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Looking for Real Genuine User Reviews on web hosting services or Interested in giving feedback on the web hosting company you currently use? HostingCharges.in is here to complete your task! The task of choosing a Website Hosting provider out of thousands can often seem daunting. To find your new web host, we have collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the use of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Web Hosting Company as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the list of best rated web hosting providers in India of 2016 to help you compare the best companies in the industry today.

Best Rated Web Hosts by Users

Web Host Avg.Rating User Reviews Price/Month Link Visit Site
1. InMotion 40 $ 3.49 Read Reviews Visit InMotion
2. HostSoch 40 R 99.00 Read Reviews Visit HostSoch
3. Bluehost 12 R 249.00 Read Reviews Visit Bluehost
4. A2Hosting.in 9 R 251.01 Read Reviews Visit A2Hosting.in
5. Hostinger India 7 R 129.00 Read Reviews Visit Hostinger India
6. BigRock 19 R 149.00 Read Reviews Visit BigRock
7. SiteGround 7 $ 3.95 Read Reviews Visit SiteGround
8. Znetlive 18 R 112.00 Read Reviews Visit Znetlive
9. FatCow 7 $ 3.15 Read Reviews Visit FatCow
10. MilesWeb 14 R 109.00 Read Reviews Visit MilesWeb

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MilesWeb Hosting Review

05 Dec 2017


Really appreciate for help and support given my the Mr. Ajay. I really thank you for your patience and support provided. Hats off to you people. Thank you and really would consider referring others to opt for MilesWeb. ...

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MicroHost Hosting Review

04 Dec 2017

Megha Gupta

Microhost is very quick to help the customers for finding the right solution for our business and also if you have any troubles they will jump on it and fix it really quick! And even better their pricing is very competitive. Read More..


MilesWeb Hosting Review

01 Dec 2017


I've been assisted by Jay on a persistent issue and I am impressed with the service. No matter how many times you report a problem, you are received with a quick and handy solution. ...

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MicroHost Hosting Review

20 Nov 2017

kirti rai

I personally found the services of Microhost very reliable and awesome. They always makes the benefit of their customers and makes them happy with their services. ...

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InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting Promo
InMotion Hosting Review

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HostSoch Coupon Code
HostSoch Review

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Bluehost Discount Code
Bluehost.in Review

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A2Hosting Coupon
A2hosting.in Review

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HostingRaja Promos
HostingRaja review

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iPage Coupon code
iPage Review

Visit iPage

7 Bigrock ₹149

Bigrock Discount code
Bigrock Review

Visit Bigrock
8 JustHost $3.95

Justhost Coupon code
Justhost Review

Visit Justhost
9 FatCow $3.15

Fatcow Coupons
FatCow Review

Visit FatCow
10 ZnetLive ₹112 Znetlive Promo code
ZnetLive Review
Visit ZnetLive
11 HostGator ₹355/

