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VPSLink Introduction
VPSLink is one of the most popular VPS hosting provider in the hosting industry. The company is started in 2002 and has been Offering a range of Linux based VPS hosting solutions because 2006.
VPSLink is mainly focused and specialize on VPS hosting. The company offers one of the best prices in the industry for VPS servers. Its pricing packages are designed to cater to Linux experts who need more resources, or those who simply wish to manage their own chunk of server space as they see fit.
Pricing Plan
VPSLink provides 5 pricing plans that fits every customer's unique needs, which named Link-1 through Link-5.
Starting with Link-1 which offers 2.5GB Disk space, 100GB Bandwidth and 64MB RAM for $7.95 per month, the packages grow accordingly. Each time you ascend a level the Disk space and RAM double, whilst the Bandwidth increases alongside.
Since VPSLink provides unmanaged VPS hosting; you will be provided very limited amount of support. The support people will help you with the basic tasks such as root password resets, account management and DNS management. However, for other VPS problems such as  Issues related to the performance or uptime of an individual VPS account or application, Installing applications not available in the control panel or OS Initial installation, Troubleshooting or configuring any software, General help with Unix or server applications.3rd-party control panel installation, configuration, or troubleshooting you are responsible for fixing it on your own

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