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Hostinger is one of the best Anonymous Hosting & Domain Registration companies over the Globe.  Hostinger accepts Bitcoin payment method and these blockchain payments keep you anonymous over the web. Hostinger offers shared hosting plans at very affordable rates with free domain registration and are well optimized for WordPress and include a BitNinja anti-theft system.



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All About Anonymous Hosting:

Quite often, there may be times, when doing something by being anonymous can be interpreted to be doing something illegal or something dirty. The same concept is applied when someone says they want to run a website anonymously. They might be misunderstood to be running an illegal website, a porn website etc. As always, there are two sides to something. The good and the bad. Let’s take into account the good side; the positive side.

But practically, not revealing the identity would be one of the main requirements to run a website. It may be when you’re a writer who publishes some critical views on current affairs of politics, celebrities, regional issues etc. In such cases, privacy is the main issue one should be concerned about. The solution to this issue is Anonymous Hosting. 

And people may often get confused with anonymous hosting and private hosting. Private hosting is meant for the privacy protection of the visitors or customers who visit a website. Anonymous hosting is to protect the identity of the website owner.

In short, Anonymous hosting is where you don’t have to disclose your personal details to anyone. While anonymous hosting is like regular hosting, some factors make it a specialized form of web hosting. 


What are the factors that you should give attention to when choosing anonymous hosting?

There are certain factors such as support for cryptocurrency like bitcoin during payment, privacy related add-ons etc.

Support for cryptocurrency: 

If you are opting for traditional payment options like net banking, credit card/debit card or through other payment methods, your identity can be visible to the hosting provider. But transaction made using cryptocurrencies help you to keep your identity private. Encrypted currency should be your go-to option if you don’t want your identity to be revealed.

Whois Privacy

Another factor that you have to consider along with the speed, storage space, bandwidth etc. is the privacy protection service that you get. While most of us might be aware of what does privacy protection mean, still there might be people who are not sure what it is. Once you have registered your domain with a particular hosting provider, your personal information will be visible in the WhoIs website. This may be a problem for normal domain owners too. Because many marketing companies may look up your contact details and keep irritating you by making calls about their service. If you enable the Privacy protection or WhoIs Privacy, your private information will be hidden. And one huge disadvantage is that privacy protection costs a lot. Some of the popular web hosting providers charge a lot of money for Privacy protection. So you can look for a web hosting provider that can provide you with free WhoIs privacy protection.

Private Server: 

It is also important that the hosting provider who provides anonymous hosting has its own private server. You can’t expect your identity to be not disclosed if you are buying hosting from reseller environment. You will have to buy hosting from someone who doesn’t have full control over the server. So it is always good to make sure you invest in the right provider.

Full Data Privacy: 

Most of the hosting providers will have access to all the things you do and own under their hosting. This makes it pretty sure that one way or another, you are being watched. To avoid being under watchful eyes, you can opt for a hosting provider who gives the full access to only you and only you can browse your backend processes and data.

Anonymous Email: 

The communication between the hosting provider and the customer has to happen at one or another way. The most suited and professional way to make this communication is through email. Make sure your details or identity is not revealed by your email account. You can opt for free anonymous email service too.
Dedicated IP:  If you want to enable anonymous FTP, you must require a dedicated IP. And for anonymous hosting, dedicated IP is not the best suited by any means. The user name that is used to access is anonymous, hence the name anonymous FTP.


How to Register Domain Names Anonymously?

Registering a domain name anonymously is possible. But it is only if you are able to tackle some of the issues that you will be exposed to, on your way to register a domain. The chances are very high that, even to sign up, you need to provide your personal information. So make sure to avoid such domain registrars.  And most domain registrars allow people to protect their identity by using a domain registration proxy.  But this method is not the most secure as you have to provide information to the proxy.  The ID protection or Domain privacy or the WhoIs privacy protection acts as a mask to your personal details if you have already given the information to the hosting provider but you don’t want others to see it.

Although, you can buy a register name anonymously as one can you can buy web hosting anonymously. Make sure you don’t pay for the domain through the method that requires you to provide your personal details. You can try cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or payment methods such as money order where the sender’s identity is not revealed. And also follow other guidelines that are given at the beginning of this section.



Even though your identity may be anonymous, your site still can be taken down through legal ways. So be sure with what you post. Or else, you may end up having all of your hard work go in vain. But anonymous hosting is very useful in protecting the privacy of individuals such as journalists, bloggers etc. 

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