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Best Windows Server Web Hosting

If you are using websites that are developed with any Microsoft-specific technology, Windows hosting is the way to go. ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Active Directory are such Windows exclusive applications. In addition, developing .NET websites on Windows os is very easy due to the free version of Visual Studio. 

If your website is developed with the PHP programming language, or any CMS(content management system) then the Linux Hosting is recommended.

These below 10 web hosts offer the best-Windows hosting services around.

Recommended Web Host for Windows Server

We recommend HostSoch for the best and Affordable ASP.NET or Windows hosting services. They offer Lifetime free domain, Free Domain Privacy, Free SSL certificates, ASP .NET 4.6.1, MVC 4.0, ASP.NET Core Module 1.0.1970, and MYSQL and MSSQL 2012 Databases with Unlimited Space or Transfers, 30 days money-back guarantee and lot more. 



Unlimited Web Space & Bandwidth

Free Domain name for Lifetime

Free Domain Privacy

Lifetime Free SSL certficates

Same Renewal Pricing

Best for Asp.net, .vb.net and other Windows specific applications

30 Days Money Back guarantee

Today Sale-25% OFF

Review Score


119 Reviews


103.00 Visit HostSoch


Superior ASP.NET Hosting

60 Days Free Trials

No Credit Card Required!

60 Days Full Money Back

24/7 Technical Support

SmarterASP.net Offers- 50% OFF

Review Score


59 Reviews


$2.95 Visit SmarterASP.NET


Host 1 Website

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Transfer

Plesk Control Panel

Free SSL & SSD

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Today's Deal-Upto 51% OFF

Review Score


110 Reviews


313.84 Visit A2Hosting


Host 1 Website

Unlimited Space & Bandwidth

1 Free SSL for Life

Windows Server 2016

180 days money back gurantee

Same Renewal Pricing

MochaHost Offers-Upto 60% OFF

Review Score


54 Reviews


170.43 Visit MochaHost


Supports Windows Server 2012

1 GB SSD Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

Host 1 Website

Free SSL Certificate

Plesk Conrol Panel

Free Website Transfer

MilesWeb Promos-Upto 60% OFF

Review Score


77 Reviews


109.00 Visit MilesWeb


Supports Windows 2012, ASP.NET

20 GB Space & 100 GB Transfer

Plesk Control Panel

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Check Bigrock Coupons

Review Score


48 Reviews


149.00 Visit BigRock


Supports ASP.NET, MS SQL, and IIS

10 GB Disk Space

Host Single Website

Plesk Panel - Onyx 17.5

45 days Money Back Guarantee

HostGator Coupons-Upto 60% OFF

Review Score


37 Reviews


239.00 Visit HostGator


Host Single Domain

2048 MB Diskspace & Unlimited Bandwidth

Windows Plesk Panel

45 days Money back Guarantee

Check ZnetLive Coupons

Review Score


47 Reviews


97.00 Visit Znetlive


Hostinger flash sale


Top 3 Best Web Hosts Overall




Other Best 5 Web Hosting Services

Here are the best most affordable web hosting plans & services


Web Host

User Reviews



Visit Site

1. Vodien hosting

Best For Cloud Hosting

$ 7.43

See All Cloud Hosting

8 Visit Vodien
2. A2Hosting.in ₹ 251.01 4 Visit A2Hosting.in
3. Scala Hosting $ 3.95 7 Visit Scala Hosting
4. Smarterasp.net best Asp.net hosting

Best ASP.net Hosting

$ 2.95

See All Best ASP.net Hosting


Visit SmarterASP.NET

5. Bigrock best linux hosting

Best for Linux Hosting

$ 149.00

See All Best Linux Hosting

6 Visit BigRock



What is a Windows Server?

If you are using ASP and .NET scripts or Microsoft Exchange, a Windows-driven hosting solution can come with a fair share of benefits. Windows Server is essentially a group of operating systems that support enterprise-level management, communications, data storage and other applications. You as a user will be able to benefit from its stability, security and networking capabilities along with the enhancements it brings about to the traditional file system.


Pros and Cons of Windows Web Hosting 

  • While most web hosts enable you to get a simple website live online, but if your requirements are mo extensive than that, Windows Hosting in India can prove to be a handy option. 
  • Windows Server is extremely easy to use
  • Requires minimum interaction with the command line
  • Much easier to manage and update as compared to Linux especially if you are new in the game.
  • Supports specialized script languages
  • Is extremely stable if managed appropriately by the host 
  • Windows Server is extremely useful when you are working with ColdFusion, C# or Visual Basics. 
On the downside, many users that have used this hosting option find Windows to be slightly less flexible than other hosting solutions and also more expensive. However, it is also important to understand that Windows Server is built for the delivery of various productivity tools and other tech-enabled applications. If you are willing to a slightly more, Windows-based hosting offers a highly stable platform for building web-based applications and sites. 

When should you not choose Windows Hosting?

  • You should avoid using Windows Hosting if the script you need is written using PHP. PHP is often simpler on Linux Servers.
  • Windows Server may not be right for you if you don’t know your way around WordPress. WordPress on Windows is not extremely easy to come by and requires customized configuration.
  • Considering how feature rich it is, chances are that you may find Windows Server to be more expensive than the other alternatives you may be assessing. Weigh the benefits against the cost before making a decision.
  • If you insist on staying loyal to a specific hosting company, not all hosts provide Windows hosting. 
  • You want to stay loyal to a particular hosting company. Not all hosts provide Windows hosting services.
  • You want the flexibility to customize your server or need Apache or a specific Apache module for your development needs.


Looking for something other than Linux hosting?


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