes. It has more than 30 pre-designed layouts, tons of options, and lots of features. In addition to all this, if you upgrade to the Elementor Pro then it will let you personalize and grow your WordPress website-building process with hundreds of widgets, connectors, website templates, and design tools. It even lets you build attractive pages without any technological skills and can simply click and enter on the live preview of your website when you wish to modify text. It also includes a slew of other capabilities that go above and beyond what a WordPress page builder plugin could do previously.   What is the Elementor User Interface and how does it work? Using Elementor, you can create attractive, highly-functional websites with little design complexity. Alternatively, you can create websites with pop-up forms built in. A basic explanation of how to create a page with the free Elementor page builder follows. The Elementor editing interface shows you a visual preview on the right and a sidebar on the left: Visual Preview- This is where you design your layout in the visual preview. You may move content pieces around as needed by dragging and dropping them. Sidebar- The sidebar is where you may add new elements to your website, edit existing components, and access additional Elementor options. Now if you want to add a new content piece(known as a widget) then you can simply drag it from the sidebar onto the live preview of your design to add it. Drag-and-drop is also available if you want to move items around your design. You can also edit text by clicking on the visual preview and typing. Now you get two layout blocks to place your widgets: Sections- It is essentially a row. Columns- These  are used to split an area into vertical divisions. Your content or widgets can be placed inside the sections or columns once you find them. Clicking on a widget, section, or column will open its settings in the sidebar. You can control the design, spacing, content, etc. here.     Hence this is how you can start with the Elementor interface.   Elementor Features that Set It Apart From other Page Builder   Create unique designs using some of the most detailed style options available. Elementor has more style and design options than the majority of other WordPress page builders. You may change things like colours, fonts, spacing, and so on. But, especially with Elementor Pro, Elementor provides a plethora of sophisticated choices like Motion Effects, Custom Positioning and Shape Dividers. 2. Sele​ct from a variety of content elements (widgets) When it comes to content components, especially with Elementor Pro, you have a lot of possibilities. You'll get access to more than 60 widgets, including social icons, price tables, login forms, other forms, sliders, post grids, and more The Form widget is one of the most flexible widgets, since it may entirely replace a contact form plugin. It allows you to create custom forms with whatever amount of fields you want. Its integrations, though, are where it truly shines. 3. Take advantage of convenient editor features Elementor has various unique capabilities that will speed up the creation of your pages.You may duplicate any element by right-clicking it, or copy and paste styles between various components by copying and pasting styles. A Navigator tool is also available to assist you in rapidly moving between components on your website. You may even rename components to make it easier to discover them: 4.  Manage Your Content's Responsive Design Elementor provides you detailed control over responsive design, allowing you to apply various settings depending on the user's device. You'll also have access to useful preview tools to check how your design looks on various devices. 5. Develop widgets that can be reused across multiple pages The advantage of using a global widget is that if you modify it once, the changes will be reflected in all of the places where you've used it. For example, an opt-in form template can be reused across several pages. 6. Drag-and-drop WooCommerce Store Creation With specific WooCommerce content widgets on your single product and store pages, you can use the same approach as with WooCommerce.There are widgets for everything from product names to pricing, add-to-cart buttons, and upsells, among other things:   Who Can Take Advantage of Elementor? You can use Elementor for WordPress users of any level, but you will need to know your exact needs before deciding whether to use the free version or the premium version.Since Elementor's free version is one of the most comprehensive of any website builder, you shouldn't feel the need to immediately upgrade to Elementor Pro.   Pricing & Plans   There's  a free version of Elementor, which gives you a chance to test out the page builder interface to see whether it's something you'd like to use. But if you upgrade to the Elementor Pro then you have a  paid plugin with a variety of licencing options beginning at $49 per year. That includes Theme Builder and Popup Builder, so it's a terrific value. With the help of different plans of Elementor Pro you can see the number of sites you can use. But with the lower-cost plans you can contact only the email support. Hence you can contact support through live chat with the other plans only.Essential- It costs around $49 per year, you get access to one website and email support.Advanced – It costs around $99 per year for use on three websites and email support.Expert- It costs around $199 per year includes usage on 25 professional websites, email support, and elementor expert profile choices.Studio- It costs around $499 per year, you have access to 100 websites and email and live chat assistance, as well as VIP support and Elementor expert profile choices.Agency-   It costs around $999 per year, you have access to 1000 websites and email and live chat assistance, as well as VIP support and Elementor expert profile choices. Wrapping UpIt's without a doubt one of the finest page builders for WordPress.It covers the fundamentals that all visual page builders provide, but it goes above and above with features like right-click, a plethora of design possibilities, and additional capabilities like Theme Builder and Popup Builder.

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