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Best Domain Registration in India (Top 10)

Your website needs a domain name and you need the best domain registrar to register your domains.

We’ve compared and analyzed hundreds of domain registrars on the market. Based on our analysis, we have listed below the top 10 recommendations among dozens of options, the best and most affordable domain registration providers in the market.

Top 5 Domain Providers in India

  1. BigRock
  2. HostSoch
  3. Resellerclub
  4. Namecheap
  5. HostGator


BigRock: Versatile Domain Provider, Best Known For Reliability

BigRock has its presence all over the globe and powers more than 6 million domains worldwide. BigRock lets you register almost every Top-Level Domain(TLD) extension and also comes with support for most of the country code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) extensions. In fact, BigRock has domain names as its primary offering leading the pack of several other services like hosting, email services, website builders, and security products.

Having more than 10 years of experience as a segment leader, it was also regarded as one of the best hosting providers in India. You can easily register a new domain with the help of the handy domain name search tool that lets you search for available domain names. You can even search for the domain names by selecting your desired extensions. Managing the DNS records of the associated domain name is extremely easy and you can do it for free. They even have listed a toll-free number, using which you can get in touch with the customer support team for any queries.

Things we like about BigRock:

  • Free Email accounts:

If you register a domain name with BigRock, you can get free email addresses for those domain names. You can create up to 2 email accounts for free and can start communicating with your customers or prospects straight away, without having to spend a lot.

  • Free DNS management:

BigRock offers you full control to manage the DNS records of the associated domain name, website locations, email accounts, sub-domains,  FTPs, and a lot more for free with the Free DNS management, which is often offered as an add-on by many domain registrars.

  • Free domain forwarding:

Redirecting visitors from one web page to another is known as domain forwarding and these domain forwarding services usually come with a price tag. But BigRock offers free domain forwarding as a feature when you register any domain name with them.

Hostsoch: Domain Registrar With Excellent Value For Money

HostSoch is a brand that has always thrived to offers class-leading web hosting services at pocket-friendly prices. And as a result, it is one of the most loved brands in the industry and it has always kept its reliability factor strong ever since the beginning. Just like web hosting, the domain names are also priced very aggressively and the freebies you get with the domain names make it one of the most recommended brands when it comes to domain registration.

You can search for your desired domain name very easily with the quite search tool and select the domain name based on its availability. No matter what extension you select, you get free DNS management for a lifetime, using which you can get the full control over the management of DNS records of the domain name you register. And managing your domain name, configuring email accounts can be done like a breeze with the latest control panel.

Things we like about HostSoch:

  • Lifetime Free Privacy Protection:

Domain privacy is an essential feature that every domain needs. But it has become a rather optional feature nowadays due to the price tag most of the domain registrars offer it with. Your personal information and the contact details can be at risk if you are not using privacy protection for your domain name. But, registering a domain name with HostSoch means you no longer have to worry about paying for domain privacy that is offered as an add-on, as you get free domain privacy protection for a lifetime.

  • Free Domain Parking:

If you are yet to create a website but want to reserve yourself a domain name for your future venture, you will have to register a domain name in advance and link it with your future website. But getting free domain parking something very rare and HostSoch is one of the very few domain registrars that offer free domain registration.

  • Free Domain Forwarding:

If you want to point a domain name to another website or web page, you can do it for free with HostSoch.  You can use the domain name you register with HostSoch to direct a visitor every time they type this domain name, to a different website with a different domain name without having to spend anything extra.

Resellerclub: Popular Brands That Excels In Domain Reselling

ResellerClub offers a plethora of web hosting services including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, reseller hosting, email services, and domain names are an integral part of their line-up. Known for its pocket-friendly pricing across the range of products, it offers almost every type of domain name extensions. 

Most of the web hosting startups have been hugely benefitted by the pocket-friendly pricing of the domain names when purchased in a bulk. We highly recommend ResellerClub to those who resell domain names, be it a startup has just got started, or if you have a web development firm where you will get to create multiple websites and those websites will need a domain name. 