HostGator Coupont code
HostGator India Review

Visit HostGator
12 SiteGround $3.95

SiteGround Coupons
SiteGround Review

Visit SiteGround
13 WebHostingPad $1.99

WebHostingPad Coupons
WebhostingPad Review

Visit WebHostingPad
14 000WebHost $0.00

000WebHost Coupons
000Webhost Review

Visit 000WebHost
15 CrazyDomains ₹99

CrazyDomains Coupon
CrazyDomains Review

Visit CrazyDomains
16 MilesWeb ₹109

Milesweb Coupon code
Milesweb Review

Visit MilesWeb
17 SmarterASP.NET $2.95

SmarterASP Promo code
SmarterASP Review

Visit SmarterASP
18 MicroHost ₹74

Microhost Discount code
MicroHost Review

Visit MicroHost
19 HostPapa.in ₹199

HostPapa Coupons
Hostpapa.in Review

Visit HostPapa
20 DreamHost $5.78

Dreamhost offers
Dreamhost Review

Visit DreamHost
21 FastWebHost Rs.99

FastWebhost Coupon
FastWebHost Review

Visit FastWebHost
22 HostTripples ₹35

Hostripples promo code
Hostripples Review

Visit iPage
23 Hostinger.in ₹179

Hostnger.in Coupons
Hostinger.in Review

Visit Hostinger
24 HostCats ₹186.45

HostCats Coupon code
HostCats Review

Visit HostCats
25 KVCHosting ₹4.99

KVCHosting Coupon
KVCHosting Review

Visit KVCHosting
26 eWebGuru ₹107.91

eWebGuru Discount code
eWebGuru Review

Visit eWebGuru
27 Net4.in ₹30

Net4India Coupons
Net4.in Review

Visit Net4India
28 EasyCGI $7.96
EasyCGI Discount code
EasyCGI Review
Visit EasyCGI
29 Arvixe $4/mo
Arvixe Discount code
Arvixe Review
Visit Arvixe
30 ResellerClub.in ₹1290
ResellerClub Coupons
ReselelrClub Review
Visit ResellerClub
31 eWebIndia ₹33.30
eWebIndia  Coupon code
eWebIndia Review
Visit eWebIndia
32 WebCom India ₹83
WebCom Inda Coupons
WebCom India Review
Visit WebCom India
33 SpeedHost ₹120
SpeedHost Coupons
Speedhost Review
Visit SpeedHost
34 Hosting.India.To ₹58.25
Hosting.India.to Coupon
Hosting.India.to Review
Visit Hosting.India.To
35 VPSLink $6.62
VPSLink Discount code
VPSLink Review
Visit VPSLink
36 B4UIndia ₹66.66
B4uIndia Discount code
B4UIndia Review
Visit B4UIndia
37 Hiox India ₹54
Hiox Coupon code
Hiox India Review
Visit Hiox
38 Space2Host ₹100
Space2Host Coupon
Space2Host Review
Visit Space2Host
39 SSD India ₹150
SSD India Coupons
SSD India Review
Visit SSD India
40 IndiaLinks ₹150
IndiaLinks Discount code
IndiaLinks Review
Visit IndiaLinks
41 HostITSmart ₹60
HostIT Smart Discount code
HostIT Smaart Review
Visit HostITSmart
42 ManasHosting ₹50
ManasHosting Coupon code
ManasHosting Review
Visit MnasHosting
43 Nettigrity ₹67
Nettigrity Coupons
Nettigrity Review
Visit Nettigrity
44 HostIndia.Net ₹66.60
HostIndia.Net promos
HostIndia.Net Review
Visit HostIndia.Net
45 GlobeHost ₹25
GlobeHost Discount code
GlobeHost Review
Visit GlobeHost
46 BharathWebHost ₹16.60
BharathWebHost Coupons
BharathWebHost Review
Visit BharathWebHost
47 InWayHosting ₹83.25
InWayHosting Offers
InWayHosting Reviews
Visit InWayHosting
48 Domain India ₹50.60
Domain India Coupons
Domain India Review
Visit Domain India
49 Nextraone ₹49
Nextraone Coupons
Nextraone Review
Visit Nextraone
50 HostingInIndia ₹90
HostingInIndia Promos
HostingInIndia Review
Visit HostingInIndia
51 ZolaHost ₹41.58
ZolaHost Discount code
ZolaHost Review
Visit ZolaHost
52 YrHost ₹41
YrHost Discounts
YrHost Review
Visit YrHost
53 India Internet ₹125
India Internet Offers
India Internet Review
Visit India Internet
54 Server Cake ₹149
Server Cake Coupons
Server Cake Review
Visit Server Cake
55 Square Brothers ₹78
Square Brothers Deals
Square Brothers Review
Visit Square Brothers
56 Go4Hosting ₹97.50
Go4Hosting Discount code
Go4Hosting  Review
Visit Go4Hosting
57 MagicWorHost ₹46
MagicWorkHost Promos
MagicWorkHost Review
Visit MagicWorkHost
58 Xozz ₹18.75
Xozz Discount code
Xozz Review
Visit Xozz
59 CloudOYE ₹1595
CloudOYE Discounts
CloudOYE Review
Visit CloudOYE
60 Host4Geeks ₹239
Host4Geeks Offers
Host4Geeks Review
Visit Host4Geeks
61 Hosting.Co.In ₹41.66
Hosting.Co.In Deals
Hosting.Co.In Review
Visit Hosting.Co.In
62 Wise Solution ₹16.58
Wise Solution Offers
Wise Solution Review
Visit Wise Solution
63 Wiplon ₹84
Wiplon Deals
Wiplon Review
Visit Wiplon