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17 May 2018


Very Worst





Very Worst in web hosting..like Speed performance and server down on many times... Please Dont waste your money....

Punit Patpatia

25 Sep 2017





Please do not see the high rating given by many reviewers here as they are all paid reviews, kinda fake. I have been using there service since April 2017 and they are really poor in Reliability, User Friendliness, Support and Features. Just like their cheap price their services are all cheap. So does their language. More over the customer support people do not listen to their customers and L2 team resolves the tickets without resolution. I have bundle of emails and chats with false commitments, no responses and negative language. PLEASE do not go with the fake comments or reviewers who rate them 5 start in all. I am prey to their cheap price and waiting for my 1 year tenure with them before I switch over to another hosting provider. XOZZ might get 5 stars in Pricing, but negative stars in all other rating metrics. This was the review I posted on Host Advice for them https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/xozz-com-reviews/ And the new development happened when all my sites were suspended, I reported their customer service and just see what happened.

The guy named Jalaludheen, introduced himself as one of the directors, literally harassed me with his comments on a chat with him. Please see below:

Jalaludheen 10:28:39 pm there is nothing we have say about it more than in ticket as we are a unreliable provider compared to you http://prntscr.com/gorxsj

we cannot provide any kind of extended support like support via anydesk or any as after april we will not allow to renew the service will us you will have to forcefully move the service so we think you will take a wise choice on it sir please be prepared to move the service in april sir we will not be chartering after april to your domain sir , 

we are sure we could resolve the error in your system within a moment in your local sytem but we cannot do it for you , its a error configuration on your local router as chache is not clearing in your local router

Punit Patpatia 10:51:06 pm Jallaludheen, its bad to see a technical staff responding so negative on negative feedback of organization. You should understand your customers not to react negative as this all can go against organization. I am the one suffering from past two months, not you. Jalaludheen 10:54:13 pm as me or my team cannot provide a good support for you from the hearts so we there is no use in keeping you as a client Jalaludheen 10:57:35 pm after abusing our organisation and you have clearly mentioned in review that you are waiting for the period to complete so we are making it easer

Jalaludheen 10:58:42 pm and i am one of the director as anydesk support , or extended support is not going to be provided by us only cpanel related any issue is there we could provide only please see the screen shot above or remove the review and come back to us If this is the kind of good customer support, you say, be prepared for it, while going with Xozz operation in India.

What the maximum they can do now?

1. They can eat my money.

2. They can suspend my hosting account(s)

3. They can eat my domain(s)

Do they think that I am afraid, they are wrong. I am not afraid at all. If I can invest my money for an ad free education website, I can spend more money on the beggars like them who harass people that too when they do not provide good service and hear negative comments from their customers.

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