Things we love about ResellerClub:

  • Excellent value for money:

As you will be reselling domain names from ResellerClub, you can expect unbeatable prices. It is almost like buying something from a wholesaler and retailing it to your customers, allowing ResellerClub to offer high value for the price you pay.

  • Namecheap: Cheap Prices, Just As The Name Suggests

Namecheap is yet another world-famous domain registrar and is accredited by ICANN, a non-profit organization responsible for managing domain names. With domain name registration as its primary service, NameCheap has a comprehensive line-up including hosting, email services, apps, security features, and more. Namecheap states ‘Buy a domain name and everything you need’ and it really means that statement as you get everything you need to run your website.

While we highly recommend Namecheap for domain names, it falls short in terms of hosting when it is thrown head to head with the competition. But if you are looking only for a domain name, Namecheap is a brand that you can trust, even with your eyes shut. You get WhoIs domain privacy for a year with every domain name extension free for life. You get WhoisGuard for free with eligible domain extensions, which is priced very high by competitors like GoDaddy,, WhoisGuard comes with plenty of features like spam protection, email forwarding, domain transfer, and more.

Things we like about Namecheap:

Free Privacy Protection for a lifetime:

You can keep your data safe with the Whois Privacy protection. Namecheap offers privacy protection free for a lifetime, which means you will not have to pay extra for the domain privacy when you renew your domain name. Domain privacy gets renewed free for a lifetime, as long as you renew your domain name.

  • Cheap pricing as the name suggests:

Namecheap is one of the cheapest domain registrars out there in the market, hence staying true to its name. You can get a .com domain name at just $0.58/mo., which is just unbeatable, given the reputation Namecheap has achieved.

  • Free Email Address:

You get 2 free email IDs with every domain you register from Namecheap. This way, you can get started with connecting with your customers and prospects without any delays and that too without having to spend extra for email services.

HostGator: Quick and Easy Domain Registration

HostGator is a brand that needs no introduction. Regarded as one of the best hosting providers in India, it has made its presence felt in the international hosting industry. It is a one-stop destination for all your web hosting needs, right from hosting, email services, domains, website builder, and so on. When it comes to domain registration, HostGator is one of the most trusted brands, just like it is with the hosting it offers.

You can choose from a wide range of domain name extensions and get domain privacy for keeping your data safe. Searching for the domain name of your choice is as easy as it gets with the help of the simple and efficient domain search tool. Domain management is also straightforward. The control panel you get has a very straight forward domain management console, which is very easy to use and can be a lifesaver for beginners. You get many free products and services with every domain name you register with HostGator, with domain forwarding, domain theft protection, email forwarding being the most noteworthy.

Things we like about HostGator:

  • Free Email Accounts:

For every domain name that you register from HostGator, you get two free email accounts. And you can use up to 100MB storage space. These accounts come loaded with anti-spam and virus protection, which is a rarity, given that you get the email accounts for free of cost with the domain names.

  • Domain Theft Protection:

If someone wants, they may transfer your domain name without your permission or it can happen accidentally by yourself. But if you protect your domain name with the domain name protection, you can stop the accidental and third-party transfer of your domain name.

  • Free Domain Transfer:

If you want to redirect your website visitors to a different website every time they type the domain name you register with HostGator, you can do it for free. HostGator offers free domain forwarding with every domain name registered with them.


Domain Name Registration - Gives Identification to Your Website

The domain name or the website name is the most important step which we take for our website. The procedure provides you with the identity for your website. It is more like giving identity to the website. Your targeted customers know the site by that particular name. So it has the strong connection with business as well. It offers you with great business sense and if you able to search the best keyword for the registration, it means the half of the battle is own by you.
The name should be just perfect and the targeted customers should have connected with it. Then only it would have become the best one for you. To select the best keyword one need to do a lot of brain storm and get the perfect name for the registration. Getting done with the domain name registration is not a rocket science as it is more like just you have to contact the best and popular domain name registration organization and get it done

Some tips on Finding a good Domain Name

  • The domain name should be easy and simple and should be easy to type.
  • Generally, the domain name along with the extension creates the URL. So it is better than your domain name should be spell by all and anyone can type it in the search engine browser.
  • The spelling should not be so hard and people should have connected with it.
  • Another important part is selecting the extension for the domain name. It is a myth that people think that .COM extension is the best one. Though it is nothing like that. You can go for an extension which is either logical or looks great along with your domain name. Remember domain name is one of the main factors that are why you get popularity on products and services


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How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar?

Once you have finalized your domain name, now you need to put some more consideration for choosing the best domain registration company.
Let's find below the major factors to consider:


ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization responsible for the management of the domain name system (DNS). ICANN plays an important role in the operation and maintenance of the Internet like maintaining root name servers, top-level domains management of dealing with registries and IP addresses distribution. Therefore, it is advised to purchase a domain name from ICANN-accredited domain registrars.
  • Domain Transfers:
Domain Transfer or Transferring domain away is another important factor to consider before choosing your domain company. Go through the Domain transfer policies and get to know about the exact procedure of transferring your domain away; as there is some restrictions domain company follow to release the domain and some won't release your domain at all. Hence, get a clear idea of every company policy before you sign up with them. 
  • Pricing:
Pricing is an essential factor and indeed everyone considers it. Check and compare pricing plans of every TLD's with registrars and pick for the best affordable company. Also, check for any additional costs associated with domain registration like who's protection, email accounts etc.. There are many companies offering free whois protection and if so go for it. Don't forget to check domain renewal fees as many companies tend to increase domain renewal pricing. You can also signup for 2 or 3 years contract which avoids extra domain renewal cost.

  • Customer Support 
This is also an important factor to consider. Check for support facilities you get like live chat, phone or email support etc. In case anything happens, you would immediately require to contact support. You would want to make the support is responsive and helpful well before you actually need it.

  • Opt for Additional Services if Required:
Many companies also offer additional services along with domain registration, like web hosting, website building tools, SSL certificates which you may be required after registering your domain. It can be vice versa- many hosting providers offer free domain registration along with the hosting, free SSL certificates, free website builders, free domain privacy etc.
If you are a beginner and have a less budget to invest in, then you can opt for the cheapest web hosting package which offers a free domain, free SSL, free website builder, free email etc. However, choosing a perfect and suitable web hosting plan always depends upon the individuals' needs
  • Discount OFFERS:
There are many domain registrars offering attractive offers on domains and off course, you should grab it to save you with some money. Browser their offers from the website or you can also check domain registration offers here

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Best Domain Registration Providers - Recent User Reviews

ResellerClub Hosting Review


03 Aug 2022

Excellent Service

In our business, uptime, bandwidth and reliability is necessary as we cater to global user of large MNCs. ResellerClub has been an excellent platform by providing world class Reseller Web Hosting that we truly rely on to support our customers.

HostSoch Hosting Review

Rehana Haja

01 Jul 2022

Good Customer Support

I have never had an issue take more than 30 minutes to resolve with In Hostsoch. Support team are knowledgeable, experienced, and very polite. 5 stars all the way.

Hostinger India Hosting Review


08 Apr 2022

Great support

So far I have nothing but praise for Hostinger. It runs WordPress beautifully! No support? I started a help ticket and even though it says the wait could be 24 hours, I had a REAL LIVE PERSON answer with 30 minutes - twice. Not only is this service free, but it works! AND yes! The support is better than many paid deals I used over the years.

Namecheap Hosting Review

Arief Nugraha

12 Jan 2022

I love it

I think namecheap is the best. Cheap and good Live Support, with namecheap you can host website with 99.99% Uptime, the price is cheap , 9.88 USD per year for 20GB SSD Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth 3 Sites, if you get an error, you can ask to live support , I love it, namecheap the best

BigRock Hosting Review


22 Sep 2021

Best hosting provider

I have used many hosting services but Bigrock is best since some of my websites transferred to it good speed and up-time ! Yet no problem with them. I am planning to transfer all of my domains in future for best service. thanks

Znetlive Hosting Review


28 Jun 2021

Quick and excellent post sales support

I have been using ZNetLive‘s WordPress Web hosting plan and whenever I face issue regarding hosting or Development like .htaccess permission issue , permalink rewriting etc. they fix anything I need fixed on the spot. I Just want to say thanks Znetlive.

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